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Teen Titans
Promotional cover art for Teen Titans vol. 3, #50, by Alé Garza.
Shown are Blue Beetle, Ravager, Wonder Girl, Robin, Kid Devil, Miss Martian and Supergirl.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance The Brave & the Bold (vol. 1) #54 (July 1964)
Created by Bob Haney
Bruno Premiani
In-story information
Base(s) Titans Tower:
New York City (1980–91, 1999–02)
San Francisco (2003–Present)
Solar Tower, Metropolis (1997–98), USS Argus, Earth Orbit (1994–95), Titans Liberty Island Base, New Jersey (1991–94), Gabriel's Horn, Farmingdale, Long Island (1976), Titans' Lair, Gotham City (1966–76)
Teen Titans
Beast Boy
Blue Beetle
Miss Martian
Wonder Girl
Tattooed Man
See:List of Teen Titans members

The Teen Titans, also known as The New Teen Titans, New Titans, or The Titans, is a DC Comics superhero team. As the group's name suggests, its membership is usually composed of teenaged superheroes.

The first incarnation of the team unofficially debuted in The Brave and the Bold #54 (1964) as a "junior Justice League" featuring Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash (Wally West), and Aqualad, the sidekicks of Leaguers Batman, the Flash, and Aquaman, respectively. The group then made its first appearance under the name "Teen Titans" in The Brave and the Bold #60, joined by Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), the younger sister of Wonder Woman.[1] Green Arrow's sidekick Speedy (Roy Harper) later took Aqualad's place in the lineup.

While only a modest success with its original incarnation, the series became a huge hit with its 1980s revival,[2] under the stewardship of writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez. In 1980, the two relaunched the team as The New Teen Titans, aging the characters to young adulthood and featuring a level of complex storytelling and character exploration unheard of from DC Comics at the time.[citation needed] Original members Robin, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash were joined by new characters Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven, as well as the former Doom Patrol member Beast Boy, now using the name Changeling. The New Titans had several encounters with the original Titans of Greek mythology, particularly Hyperion. The series was retitled Tales of the Teen Titans with issue #41 (April 1984), and Pérez left in 1985 to headline the DC Comics 50th Anniversary miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths. It was again renamed to simply The New Titans in December 1988 (issue #50), and was ultimately canceled in February 1996 after 130 issues.

The series was relaunched as Teen Titans in October 1996, with a roster of all-new members under the mentorship of the Atom (Ray Palmer), who had been de-aged to his teenage years; the series ended in September 1998 after 24 issues. A three-issue limited series called JLA/The Titans: The Technis Imperative (December 1998-February 1999) led to the March 1999 debut of The Titans, a series featuring select Titans from all of the group's incarnations that ran for 50 issues until April 2003. A new regular series titled Teen Titans began in September 2003, featuring Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven of the 1980s group joined by new teenaged versions of Robin (Tim Drake), Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), and Kid Flash (Bart Allen), as well as the Superman clone Superboy (Conner Kent). By 2006 the team consisted of only the younger members and some new additions; a concurrent series called Titans debuted in April 2008 featuring some of the "classic" Titans from the original and 1980s rosters, with Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Wally West, Garth, and Roy Harper using their "adult" codenames Nightwing, Troia, Flash, Tempest, and Red Arrow, respectively.

A Teen Titans animated television series ran on Cartoon Network from July 2003 to January 2006. Based on the 1980s version of the team but diverging from that continuity in some ways, the series spawned two related comic book titles, Teen Titans Go! and Tiny Titans.


Publication history

Teen Titans
The original Teen Titans (Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Robin, Kid Flash). Cover of Showcase #59, Dec. 1965 issue. Art by Nick Cardy.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Ongoing
Publication date (vol. 1): 1966 - 1976
(vol. 2): 1996 - 1998
(vol. 3): 2003 -
Number of issues (vol. 1): 53
(vol. 2): 24
(vol. 3): -
Creative team
Writer(s) various
Artist(s) various
Creator(s) (vol. 1):
Bob Haney
Nick Cardy
(vol. 2):
Dan Jurgens
(vol. 3):
Geoff Johns
Mike McKone

Original incarnation

Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash (Wally West) and Aqualad — the sidekicks of Justice League members Batman, the Flash, and Aquaman — teamed up in The Brave and the Bold #54 (July 1964) to defeat a weather-controlling villain known as Mr. Twister. They subsequently appeared under the name "Teen Titans" in The Brave and the Bold #60 in July 1965, joined by Wonder Woman's younger sister Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) in her first appearance.[1][3] After next being featured in Showcase #59 (December 1965), the Teen Titans were spun off into their own series with Teen Titans #1, cover-dated February 1966.

The series' original premise revolved around the Teen Titans helping teenagers, answering calls from around the world. Green Arrow's sidekick Speedy (Roy Harper) makes guest appearances [4][5] before officially joining the team in Teen Titans (vol. 1) #19 (1969).[6] Aqualad takes a leave of absence from the group in the same issue[6] but makes several later guest appearances,[7][8] sometimes with girlfriend Aquagirl.[9] Psychic Lilith Clay[10] and African-American Mal Duncan (who possess no superpowers) also join the group.[11] Beast Boy of the Doom Patrol makes a guest appearance seeking membership but was rejected for being too young at the time;[12] existing heroes Hawk and Dove, a duo of teenaged superpowered brothers, appear in issue #21;[13] and time-displaced caveman Gnaark aids the team in two issues.[14][15]

The theme of teenagers learning to take on adult roles and responsibilities was common throughout the series. The series explored (though not too deeply) then current events such as inner-city racial tension and various protests against the Vietnam War. One storyline beginning in issue #25 (February 1970) saw the Titans deal with the accidental death of a peace activist, leading them to reconsider their methods. As a result, the Teen Titans briefly abandoned their identities to work as ordinary, powerless civilians, but the change was quickly abandoned. Along the way, Aqualad was removed from the series and the character of Mr. Jupiter, who was Lilith's mentor and employer, was introduced and financially backed the Titans for a brief period. Ultimately the book was quietly canceled with #43 (February 1973).

