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Taylor Horn

Promotional photo of Horn.
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Background information
Birth name Taylor Ashley Horn
Born October 12, 1992 (1992-10-12) (age 17)
Redlands, California, United States[1]
Origin Kentwood, Louisiana, United States
Genres Country, pop, blues
Occupations Singer-songwriter, actress
Instruments Vocals, fiddle, timbales, guitar
Years active 2002–present
Associated acts Blonde Inferno
Civilized Tears
Website www.taylorhorn.com

Taylor Ashley Horn[2](born October 12, 1992, in Redlands, California) is an American singer-songwriter and occasional actress from Kentwood, Louisiana.[3]

To date, Horn has released two studio albums, a Christmas EP and two singles. She has also appeared in a PBS film, which was unaired as well as a British documentary. Horn has also inspired an exhibit inside the Kentwood Museum in place of fellow Kentwood native, Britney Spears, whom Horn has been constantly compared to by both the American and British media. Horn also now writes and performs music in Spanish. Horn was living in London, England, working with songwriters and producers as well being in the process of promoting her career there before she and her grandmother were both deported from England as the UK officials in Liverpool claim, Horn did not have a valid certificate from Horn's publishers BMI stating her as an entertainer to stay in England.[4]



Horn was born and raised in Redlands, California in 1992 until the age of six, when she moved to her grandparents' farm in Kentwood, Louisiana. She is also homeschooled, according to the Sunday Star. She first began singing when her aunt gave Horn her old karaoke machine. She began writing songs at age nine and recorded a demo in 2002 as well as recording her first album, titled taylor-made, a cover album of country songs made popular by other musicians, which became a minor success in Great Britain.[5] By 2004, she had written a country music single "There’s Somethin’ Wrong Here" and had recorded it in Nashville. During the same year, Horn made her first national television appearance on Access Hollywood.[6] She was interviewed by Billy Bush and performed a quick song during the credits. In December 2005 Horn’s EP A Taylor Horn Christmas was released. She also appeared in a made-for-television movie for PBS titled Artists in the Forest, portraying the role of Lilly Rose Walker.[1] However, the movie never aired. Horn later became a new client of Redline Entertainment and Acorn Management. Her former producer was Danny Wells, a singer-songwriter most notable for writing material for George Strait, Rascal Flatts and other musicians. She has also written material with Don Rollins, a Grammy award winning songwriter, most notable for the hit song, "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere", performed by Alan Jackson.[7] During the same year, she, her grandmother and Bob Westbrook appeared in the documentary Britney’s Redneck Roots, aired in the UK.[8] The documentary was about Spears' hometown, its inhabitants and their own personal memories of Britney growing up.

Throughout her career, Horn has participated in charity work by donating her albums to soldiers in Iraq, CASA and the local library in Kentwood. In 2003, she wrote a letter to President Bush along with a copy of taylor-made to him and was surprised when he responded back.[9] In 2006, she released her second album, Changes, a pop album. Horn is currently recording a fourth album, although she has since disbanded from Redline Entertainment. She has often been compared to Janis Joplin due to her booming, gravelly voice. Due to the comparisons, she was nicknamed "Little Janis" and "The Little Girl With The Big Voice". She was a client of Clear Entertainment (she is now represented by Bob Westbrook Entertainment, her former vocal coach's management group) Horn parted ways with Blonde Inferno and has created a new band with all-male British members. However, the band does not have a name. Horn was a voice student and production client of country music singer Judy Rodman.[10] On her official website, Horn sponsors Kentwood Springs Water, System Professional (a line of hair products) and Jeanne Maureen's, a local beauty salon in Hammond, whom she has done advertisement work for.

On May 22, 2008, "Boyfriend Stealer" was released on iTunes. Horn co-wrote the song with Don Rollins and Danny Wells. Horn is currently writing more songs for the upcoming album with Rollins and American songwriter Tommy Harden and British songwriter Tim Bennett (Bennett is a member of the English rock band Civilized Tears). She is also writing songs in Spanish with songwriter and composer, Ivan Ruiz. In a video blog, Horn reported she was had traveled to England writing more upcoming songs with Bennett for her album.

Horn and Bennett created their own YouTube show, titled TheTimandTaylorShow, posting comedic video blogs of their time working together. The two have since stopped making videos together.

On December 24, 2009, Horn released a music video for the single "Paint the Town Pink".

Britney Spears comparisons

After Horn’s segment in the documentary, she was later dubbed and somewhat ridiculed by the British media as a Britney wannabe or clone.[11] (She was jeered and looked at as a Britney wannabe by British newspaper The Guardian after appearing in the documentary quoting: "I'd probably be a 'Do you want fries with that?' person, because I have nowhere else to go!" if she didn't become a successful singer and musician.)[12]

Like Spears has done, Horn has performed locally at nursing homes, festivals, beauty pageants, and fairs. Bob Westbrook, her former vocal coach, was a former teacher of Spears as well as Justin Timberlake[13]. The media have also reported the town of Kentwood are no longer in support of Spears after her past erratic antics and have now focused their attention on Horn by completing a Taylor Horn exhibit inside the Kentwood Museum in place of Spears' exhibit.[14] However, Horn has stated in the past that she has no intentions of copying Spears in any shape or form.[15] She stated on ABC26 News that she still respects Spears as an artist and musician, but doesn't want to be compared to her. However, she also stated she understands the paparazzi and tabloid attention Spears has received and has said she's ready for it if it happens to her.[16]

