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Teen Choice Award
Awarded for Outstanding Achievement in entertainment targeting teens.
Presented by Fox
Country  United States
First awarded 1999
Official Website

The Teen Choice Awards is an awards show presented annually by Fox. The program honors the year's biggest achievements in music, movies, sports, television, fashion and more, as voted on by teens aged 14–19. The program usually features a high number of celebrities and musical performers. The winners are awarded with authentic mini size surfboards designed with a fresh summertime theme every year. The ceremony has also created spin-off teen awards on YouTube.[1]

Teen Choice was started in 1999.[2] The 2009 awards were held on Sunday, August 9 in Los Angeles, CA and was aired on Monday, August 10.



Bob Bain and Michael Burg came together, as Executive Producers, to create an award show for a young demographic, somewhat older than that of the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards but similar to that of MTV. Greg Sills has been the Supervising Producer and Paul Flattery has been the producer for all of the shows since its inception in 1999.

The format of the show has remained the same, awarding the achievements of those in the entertainment and athletic industries with non-traditional categories fixed into the ceremony. It is held at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, CA every year and has been since 2001. For its first two years - 1999 and 2000 - it was held at the Barker Hanger at Santa Monica Airport, CA.

Ballots were once used in teen-oriented magazines, where readers were to purchase and tear out their ballot. Votes could also be cast online through In 2008, Fox and the show's producers created as the official website for the Teen Choice Awards. That year, over 32 million votes were cast. In 2009, the number of votes cast was in excess of 83 million. That same year "teenchoicegirl" appeared on Twitter. She is actually a teenage girl working on the show as an intern and keeps fans informed of news and gossip. In just a few weeks she had over 28,000 followers.

Since the ceremony's inception, the show has given out genuine custom-made surfboards to individual winners. They create a new original design every year. The surfboard was chosen as the award because it represents the freedom of the summer vacation for teens, whether they surf or not. Some celebrities have used them to surf (Jennifer Love Hewitt); Marlon Wayans famously said "Brothers don't surf" and in 2009, Hugh Jackman, upon winning his first one, said he was no longer the only Australian without a surfboard.

Justin Timberlake has won the most TC awards ever - 21 - for his solo work and as a member of NSYNC. The most awards for a female is 12—by Britney Spears.

Ashton Kutcher has won the most for an individual - 14, and Britney Spears has the most individual awards by a female.


Year Ceremony date Air date Hosts Performers
1999 none
2000 none
2001 none
2002 none
2009 Sunday, August 9 Monday, August 10

Award categories


  • Choice Music: Rap Artist
  • Choice Music: Female Artist
  • Choice Music: Male Artist
  • Choice Music: Rap/Hip-Hop Track
  • Choice Music: R&B Track
  • Choice Music: Rock Track
  • Choice Music: Love Song
  • Choice Music: Single
  • Choice Music: Breakout Artist
  • Choice Music: Breakout Group
  • Choice Music: Tour


  • Choice Male Athlete:
  • Choice Female Athlete:
  • Choice Action Sports Female Athlete:
  • Choice Action Sports Male Athlete:

Summer's categories

  • Choice Summer Movie - Drama/Action Adventure
  • Choice Summer Movie - Comedy/Musical
  • Choice Summer TV Show
  • Choice Summer Artist
  • Choice Summer Song

Non-traditional categories

  • 2007 - Choice Movie
  • Choice Hottie (male)
  • Choice Hottie (female)
  • Choice Red Carpet Icon (female)
  • Choice Red Carpet Icon (male)
  • Choice Web Star
  • Choice Twit award
  • Choice Fab-u-lous!

Do Something

In 2008, sponsored The Do Something Award—which recognized amazing young people. Nine nominees —who saw a problem in the world and then tackled it—each won $10,000 for their cause. One lucky winner received the $100,000 grand prize. The Do Something Award (formerly the BR!CK Awards) is a program of Do Something, a New York-based non-profit that reaches about 11.5 million young people annually. The award is not being presented in 2009. It was replaced with "Choice Celebrity Activist" which was won by Hayden Panetierre.

Special Awards

Extraordinary Achievement

Visionary Award

Ultimate Choice Award

Note: Special Awards are not given every year.


The conservative media watchdog group Parents Television Council has been a prominent critic of the Teen Choice Awards, claiming that they glorify celebrities who promote immoral messages to teenagers. PTC founder L. Brent Bozell criticized the 2000,[9] 2005,[10] and 2006[11] awards ceremonies for awarding R rated films and other entertainers allegedly not appropriate for teenagers, claiming it showed "how successfully Hollywood has marketed adult fare to the young."[9] Bozell also attacked Nelly Furtado's and Timbaland's performance of their hit song "Promiscuous" in the 2006 awards ceremony for "promoting a message to teens about sex by performing their song," which contains lyrics about sex, and then telling the audience to perform safe sex with condoms. The PTC also named the 2005[12] and 2006[13] awards ceremonies the "Worst Family TV Show of the Week" after their initial broadcasts on Fox.

Miley Cyrus dancing in 2009.

In 2009, there was controversy about Miley Cyrus' performance of "Party in the U.S.A." which some critics found overtly sexual when she sang and danced from an ice cream cart that had a pole coming out of it. The debate was whether the pole was for balance or evocative of "pole dancing". Earlier in the evening, Sean Kingston had a performance with an overtly sexual performance, with similarly scantily-clad women performing on two poles in pole-dancing routines earlier in the performance. At the same awards show, Dane Cook made jokes while presenting the Choice Hottie awards at Vanessa Hudgens, saying, "Girl, you gots to keep your clothes on! Phones are for phone calls, girl," to which Hudgens showed displeasure. The teens present hissed and booed at Cook, so he continued to present the award.[14] However, despite the bad reception, Cook stated that he will never apologize to Hudgens, saying "My fans are very young as well, and everybody's very opinionated," he said. "You gotta keep it classy. Mostly I just wanted it to be funny."[15][16]

However, L. Brent Bozell III did somewhat praise the 2004 awards ceremony for containing little objectionable as a result of the controversial incidents at the Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime Show on February 1.

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