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Tarhoncu Ahmet Paşa (died 21 March 1653) was the grand vezir of the Ottoman Empire from 20 June 1652 until 21 March 1653. An Albanian-Ottoman, his name originated from his profession (tarhoncu = ‘tarragon vendor’). He served as governor of Egypt before attaining the vezirate. During his brief tenure in the middle of the reign of Sultan Mehmet IV (r. 1648 – 1687), he attempted to forestall decline and reform the Ottoman bureaucracy. Tarhoncu Ahmet was the first grand vezir to present an annual budget in advance of the coming fiscal year. However, his reforms threatened the conservative forces in the Ottoman élite, who secured his execution on 21 March 1653 by spreading the false rumour that he intended to depose the sultan. This effectively ended the attempts at reform for several years.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Gürcü Mehmet Paşa
Ottoman Grand Vezir
20 June 1652 – 21 March 1653
Succeeded by
Koca Derviş Mehmet Paşa


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