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Tanner Hall with Simon Dumont at Winter X 12
Tanner Hall
Statistics Data
Home Mountain Big Mountain.MT
Date of Birth October 26, 1983
Height 5'8"
Weight 150 lbs
Other Sponsors Oakley Goggles
Dalbello Boots
Dakine Gloves and Backcountry gear
Tyrolia Bindings
POC headgear
Pull-In Underwear
Park City Resort
Discipline Half pipe
Big mountain
Medal record
Competitor for the  United States
X Games Medal Record
Men's Freestyle Skiing
Gold 2001 Mount Snow Big Air
Gold 2002 Aspen SlopeStyle
Gold 2003 Aspen SlopeStyle
Gold 2004 Aspen SlopeStyle
Gold 2006 Aspen Superpipe
Gold 2007 Aspen Superpipe
Gold 2008 Aspen Superpipe
Silver 2003 Aspen Superpipe
Silver 2005 Aspen Superpipe
Silver 2005 Aspen SlopeStyle
Silver 2009 Aspen Superpipe

Tanner Hall (born October 26, 1983), of Kalispell, Montana is a freeskier.[1]

In 2002 Hall co-founded the freeride ski company Armada Skis with skier JP Auclair and photographer Chris O'Connell. Hall is also part owner of the snowcat ski hill Retallack near Nelson, BC, Canada along with skier Seth Morrison[citation needed]. His career is managed by his father Dominic Hall.

In March 2005 whilst attempting a switch 900 over the legendary Chad's Gap in Wasatch backcountry, Utah, he pulled up short, hit the knuckle and then ragdolled down the landing, breaking both ankles.[2] His injuries put him out for the rest of the season but returned in 2006 to win gold at both the US Freeskiing Open and the Winter X-Games.

Hall remains the only athlete to have a three peat at the Winter X Games. His attempts at a fourth gold in slopestyle was upset by Charles Gagnier and in 2009 a fourth straight superpipe gold was snatched from him by Xavier Bertoni.[3]


Career achievements

  • 2009:Won Male Skier of the year in Powder Magazines 2009 skiers poll
  • 2009: Wins first Winter Dew Tour Halfpipe cup after winning 2/3 stops
  • 2008: Wins Gold in ESPN Winter X Games-Superpipe at Winter X Games XII. Making it his 3rd Straight Gold medal at X-Games, and currently setting the record with a total of 7 Winter X-Games gold medals.
  • 2006: Gold US Freeskiing Open - Superpipe, Gold ESPN Winter X Games - Superpipe and Powder Video Awards - Worst Slam and Best Male performance.
  • 2005: Silver ESPN Winter X Games-Slopestyle, Silver Medal ESPN Winter X Games-Superpipe, Gold US Freeskiing Open-Superpipe and Silver US Freeskiing Open-Slopestyle.
  • 2004: Gold ESPN Winter X Games-Slopestyle, 1st BMW X3 Freeski Invitational, 1st World Skiing Invitational-Halfpipe, 2nd Taco World Superpipe Championships and Silver US Freeskiing Open-Superpipe.
  • 2003: Gold ESPN Winter X Games-Slopestyle, Silver ESPN Winter X Games-Superpipe, Gold US Freeskiing Open-Slopestyle, 1st World Superpipe Championships, 1st Ultimate Bumps&Jumps-big air, 1st Park City All-Stars Rail Jam, 1st West Coast Invitational-jib jam, 2nd World Skiing Invitational-big air, Silver US Freeskiing Open-Big air, 2nd Ultimate Bumps&Jumps-superpipe and 2nd Paul Mitchell Huck & Roll-halfpipe.
  • 2002: Gold ESPN Winter X Games-Slopestyle, Gold US Freeskiing Open-Slopestyle, 1st World Skiing Invitational -Big Air, 1st Cham Jam, France-slopestyle, Gold in High Times smoke off, 1st Ultimate Bumps&Jumps-superpipe, 2nd Ultimate Bumps&Jumps-big air, 2nd. Ultimate Bumps&Jumps-moguls and Silver US Freeskiing Open-Big Air.
  • 2001: Gold ESPN Winter X Games-Big Air, Silver Core Xtreme Games-quarterpipe, Silver Core Xtreme Games-big air, 1st Winter X Qualifier-big air and Bronze US Freeskiing Open-Slopestyle.

Film appearances

  • RE: Session (2009)
  • Everday is a Saturday (2009)
  • Reasons (2008)
  • Le Massif (2008)
  • Beloved
  • Show & Tell
  • Pop Yer Bottlez
  • WSKI 106
  • The GAME
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  • Bluntz
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  • 13
  • Balance
  • Mind the Addiction
  • Pop Yer Bottlez


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