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Tango in its most general sense within music and dance can refer to:

  • Tango (music), a genre of music that originated among European immigrant populations of Argentina and Uruguay
  • Tango (dance), a social dance form originating from Argentina and Uruguay
  • Tango (ballroom), a ballroom dance that branched away from its original Argentine roots

Tango may also refer to:

Tango is the name of some means of transport:

  • Tango (boat), also known as the Armored Troop Carrier, used in the Vietnam War
  • Tango class submarine is the NATO code name for the Russian Project 641B Som submarine class
  • Tango (tram), a tram type produced by Stadler Rail
  • Commuter Cars Tango, an electric vehicle manufactured in Spokane, Washington, USA
  • SEAT Tango, a roadster concept car built by the Spanish car maker SEAT
  • Japanese battleship Tango, a pre-dreadnought battleship originally known as the Poltava

Tango is the brand name of various products:

  • Tango (drink), a soft drink manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Tango Magazine, a U.S. magazine for adult women under 40
  • Tango (telecom), a mobile telephone operator in Luxembourg and Liechtenstein
  • Tango (tax software), a tax software application from H&R Block
  • TV6 (Lithuania), a Lithuanian television channel formerly known as Tango TV
  • T.TV, a television channel in Luxembourg formerly known as Tango TV
  • Dalim Tango, Dalim's product for colour retouching during the 1990s
  • Tango Desktop Project, project to create a consistent GUI experience for open-source software

As a place name, Tango can refer to:

People named Tango include:

  • Tango, a.k.a. Tanguito (1945–1972), Argentine singer-songwriter
  • Tom Tango, a sabermetrician

As an acronym, TANGO can refer to:

See also

  • Tangos, a flamenco musical form
  • Adidas Tango, a type of football designed by Adidas
  • Air Canada Tango, a defunct low-cost airline launched by Air Canada
  • Tango 01, the call sign of the Boeing 757 presidential aircraft in Argentinas Agrupación Aérea Presidencial
  • Tango & Cash, a 1989 film
  • Tango Desktop Project, a project to create a consistent user interface for software GUI
  • Kodomo no Hi, formerly known as "Tango no Sekku", a Japanese holiday
  • History of Tango, regarding both the dance and the music
  • Argentine tango, a dance form born of neighborhoods of Buenos Aires towards the end of the 19th century
  • Finnish tango, an established variation of the Argentine tango
  • Uruguayan tango, a dance form born of neighborhoods of Montevideo towards the end of the 19th century
  • Nuevo tango, a new style in tango dance, originated in Buenos Aires towards the beginning of 1990


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Tango m. (genitive Tangos, plural Tangos)

  1. (dance) tango

Simple English

File:Tango ballroom
Victor Fung and Anna Mikhed dancing a tango. The couple came third in the Professional World Championship 2009.

Tango is a dance that was created in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The musical style that was created with the dance may also be called 'tango'. It is danced today in two versions. Neither version is 'better' than the other; they are rather different in style.


Argentine Tango

The first Tango dances and music was called tango criollo, or simply tango. Today, there are various tango dance styles, including Argentine tango, Uruguayan tango and vintage tangos. The Argentine tango is probably closer to that originally danced in Argentina and Uruguay, though no details survive of its original form.

International Tango

The Tango is a standard dance in international ballroom dancing. This version was developed in England before WWII, mainly as a result of the work of Monsieur Pierre, a French dance teacher who lived in London.

The Tango is now danced in international competitions to a style first set out in English ballroom texts and regulations.[1][2]

Other sources

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Thomson is Professor of Art at Yale University. He started his career with an article on Afro-Cuban dance and music published in 1958, and has devoted his life to the art history of the Afro-Atlantic world.
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Other websites

  • Basic figures in the International version of the tango. The demonstrators are Marcus and Karen Hilton, nine times World Professional Ballroom Champions. [1]


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