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τ Sagittarii
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Sagittarius
Right ascension 19h 06m 56.4s
Declination -27° 40' 14"
Apparent magnitude (V) +3.32
Distance 120 ± 7 ly
(37 ± 2 pc)
Spectral type K1+IIIb
Other designations
40 Sagittarii, HR 7234,
HD 177716, SAO 187683,
HIP 93864

Tau Sagittarii (τ Sgr / τ Sagittarii) is a star in the constellation Sagittarius, 120 light years from Earth. It also has the traditional name Hecatebolus (Greek Εκατηβολος), which was an alternate name for the god Apollo as the "Far Darter" or "Sharp-shooter", the god of sudden death. In ancient Chinese astronomy, it is the 5th star of 6 stars in the Dipper or 'South Dipper' mansion of the Black Tortoise of the North.

It is a spectral type K1 or K2 giant and has an apparent magnitude of +3.32. It is slightly cooler than our sun, of a light orange color.

It is also the closest visible star in the night sky to the origin of the 1977 wow signal, the only radio signal that has been received that may be a sign of extraterrestrial intelligence.

The location of the signal was, at (epoch J2000.0)




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