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Taspar Khan (Tatpar),(Tabo, Tuobo, Tapo Khan, 佗鉢) was the third son of Bumin Khan and Wei Changle (長樂公主), and the fourth khagan of the first Göktürk Empire (572 - 581).[1] Unlike his father and older brothers he embraced Chinese culture, especially Buddhism. He was converted to Buddhism[2] by the Qi monk Huilin, for whom he built a pagoda. Taspar's death marked the beginning of a long decline and subjugation of the Göktürks to China.

Taspar's death created a dynastic crisis in the Khaganate. His Chinese wife Qianjin survived him, but Taspar bequeathed the throne of the Empire to Talopien, the son of his elder brother Muhan Khan. His bequest ran contrary to the traditional system of inheritance which demanded the throne to be passed to the son of the eldest brother, Ishbara. The council rejected the legality of Taspar's will and appointed Ishbrara as the next khagan. Talopien's faction did not recognize Ishbara and vice-versa. This crisis ultimately resulted in the civil war of 581-603, which greatly weakened the state.


Preceded by
Muhan Khan
572 - 581
Succeeded by


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