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Tanwir Phool

Born Tanwiruddin Ahmad Siddiqui
Language Urdu and English
Nationality Pakistani

Tanwir Phool (born in 1948 in Muzaffarpur) is a noted Pakistani author and poet, writing in Urdu and English.


Education and career

He received his education in Karachi. He obtained 11th Position in Matriculation (Secondary education) and 8th Position in Intermediate (Higher secondary education) in the examinations of Karachi Board. He studied in D. J. Science College and Urdu College. He graduated in First Class in 1971 from the University of Karachi. In 1973 he obtained Master Degree (M.A.) in Islamic History from Karachi University. He remained attached to State Bank of Pakistan (the central bank) from 1970 to 1997 and obtained premature retirement in the capacity of Officer Class 1. He also qualified DAIBP from the Institute of Bankers in Pakistan.


  1. Presidential Award for the Best National Poetry Book of 2005 from the Ministry of Education,Government of Pakistan.
  2. National Book Foundation Awards for 3 years(from 2001 to 2003) from the Government of Pakistan
  3. Government of Sindh Award for Rs.100,000 granted in 2005 for great contribution to children's literature.
  4. Awards from International Library of Poetry(U.S.A.),One Poetry Plaza,Owing Mills,MD 21117.
  5. Golden Jubilee Award from Hira Foundation,Pakistan,P.O.Box No.7272,Karachi(Pakistan)for children's literature.
  6. Honorary Group Insurance Policy No.S-74 provided in 1999 by the Academy of Letters,Government of Pakistan.
  7. Commendation Certificate for great contribution to literature & poetry from Faran Writers Guild,Pakistan.
  8. On poetic translation of Holy Qur'aan, title of "Qamar-ush-Shu'araa"(Moon among the poets)awarded by Shu'oor Academy.
  9. Title of "Aftab-e-Sipahr-e-Sukhan"(Sun of the Sky of Poetry)awarded by the Head of the Departments of Urdu,Arabic & Persian,

Madras & Bihar Universities(India).

Published poetry books

  • Gulshan-e-Sukhan (The Garden of Poetry) published in January, 1970.
  • Khushbu Bheeni Bheeni (The Mild Scent) published in October, 1983.
  • Tanweer-e-Hira (Refulgence of Hira Cave) part 1, published in March, 1994.
  • Anwar-e-Hira (Brightness of Hira Cave) published in July, 1997.
  • Rashk-e-Bagh-e-Iram (Envy of Paradise Garden) published in August, 1997.
  • Tanweer-e-Hira (Refulgence of Hira Cave) part 2, published in January, 1999.
  • Dhuwan Dhuwan Chehray (The Sooty Faces) published in April, 1999.
  • Zaboor-e-Sukhan (The Psalms of Poetry) published in January, 2002.
  • Qindeel-e-Hira (The Lamp of Hira Cave) published in December, 2003.
  • Chirya, Titli, Phool (Sparrow, Butterfly, Flowers) published in October, 2004.
  • Naghmat-e-Pakistan (The Melodies of Pakistan) published in August, 2005.
  • Arham-ur-Rahimeen (The Greatest of All in Mercifulness) published in November, 2005.


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