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Birth name Kingsly Defounga
Also known as Taktlo$$
DJ Ugly Cut
Born July 1975
Origin Germany
Genres German Rap, Battle Rap
Labels Fick die Biaaatch Rekordz
Associated acts MC Basstard, Abstract Rude

Taktloss (born in Berlin, Germany July 1975, as Kingsly Defounga) is a German rap Artist. He is known for his atypical rap-style of rhyming and pronouncing words. He is also known outside of Germany because of features and CDs with American acts from the Project Blowed.



Taktloss is a well known underground rapper in the German hip hop scene. He was one of the founders of German battle rap.

1997 he founded together with Kool Savas the duo Westberlin Maskulin. But in 2000 they separate for unknown reasons. Kool Savas turned to his solo career and became one of the most successful German rappers, while Takloss formed his record label Fick die Biaaatch Rekordz. In winter 2001 he started with his solo album BRP (BattleReimPriorität).

Taktloss called himself "the creator of the German battle rap".

2004 he released the EP These Walls EP, which was recorded with the American rapper Abstract Rude. 2005 he released with MC Basstard the album Dogma (Gegen die Zeit), the album was produced by Skome, Keyza Soze, Mach One and others. Together with his colleague Justus 2006, they released the album Aus Liebe. Taktloss continued with the collaboration. With the rapper The Rifleman from Los Angeles (USA), he published the album WWW.



  • 1997: Hoes, Flows, Moneytoes (with Kool Savas as Westberlin Maskulin)
  • 1997: BRP 1 [BattleReimPriorität 1]
  • 1998: BRP 2 [BattleReimPriorität 2]


  • 1999: Hoes, Flows, Moneytoes LP (with Kool Savas as Westberlin Maskulin)
  • 1999: BRP 3 [BattleReimPriorität 3]
  • 2000: Battlekings (with Kool Savas as Westberlin Maskulin)
  • 2000: BRP 4 Life [BattleReimPriorität 4 Life]
  • 2001: BRP 7 [BattleReimPriorität Nr. 7]
  • 2003: Mix mir daz Tape vom Tot (aka DJ Ugly Cut)
  • 2003: Nichtz geht mehr (aka DJ Ugly Cut)
  • 2003: Phuk die Beeatch/Sonnenschein
  • 2004: Gute Diese (aka DJ Ugly Cut with Verbal Kint)
  • 2004: BRP 56 [BattleReimPriorität 56]
  • 2004: Direkt aus dem Knast (Du Spast) (with Jack Orsen)
  • 2004: Hatz drauf (aka DJ Ugly Cut)
  • 2004: These Walls EP (with Abstract Rude)
  • 2005: Dogma (Gegen die Zeit) (with MC Basstard)
  • 2006: Keine Miese (aka DJ Ugly Cut with Verbal Kint)
  • 2006: Aus Liebe (with Justus)
  • 2006: Eine Orgiee / All Coast (with King Orgasmus One)
  • 2007: WWW (with The Rifleman)

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