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TankAI is a Robocode clone written in Microsoft Visual C# 2005 by Michael T. Moosman. TankAI is currently in beta and no official release date has been set. Like Robocode, TankAI is designed to help people learn programming in a fun environment and can be challenging for developers of all experience levels.



Developers learn techniques from the sample tanks provided until they feel comfortable creating their own tank. Tanks fight in a battlefield for victory. Points are scored by hitting opposing tanks with bullets, ramming into opposing tanks, and surviving until the end of a round.

Similarities to Robocode

  • Robots and tanks have very similar abilities.
  • Both games use nearly identical formulas for calculations.
  • Game play is virtually identical

Differences from Robocode

  • Robocode is written in Java. TankAI is written in C# 2005.
  • TankAI is easier to debug than Robocode.
  • Robocode has a much larger following.
  • TankAI exclusively uses asynchronous event driven coding

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