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Techno-folk is a music genre that combines elements of folk music and techno music.

Such definition of musical style of techno folk is given by the founder of this style composer Sasha Lans : techno folk is a style in music, combining melodies and harmonies, characteristic for any nation, a nationality, group of people, and arrangements and rhythms of a modern technological society.

Differences from folk rock

1. If in folk rock of a melody undertake from traditional songs, tunes, dances and other musical forms of national creativity, in techno folk, composer should compose to a melody itself.

2. If in folk rock rhythmic lines drums, percussion, bass and guitar were very close to another of a direction in fate to music, as: drama rock, art rock, folk rock, soft rock, in techno folk, composer should compose itself. If sound and structure of this lines not will be very close to techno music.

3. If in folk rock very often undertook folk (traditional) songs and on their basis were done rock - arrangements, (one of the most talented arrangers - Belarus composer Vladimir Muljavin), in techno folk, composer should compose song itself.



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