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JR Tazawako Line linemap.svg
Akita Shinkansen Komachi at Omagari station

The Tazawako Line (田沢湖線 ?) is a rail line in Japan. Part of the East Japan Railway Company, it runs from Morioka Station in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture to Ōmagari Station in Daisen, Akita Prefecture. The line is shared with the Akita Shinkansen.


Station Japanese Distance (km)
from Morioka
Train icon Akita Shinkansen stop indicates Akita Shinkansen stops
Morioka 盛岡 0.0 Akita Shinkansen stop Tōhoku Shinkansen, Tōhoku Main Line, Yamada Line, Iwate Ginga Line Morioka Iwate Prefecture
Ōkama 大釜 6.0 Takizawa
Koiwai 小岩井 10.5
Shizukuishi 雫石 16.0 Akita Shinkansen stop Shizukuishi
Harukiba 春木場 18.7
Akabuchi 赤渕 22.0
Ōchizawa passing loop 大地沢信号場 (28.6)
Shidonai passing loop 志度内信号場 (34.4) Senboku Akita Prefecture
Tazawako 田沢湖 40.1 Akita Shinkansen stop
Sashimaki 刺巻 44.4
Jindai 神代 52.8
Shōden 生田 55.3
Kakunodate 角館 58.8 Akita Shinkansen stop Akita Nairiku Jūkan Railway
Uguisuno 鶯野 61.6 Daisen
Ugonagano 羽後長野 64.6
Yariminai 鑓見内 67.9
Ugoyotsuya 羽後四ツ屋 70.2
Kita-Ōmagari 北大曲 72.0
Ōmagari 大曲 75.6 Akita Shinkansen stop Ōu Main Line

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