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Motto: Bhakti Karya Adhi Kertarahardja
Tangerang is located in Indonesia
Location of Tangerang in Indonesia
Coordinates: 6°10′41.90″S 106°37′54.80″E / 6.178306°S 106.631889°E / -6.178306; 106.631889Coordinates: 6°10′41.90″S 106°37′54.80″E / 6.178306°S 106.631889°E / -6.178306; 106.631889
Country Indonesia
Province Banten
 - Mayor Wahidin Halim
 - Total 164.54 km2 (63.5 sq mi)
Population (2005)
 - Total 1,537,244

Tangerang is a city in Banten, Indonesia. It is located about 20 km west of Jakarta. It is the third largest urban center in the Jabotabek region after Jakarta and Bekasi. It has an area of 164.54 km² and an official intercensal estimated population of 1,537,244 for 2005.[1] The Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is located in the city.



Tangerang is an industrial and manufacturing hub on Java and is home to over 1,000 factories. Many international corporations have plants in the city. Tangerang tends to be hot and humid, with little in way of trees or geographical features. Certain areas consist of swamps, including the areas near the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

In recent years the urban expansion of Jakarta has covered Tangerang, and as a result many of its residents commute to Jakarta for work, or vice-versa. Many high-class and middle-class satellite cities have been developed in Tangerang, complete with their own shopping malls, private schools and convenience centers. The government is working on expanding the highway system to accommodate more traffic flow to and from the area.


Tangerang also has a significant community of Chinese Indonesians, many of whom are of Cina Benteng extraction. Benteng means 'fortress' in Indonesian. They were descended from laborers who were brought there by the Dutch colonials in the 18th and 19th centuries, and most of them are still laborers and farmers. They are culturally distinct from other Chinese communities in the area: while almost none speak any dialect of Chinese, they are culturally very strongly Daoist and maintain their own places of worship and community centers. They are ethnically mixed, yet identify themselves as Chinese. A large Chinese cemetery is also located in Tangerang, most of which are now developed into suburban communities such as Lippo Karawaci, Summarecon Gading Serpong, Bumi Serpong Damai, Bintaro Jaya, Modernland, and Alam Sutra.

Most of the Chinatown of Tangerang is located at Sewan, Pasar Lama, Pasar Baru, Benteng Makasar, Kapling, Karawaci (not Lippo Karawaci). One can find any food and all things Chinese there. Lippo Karawaci, Bintaro Jaya, Bumi Serpong Damai and Alam Sutra are new locations of residential places (New Towns). A vast majority of the residents are newcomers, not genuine Benteng Chinese.

Infrastructure and Facility

There are two highway connections from Jakarta. Firstly, Jakarta - Merak highway which have three different exits points to Tangerang city. Secondly, Bumi Serpong Damai - Jakarta Outer Ringroad highway providing direct tol access from Tangerang, Jakarta, Bekasi, and Bogor. The feeder buses of Transjakarta serves commutter from Bumi Serpong Damai and Bintaro Jaya. KRL Jabotabek serves from Tangerang and Serpong to Jakarta Kota. Many shopping malls developed in Tangerang, such as Mal Summarecon Serpong, WTC Matahari, BSD Plaza, ITC BSD, Bintaro Plaza, and the bigest one, Supermal Karawaci. For Indonesian A1 Grand Prix on November 2008, the government have been developing Lippo Karawaci circuit.


Garuda Indonesia, the Indonesian national airline, is headquartered at the airport, located in Tangerang.[2]



Struggle for Independence

On October 1945, Laskar Hitam, a muslim militia was established in Tangerang. The goal of this movement is to establish an Islamic nation in Indonesia. This movement later became a part of DI/TII rebel group. On October 31, 1945, Laskar Hitam kidnapped Otto Iskandardinata, Republic of Indonesia's Minister of State. He persumably was murdered at Mauk beach, Tangerang on December 20, 1945.

After the declaration of Independence, there was a chaos and racial riots in Tangerang. Anti ethnic Chinese groups attack ethnic Chinese in Tangerang because they assumed that ethnic Chinese supported the Dutch government who try to re-occupied Indonesia.


