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.Tastee-Freez is a Newport Beach, California-based franchised chain of fast-food restaurants with stores in 22 of the United States, with most of its stores located in Virginia, Illinois and Maryland.^ According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 58.1 km sq (22.4 mi sq).
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^ He idolized Werner von Braun, the scientist who headed the United State’s space program based in Cape Canaveral.

^ The loans consist of a $73.8m loan on a portfolio of 17 extended stay hotels located in Florida, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Georgia, an $18m loan on a beachfront hotel located in Laguna Beach, Calif.

Currently there are fewer than 100 freestanding stores in the United States and Panama. It was founded in 1950 by Leo Moranz and Harry Axene. Moranz invented a soft-serve pump and freezer which enabled the product. Originally stores focused on frozen dairy-based desserts, but newer restaurants have a larger fast-food menu.
In the 1950s, Tastee-Freez had the Tastee-Freez Twins mascots: Tee (female) and Eff (male). The mascots were naked with ice cream (strawberry and chocolate respectively) on their heads.
.Since 2003, the company has been owned by Galardi Group Franchise & Leasing, a franchisor based in California, that also owns Wienerschnitzel hot dog restaurants.^ Sean Kenney Design LLC. LEGO®, the minifigure, and the brick configuration are property of The LEGO Group of Companies, which does not sponsor, own, or endorse this site.
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Wienerschnitzel has begun to incorporate Tastee-Freez soft serve products in their approximately 350 restaurants.
Select Tastee-Freez soft serve products can also be found at The Original Hamburger Stand locations.



Tastee-Freez in American culture

A location in Prescott, Arizona with sign showing Tastee-Freez Twins.
In the 1960s, Art Green had a series of paintings named after this brand featuring ice cream cones with legs.


.The chain's place in American culture has led to several artists make mention of the brand in their songs.^ Nothing in its cultural history is more striking than the virtual absence of any mention of the central American trauma of the nineteenth century, the Civil War, from painting.
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