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N.B. A Cornish saint is recorded as Tallan or Tallanus, see Tallanus

Tallán (or Tacllán, after the use of the taclla, a farming tool) was the first ethnic group that settled in the plains of north-western Peru, an ethnos with a matriarchal system. They had migrated to the coastal plains from the Sierra and in the beginning lived in behetrias, which were simple settlements without a head or an organization.

Narihualá (17 km south of Piura) is considered the capital of the Tallán Nation and is the most important architectural evidence of a great monument, both in its size and the prominent platforms of two pyramids. The Narihualá Temple was built as a sanctuary in the honour of the Tacllán god Walac.

Later the Tacllán territory was invaded by the Mochica and the Chimu. Tacllán in north-western Peru today is the name of an agricultural tool with a running board. Tallan, Inc. is also the name of an IT consulting company in Rocky Hill, CT.

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