From 1981 to 1984: Soekarno Hatta International airport was built in Benda, Tangerang. The airport is located in Tangerang, but it is called "Soekarno Hatta Airport, Cengkareng, Jakarta". Cengkareng is the name of a sub-district in West Jakarta near the airport.

On August 1996, Walmart, the largest retail in USA open its first branch in Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang. Unfortunately the branch was ransacked and burned down during the May 1998 riot. Walmart discontinue their investment in Indonesia after the riot.

Situ Gintung Flood

The Tangerang District is the home of a lake called "Situ Gintung". Situ Gintung (Sundanese, Lake Gintung) was an artificial lake near to the town of Cirendeu in Tangerang District, Indonesia. It was formed by a dam up to 16 metres (52 ft) high which was built by Dutch colonial authorities in 1933. The dam failed on 27 March 2009 with resulting floods killing at least 93 people. The flood could have been prevented had local authorities not neglected the recommendation of American engineers which recommended the reinforcement of the dam and possible evacuation of the lower villages located at the very bottom of the dam. Local government neglected to follow up, resulting in the ancient dam's failure. [3]

South Tangerang

South Tangerang is the city newly divided from Tangerang Regency. It has seven subdistricts are Serpong, North Serpong, Ciputat, East Ciputat, Pondok Aren, Pamulang and Setu. Located on the southwest of Jakarta, it has an area of 147.19 square kilometres and a population of 966.037.[4]


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Tangerang is a satellite city of Jakarta in Banten, Indonesia. The head of government in the city of Tangerang is a major ("walikota"). There are 5 districts ("kecamatan") in the city of Tangerang: Tangerang (postal code 1511X), Batuceper (15121, 15122, 15127-15129), Benda (15123-15126), Jatiuwung (1513X), Cipondoh (1514X), Ciledug (1515X).

The population of the city of Tangerang is 1,488,666 people. The area is 165 sq. km. The population density is 9047 people/sq. km.

Tangerang Regency/"Kabupaten Tangerang", is the suburbs of Tangerang. The head of government is a regent ("bupati"). There are 26 districts/"Kecamatan" on Tangerang regency.

The population of the Tangerang residency is 3,080,237 people. The area is 1,110 sq. km. The population density is 2775 people/sq. km.


Like most parts of Jakarta, the area is heavily traffic congested and disorderly, unless in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) and Lippo Karawaci area, maintenance of which are handled by private sectors. You won't prefer visiting these areas other than for business and missionary activities, which are conducted by most expats residing in this satellite city. These areas are especially developed for commercial and residential purpose, not for tourism. The most tourist drawing spot may be found in Ocean Park.

Get in

By plane

Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Benda, Tangerang. Pondok Cabe airport is a small airport used by Police, small airplanes, skydiving, gliders and aerosport. If you charter helicopter or small plane, you can request (in advance) for permission to land on the Pondok Cabe airport. The small Budiarto airport at Curug, Tangerang Regency, is used for pilot training (Curug aviation school).

By taxi

You can use metered taxi to reach Tangerang from Jakarta. The cost is approx. US$ 9 - 10. The trip will take up to 2 hours. It's better to order the taxi from the taxi companies because most taxi drivers refuse to go to Tangerang. Taxis from Jakarta are not allowed to take any passengers from Tangerang to Jakarta.

  • Many busses with aircond from Jakarta to Tangerang served by Mayasari Bakti such as P-62, P-133 (from Jalan Jendral Sudirman, Jakarta). The fare is Rp. 6,500 (US$ 0.7), but it's far from comfort.
  • Executive busses are also available from/to Jakarta-BSD with several destinations in Jakarta: Pasar Baru, Ratu Plaza, and Mangga Dua , fare is Rp. 11,000 (US$ 1.2) per trip. In BSD there are some bus stops: Kolam Renang (Swimming Pool) BSD, Al Azhar School and Kantor Pemasaran (Marketing Office) BSD. While the bus stops in Jakarta are Pasar Baru (Gedung Kesenian Jakarta) bus stop, Harmoni bus stop, Ratu Plaza bus stop, Mangga Dua bus stop, etc.