Deportation issue

On July 5, 2009, Horn and her sick grandmother, Lesley Jones, were both deported from the UK after being interrogated for three hours at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool.[4][17]

Horn and Jones had flown from Nimes, France to make the trip back to England to spend five months there to promote Horn's music career. Horn and Jones were then detained by UK immigration officials. Afterwards, the two returned from Liverpool to Surrey to continue a three-hour interview. Later, they were told they had to leave the country, with Horn and Jones accusing the agency of underhanded tactics and informed them they would sue. Jones and Horn later returned to Kentwood.

Horn and Jones' lawyer made an appeal, stating that an anti-American bias was the reason for their deportation.


The following article is a complete discography of every album and single released by American pop/country/blues artist Taylor Horn.


  • taylor-made, 2002
  1. "When God-Fearin' Women Get the Blues" — Martina McBride (3:30)
  2. "Independence Day" — Martina McBride (3:24)
  3. "How Do I Live" — LeAnn Rimes (4:17)
  4. "Me and Bobby McGee" — Janis Joplin (4:07)
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  12. "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" — Reba McEntire (4:11)


Taylor Horn discography
Studio albums 2
Extended plays 1
Singles 5
Music videos 2



  • "There’s Somethin’ Wrong Here", 2004
  • "Boyfriend Stealer", 2008
  • "Wizard In My Dreams", 2008
  • "Sunlight In Your Eyes", 2009
  • "Paint the Town Pink", 2009


Horn had recorded two demos; both of which were unreleased to the public.[2]

Unconfirmed songs

It is unknown if these songs are upcoming songs for Horn's upcoming untitled fourth recording. Horn is still writing and recording more songs for the untitled project. She currently traveled to Tenerife, Spain to film the music video for "Wizard In My Dreams", which she co-wrote with Don Rollins.
  • "Another Day, Another You"
  • "Blonde Moment"
  • "Mama's Boy"
  • "Naughty"
  • "Wizard In My Dreams"
  • "Tears In Your Eyes"
  • "Whatever"
  • "Another Reason To Smile"
  • "Isls"
  • "Mi Corazon"
  • "Prince Charming"
  • "Right From The Start"
  • "Si Tu No Estas Aqui"

Spanish language performances

Horn has currently performed two songs in Spanish. The first one "Bésame Mucho" and the second titled "Si Tu No Estas Aqui" ("If You Are Not Here"). Horn co-wrote the song with guitarist Ivan Perez Ruiz, who is a member of the unsigned heavy metal band Meridian Zero.Horn performs both these songs on YouTube. It's important to note that the song "Si tú no estás aquí" was written and composed by Spanish singer Rosana Arbelo. According to her website, Horn wrote a "spanglish" song (half in English and half in Spanish) that has not been released yet. She also started playing the timbales.


Year Film Role Notes
2004 Artists in the Forest Lilly Rose Walker Made-for-television film; unaired.
2005 Britney's Redneck Roots Herself Documentary; aired in the United Kingdom.


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Taylor Ashley Horn (born October 12, 1992, in Redlands, California) is an American singer-songwriter and actress from Kentwood, Louisiana.


I respect Britney as a singer and artist. We’re different. She’s 20. I’m 10. She does pop. I do country and blues.

I'd probably be a 'Do you want fries with that?' person, because I have nowhere else to go!

  • On what she would probably do if she weren't performing.
  • From the documentary Britney's Redneck Roots. Quote from The Guardian, unidentified issue.

Singing is something I’ve always wanted to do but I just want to be my own person, not to copy anyone else. I’d just like to be really famous.

  • On becoming her own person as a professional musician.
  • Malvern Gaz article, unidentified issue

Mr. Bob has been so encouraging to me, not only as a vocal coach, but as a friend. He is always reminding me 'You don’t have to sing it so hard, Taylor!'

I’ve always wanted to come to England and now that I’m here I really, really love it and don’t want to go back. I love Molly’s life.

  • Horn on visiting England for the first time to visit her penpal, Molly Gamble in England
  • Malvern Gaz article

I love Kentwood and all of the people here. They have been so supportive of me and my career.

Simple English

Taylor Horn
Birth name Taylor Ashley Horn
Also known as The Little Girl with The Big Voice
Little Janis
Born Redlands, California, U.S.
Origin Kentwood, Louisiana, U.S.
Genres Pop, country, blues
Occupations Singer-songwriter, actress
Instruments Fiddle
Years active 2002–present
Associated acts Blonde Inferno
Website taylorhorn.com

Taylor Ashley Horn (born 1992) is an American pop singer-songwriter and actress. To date, she has released two albums, one EP and a single. She has worked with Grammy Award winning songwriter Don Rollins on her third album Changes and was a subject of interest in the British documentary, Britney's Redneck Roots about fellow pop singer and Kentwood, Louisiana resident, Britney Spears. She also played Lilly Rose Walker in a made-for-television movie for PBS titled Artists in the Forest in 2004, although the movie never aired.


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