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Province de Tanganyika
(Provincial flag) (Provincial Seal)
Country  Democratic Republic of the Congo
Capital Kalemie
Largest city
National language Kiswahili
Land area¹ km²
Governor [[]]

2,482,009 [1]
(est. )

Demonym none
Official Website [ Province de Tanganyika]
Territorial Organisation - Cities

Tanganyika Province is one of the new provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to be established by 18 February 2009 by dividing Katanga Province into four parts, under the 2006 Constitution. It will succeed Katanga's Tanganyika District. The capital of Tanganyika Province is the town of Kalemie.

Its eastern border is formed by Lake Tanganyika.


Former province

Tanganyika province was the scene of a rebellion by the Luba-Katanga people against the independent state of Katanga. In 1961, it was reconquered by the Katanga state, only to be taken back by the Kinshasa government later that year. From July 11, 1962 to December 28, 1966, this area was known as the province of Nord-Katanga, but the administration of the province was taken over in 1966 by the central government, and it was finally merged into the restored Katanga Province by the Mobutu government.


Presidents (from 1965, governors)

  • 20 Oct 1960 - Mar 1961 Prosper Mwamba-Ilunga (1st time)
  • 11 Sep 1962 - 27 Sep 1963 Prosper Mwamba-Ilunga (2nd time)
  • 27 Sep 1963 - 15 Mar 1964 Jason Sendwe (1st time) (b. 1917 - d. 1964)
  • 15 Mar 1964 - 21 Apr 1964 Fortunat Kabange Numbi (b. 1934 - d. 1964)
  • 21 Apr 1964 - 18 Jun 1964 Jason Sendwe (2nd time) (s.a.)
  • 22 Jun 1964 - Jul 1964 Ildephonse Masengo (b. c.1935 - d. 1969)
    • (head of a provisional government for the whole Katanga province, in fact the territories occupied by the forces of the People's Republic)
  • 22 Jul 1965 - 5 Nov 1966 Henri Ndala Kambola
    • (administrator since Aug 1964?)

Administrators of Tanganyika District

  • 14 September 2005 - present Rigobert Tshinanga Musungayi



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