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Natasha Yar
Tasha Yar on the Enterprise-D
Species Human
Home planet Turkana IV
Affiliation United Federation of Planets
Posting Enterprise-D chief of security and chief tactical officer
Rank Lieutenant
Portrayed by Denise Crosby

Lieutenant Natasha "Tasha" Yar, played by Denise Crosby, is a character in Star Trek: The Next Generation.[1] In the fictional series, the character served as chief of security aboard the USS Enterprise-D for the first season.[1]

Crosby left the series near the end of first season, but reprised the role in "Yesterday's Enterprise" and "All Good Things...".[1]


Development and casting

Originally, the character was to be named 'Macha Hernandez'[2][3] and was set to be played by Jenette Goldstein.[4] Yar was originally inspired by the character of Vasquez in Aliens.[3] Goldstein was replaced by Marina Sirtis.[4] At that time, Denise Crosby was set to play Deanna Troi,[5] but she and Sirtis switched roles before production began.[4][6]

Story overview

The back story for the character states that Natasha (Tasha) Yar (Ukrainian: Наталія "Таша" Яр), of Ukrainian descent, was born on Turkana IV, a colony that fell into chaos and eventually severed ties to the United Federation of Planets.[1] Tasha learned to defend herself on the streets and avoid rape gangs.[1] She left Turkana IV at age 15, leaving her younger sister behind, and later attended Starfleet Academy.[1]

After watching Yar cross a minefield to save a colonist, Jean-Luc Picard requested that she be assigned to his next command.[1] She later becomes chief of security and chief tactical officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D, some time prior to the beginning of the series.[1]

Armus kills Yar on Vagra II as a demonstration of his power in "Skin of Evil".[1] while Yar is attempting to rescue Deanna Troi. Worf replaces her as chief tactical and security officer.[1]

In "Yesterday's Enterprise", the USS Enterprise-C travels into the future in the midst of defending a Klingon colony from Romulan attack, creating an alternate timeline in which the Federation and Klingon Empire are at war, and in which Yar did not die on Vagra II.[1] Learning from Guinan that she died a senseless death in the normal timeline, Yar opts to return to the past aboard the Enterprise-C.[1] There, she is captured and becomes consort to a Romulan general in order to spare her fellow survivors' lives.[1] She later bears the general a child, Sela, also played by Crosby. Years later, Yar is executed by the Romulans when trying to escape from them with Sela.[1]

Yar's final appearance is in scenes that take place in the series finale, "All Good Things...". Her scenes are mostly what happened in times other than shown in the pilot episode "Encounter at Farpoint" and diverges from the "normal" time-frame as events in the finale occur.[1]

The audience is made aware of Yar's death on three different occasions. First she was killed by Armus. The second time, Sela (the half Romulan daughter of Yar from the alternate universe in Yesterday's Enterprise) informs the crew that Yar was executed after a failed attempt to escape from the Romulans. Then in the series finale, "All Good Things...", we again see Yar die as the Enterprise is destroyed inside the anomaly.

Although stories about Yar are not normally connected to Data, the issue of Data's one night stand with Yar was an issue recounted in stories about Data. Data carries a hologram of Yar with him and during his trial he admitted to the incident with the words "We were intimate."


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