By train

Train to reach Tangerang are available from train stations of Gambir, Manggarai, Sudirman and Tanahabang. For luxury air conditioned trains, the fare is Rp. 7,500 - 8,000. They have two destinations to Tangerang: to BSD/Serpong: the train's name is Sudirman Express (from manggarai, Sudirman and Tanahabang Stations)

- to Tangerang are Benteng Express (from Gambir Station), Cisadane Express (from Manggarai, Sudirman and Tanahabang Stations))

Get around

Bluebird [1] taxi is available by phone 24 hours. Considered one of the safest by tourists and locals in all bigger Jabodetabek region (Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi). Depending on the departure place in Jakarta and destination in Tangerang City or Serpong area, the fare will be around Rp. 100,000 - Rp. 150,000. Some other safety taxis are Transcab and Express Taxi.

Premium taxis like Silverbird will offer you with better comfort and safety, but price is around 50% more expensive than regular taxis mentioned above.

  • Taman Kota 1 (City Park 1), BSD City (Near Al Azhar School). 06.00-17.00. Fair jogging track, well lit and safe. Free.  edit
  • Pondok Cabe Country Club, Jl. Cabe Raya, Pondok Cabe, Pamulang, Tangerang Tel.: (62)(21) 7405386. [2]. Price: approx. US$ 10/person.
  • Soewarna Golf Club, Taman Niaga Soewarna, Blok G, Tangerang, (62)(21) 5591 1111. 18-hole course just next to the airport, famed for the miniskirted Tangerang Girls who go around offering refreshments, and with more of a focus on business schmoozing than playing. Open to the general public on weekdays only, when a green and caddy fee package will set you back Rp240,000. On weekends you'll need an invitation from a member and will still have to cough up a whopping Rp550,000.  edit
  • Pondok Cabe Golf, Jl. Pondok Cabe Raya, Jakarta 15418, (62)(21) 740 5386, [3].  edit
  • Modern Golf and Country Club, Modernland Real Estate.  edit
  • Damai Indah Golf, Bumi Serpong Damai.  edit
  • Imperial Klub Golf, Lippo Karawaci, 62 21 546 0120.  edit
  • Gading Raya Padang Golf & Klub, Summarecon Serpong. Seventy five Hectares of 18 holes private golf course, tennis, and a swimming pool.  edit
  • Ocean Park [4], Jl. Raya Serpong, right behind seven stories tall German Center building. Claiming to be the the biggest water adventure park in Southeast Asia, it started being operational recently. Admission fee Rp. 30,000/person.
  • BSD Junction, BSD City, Serpong, Tangerang Regency. Facility: dining and cafes  edit
  • BSD Plaza, BSD City. A small shopping mall with Superindo supermarket, Tamani Cafe, A&W Restaurant, 21 Cineplex, and Holland Bakery.
  • Serpong Plaza, Serpong. Shopping mall, restaurant.
  • D'best, Cikokol. You can find Carrefour, french retail chain department store.
  • Giant Supermarket, Serpong. Facility: supermarket.
  • ITC BSD, BSD City. Another Carrefour, small boutique shops, Citibank ATM, and Food Court with tenants like Hoka Hoka Bento, KFC, A&W outlet, Bakmi Gang Kelinci.
  • ITC Ciledug, Ciledug. The latest Carrefour hyperstore opened in Tangerang.
  • Metropolis Town Square, Cikokol. Facility: supermarket and 21 Cineplex.
  • Lippo Supermall Karawaci, Karawaci Tangerang. Facility: bowling, amusement park. One of the largest mall in Indonesia.
  • Serpong Town Square (SeToS) , Cikokol. Facility: Giant Hypermarket, Electronic Solution, Sportware House,Kid'z Zone, SeToS Wargames simulation, Function Room, ATM Center, KFC, Fast food. Marcopolo Serpong Water Adventure Park. Apartment, Office Tower etc.
  • Summarecon Mal Serpong (SMS), Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong - Sentra Gading Serpong, Tangerang. Facility: Farmer's Market, Downtown Walk (series of food outlets placed outdoor), first Cinema XXI in Tangerang, Food Temptation (food outlets placed indoor), BreadTalk, J.Co, Wendy's, Giordano, Timezone, and Gramedia book store.
  • WTC Matahari, Serpong. Facility: 21 Cineplex, Hypermart supermarket, and Matahari department store.
  • Dewata Agung Wibawa, Bandara International Soekarno Hatta Duty Free Shop Terminal D & E, Jakarta 15126, Tel.: (62)(21) 559 0338, (62)(21) 559 0916.
  • Dewita Indah Prima, Bandara International Soekarno Hatta Terminal 2D Departure area, Jakarta 15126, Tel.: (62)(21) 550 0409, (62)(21) 550 3088.
  • Dian Suksestama, Bandara International Soekarno Hatta Terminal D-E Transit Lounge, Jakarta 15125, Tel.: (62)(21) 550 2296.
  • Plaza Bali Duty Free, Bandara International Soekarno Hatta Departure Terminal. [5].
  • Rodamas Wirasakti, Bandara International Soekarno Hatta Ged ACS, Jakarta 15125, Tel.: (62)(21) 550 1462.




