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Coordinates: 22°47′06″N 005°31′22″E / 22.785°N 5.52278°E / 22.785; 5.52278

Tamanrasset Province
ولاية تمنراست
Algeria 11 Wilaya locator map-2009.svg
Map of Algeria highlighting the Province of Tamanrasset
Province Code 11
Area Code +213 (0) 29
Capital Tamanrasset
Districts 7
Municipalities 10
Basic statistics
Area 556,200 km² (214,750 sq mi)
Population 198,691[1] (2008)
Density 0.4/km² (0.9/sq mi)

Tamanrasset or Tamanghasset (Arabic: ولاية تمنراست‎, Berber: Tamenγest) is the largest province (wilaya) in Algeria. It was named after its province seat: Tamanrasset. The Province has two national parks, more than any other in Algeria. They are: Tassili n'Ajjer National Park and Ahaggar National Park.


Administrative divisions

The province is divided into 7 districts (daïras),[2] which are further divided into 10 communes or municipalities.



  1. Abalessa
  2. In Ghar
  3. In Guezzam
  4. In Salah
  5. Tamanrasset
  6. Tazrouk
  7. Tin Zaouatine


  1. Abalessa
  2. Foggaret Ezzaouia
  3. Idlès
  4. In Amguel
  5. In Ghar
  6. In Guezzam
  7. In Salah
  8. Tamanrasset
  9. Tazrouk
  10. Tin Zaouatine


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