  • Kentucky Fried Chicken, Serpong Town Square, Jl. M.H. Thamrin Km. 7 No. 2-3. Tel.: (62)(21) 55743592. Lippo Supermal, Lantai dasar. Tel.: (62)(21) 5462377. Mahkota Mas, Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 4, Tel.: (62)(21) 5543255. American fastfood. Menu: fried chicken, chicken burger, fries. Price: approx. US$ 4/person.
  • Pizza Hut (the franchise), Jl. Daan Mogot (in front of Polres Tangerang/Police Station). approx. US$ 8/Large Pan.  edit


  • Goiza, Supermall Karawaci, Ground Floor, Lippo Karawaci, Tel.: (62)(21) 5421 1559. Japanese restaurant. Menu: teriyaki, shabu-shabu, katsu, udon. Price: approx. US$ 6/person.
  • Hoka Hoka Bento, Lippo Supermall Karawaci, Tel.: (62)(21) 546 2323. Giant Villa Melati Mas, Tel.: (62)(21) 538 4634. Menu: ekkado, chicken katsu, sukiyaki, soup, koori kon nyaku, yakiniku, shrimp roll, tori no teba. Price: approx. US$ 4/person.


  • Pondok Kemangi, Jl. Raya Serpong km.4 Ruko Pondok Kemangi No. 2E-2F (after Alam Sutra housing complex), Tangerang. Telp: 021-53127102. Seafood restaurant. Price: approx. US$ 5/person. Service hours: 11.00 - 15.00; 18.00 - 22.00.
  • Sari Kuring, BSD Ruko Sektor IV Block RG/1, Tangerang. Telp: (62(21) 537 2041, Fax.: (62)(21) 537 1150. Sundanese seafood restaurant. Menu: gurame fish, keong kaker, prawn, crab, salad, soup. Price: approx. US$ 7/person.
  • Lembur Kuring, Jl. Benda Raya 88, Tangerang. Tel.: (62)(21) 5503749. Fax: (62)(21) 550 3748. Sundanese seafood restaurant.Menu: fish, prawn, crab, soup, salad. Opening hours: 11.00 AM to 09.30 PM. Price: approx. US$ 7/person.
  • Sarang Kepiting (literally translates to ''Crab Lair''), Jl. Raya Serpong (approx. 500 Metres to the south of ''Alam Sutera Real Estate'' entrance). approx. US$ 5/Person.  edit
  • Restoran Istana Nelayan (Fisherman), Jl. MH. Thamrin (In the Serpong Townsquare area), +62 21 5542913, [6]. Menu: seafood, steak and sundanese. Chic garden, pony ride, mini zoo. The main building took the form of a yacht.  edit


Many restaurants are available at "Soekarno Hatta Airport" at Benda, Tangerang: McDonald, A&W, Dunkin Donuts, Hoka-Hoka Bento etc.

  • Pisa Kafe, Menara Matahari Ground Floor, Jl. Boulevard Palem Raya no 7, Bencongan Village - Curug. Tel.: (62) (21) 5475575. Menu: Italian foods, ice creams. Entertainment: Bar & live music at around 9.30 p.m everyday. Price: approx. US$ 8/person.
  • Tamani Kafe, BSD Plaza, Jl. Raya Serpong, Sektor 4. Tel.: (62)(21) 5315 1015. International restaurant. Menu: chicken cordon blue, egg and tofu, soup, salad, onion ring. Price: approx. US$ 8/person.
  • Salsa Food City, Next to Summarecon Mal Serpong. Menu: A lot of restaurants here, ranging from Sundanese, Chinese, Makassar, and Western. Entertainment: Live music almost everyday, be sure to catch them on weekends when they perform full band.  edit
  • Baskin and Robbins, Lippo Karawaci Mall, 105 Boulevard Diponegoro Lippo Karawaci 1200, Tangerang 15811. Tel.: (62)(21) 546 2382. [7]. Ice cream parlor.
  • Pisa Kafe, Menara Matahari Ground Floor, Jl. Boulevard Palem Raya no 7, Bencongan Village - Curug. Tel.: (62) (21) 5475575. Menu: Italian foods, ice creams, a range of cocktails. Entertainment: Bar & live music at around 9.30 p.m everyday. Price: approx. US$ 8/person.
  • Quality Inn, Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Tangerang, Banten, Terminal 2E, Tel.: (62)(21) 559 0008. [8]. Class: 3 Stars.
  • Hotel Istana Nelayan, Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 21 Km. 5 Jatiuwung - Exit TOL Bitung Tangerang 15134 Banten - Indonesia, +62 21 55654377, [9].  edit
  • Hotel Aryaduta Lippo Village, 401 Boulevard Jend. Sudirman, Lippo Village, +62 21 546 0101, [10]. 30 minutes away from the Soekarno Hatta International Airport.  edit
  • Sheraton Bandara, Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Tangerang 19110, Tel: (62)(21) 559 7777, Fax: (62)(21) 559 7700. [11]. Class: 4 Stars.
  • Imperial Aryaduta Hotel and Country Club, 401 Bulevar Jend. Sudirman Lippo Karwaci 1300, Tangerang 15811, Banten (Around the vicinity of Lippo Supermall), (62-21) 5460101 (fax: (62-21) 546 0203), [12]. 5 Stars  edit

Stay safe

Local law enforcement cannot be relied on, so you may want to be even more cautious than you do in your hometown. Here is some of the most common crimes reported in Tangerang

ATM theft

If you are planning to draw your money in the ATM nearby (even in the mall) on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays, make sure there's nobody wearing civilian uniforms welcomes you and pretends he will guard you. If you are trapped by his 'artificial' kindness, once you conduct your banking activities, he will call his crime-partner(s) outside to come in and pressure you to hand over your belongings. Some may kill you even after you do so. Be assured that the ATM machine you visit is camera monitored.

  • Anyer, beautiful beach and resort, west of Tangerang. Driving time: up to 3 hours.
  • Ujung Kulon, beautiful national park, southwest of Tangerang. Driving time: up to 5 hours.
  • Tanjung Pasir, beach swarming with seafood stalls. Be careful of local hustlers and gangs. North of Tangerang. Driving time: up to 2 hrs.


Tangerang Police station (Polres): Polres Tangerang, Jl. Raya Daan Mogot, Tel.:(62)(21) 552-3160, (62)(21) 552-3003.

List of hospital with 24 hours emergency room:

  • RS Bhinneka Bakti Husada, Jl. Cabe Raya No 17. Tel.: (62)(21) 749 3535, (62)(21) 749 0829.
  • RS Honoris, Jl. Honoris boulevard Kav. 6 Kota Modern, Tel.: (62)(21)-522 9035.
  • RS Siloam Gleneagles, Jl. Siloam 1600, Lippo Karawaci. Tel.: (62)(21) 546 0055, (62)(21) 546 0054.
  • RS Bintaro, Jl. MH. Thamrin blok B3 No.1 sektor 7 kawasan Niaga Bintaro, Tel.: (62)(21) 745 5600.
  • RS Tangerang, Jl. A. Yani No.9, Tangerang, Tel.: (62)(21) 552 3507, (62)(21) 552 6686.
  • RS Global Medika, Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 3, Kebon Nanas, Cikokol Tangerang 15117, (62-21) 5578 0888 (fax: (62-21) 5578 1520), [13].  edit
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