1970s revival

Teen Titans (vol. 1) #50, with the majority of the Titans of that era.

A few years after its cancellation, the series resumed with issue #44 (November 1976), but struggled to find focus. The few stories from the brief revival included the introduction of the African-American super-heroine Bumblebee, the introduction of the “Titans West” team, consisting of a number of other teen heroes including Bat-Girl (Betty Kane) and Golden Eagle, and the introduction of Joker's Daughter in Teen Titans #48. The revival was short-lived, and the series was canceled as of #53 (February 1978), that also told the story of how the Teen Titans were founded. Tellingly, in the last issue the heroes realized that, now in their early 20s, they had simply outgrown the "Teen" Titans. In the last panel, without speaking, they go their separate ways.

The title was used again in 1999 for the Teen Titans Annual #1, 1967 issue (ISBN 1-56389-486-6), a one-shot special that reprinted selected Silver Age stories in the 1960s-style 80-Page Giant format, as a companion piece to the original comic book series, had an Annual issue been published at that time.

New Teen Titans (1980–1996)

DC Comics Presents #26 introduced a team of new Titans, anchored by founding members Robin, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash, soon followed by The New Teen Titans #1 (November 1980). The series re-introduced the Doom Patrol's Beast Boy as Changeling and introduced the machine man Cyborg, the alien Starfire and the dark empath Raven. Raven, an expert manipulator, forms the group to fight her demonic father Trigon the Terrible, and the team remains together thereafter as a group of young adult heroes.

The villains' motivations were often complex, following trends that were coming to a head at that time towards greater depth in comics,[citation needed] particularly in the case of Deathstroke the Terminator, a mercenary who takes a contract to kill the Titans in order to fulfill a job his son had been unable to complete. This led to perhaps the most notable Titans storyline of the era (1984's "The Judas Contract," in Tales of the Teen Titans #42-44 and Teen Titans Annual #3[16]) in which a psychopathic girl named Terra, with the destructive power to manipulate earth and all earth-related materials, infiltrates the Titans in order to destroy them. "The Judas Contract" won the Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Award for "Favorite Comic Book Story" of 1984,[16] and was later reprinted as a standalone trade paperback in 1988[17] and 1991.[18] This story also featured Dick Grayson (Robin) adopting the identity of Nightwing,[19] Wally West giving up on his Kid Flash persona and quitting the Titans (which eventually led to him becoming the third Flash), and the introduction of a new member in Jericho, the other son of Deathstroke.

Other notable New Teen Titans stories included "The Terror of Trigon" (1984–1985),[20] featuring Raven's demon father attempting to take over Earth, and Raven's own struggle to remain good despite Trigon's evil demonic blood inside her; "A Day in the Life..." presenting a day in the team members’ personal lives; "Who is Donna Troy?" (1984) depicted Robin investigating Wonder Girl's origins,[21] and "We are Gathered Here Today..."[22] telling the story of Wonder Girl's wedding, a rare superhero wedding in that a fight does not break out. Tales of the New Teen Titans, a four-part limited series by Wolfman and Perez, was published in 1982, detailing the back-stories of Cyborg, Raven, Changeling, and Starfire.

New Teen Titans and the Uncanny X-Men

The brainchild of writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez, New Teen Titans was widely thought of as DC's answer to the increasingly popular Uncanny X-Men from Marvel Comics, as both series featured all-new members and depicted young heroes from disparate backgrounds whose internal conflicts were as integral to the series as was their combat against villains. The two teams met in the 1982 crossover one-shot entitled "Apokolips... Now", which teamed Darkseid, Deathstroke the Terminator, and Dark Phoenix against both teams.

New Teen Titans (vol. 2)

The New Teen Titans series experienced some title and numbering confusion in 1984 when the title was relaunched with a new #1 issue as part of a new initiative at DC informally referred to as "hardcover/softcover." The New Teen Titans, along with Legion of Super-Heroes and Batman and the Outsiders, were the first and only titles included in this program, where the same stories would be published twice, first in a more expensive edition with higher-quality printing and paper distributed exclusively to comic book specialty stores, then republished a year later in the original low-budget format and distributed to newsstands. The New Teen Titans (vol. 1) title was renamed Tales of the Teen Titans (not to be confused with the earlier limited series), while a new concurrently published series named The New Teen Titans (vol. 2) launched with a new #1. After both titles ran new stories for one year, the former book began reprinting the latter's stories for the newsstand, continuing until the "hardcover/softcover" idea was abandoned after Tales of the Teen Titans #91.

Issue #1 of New Teen Titans (vol. 2) created controversy when Dick Grayson and Starfire were depicted in bed together, although it had been established for some time that they were a couple. Pérez left the series after New Teen Titans (vol. 2) #5.[23] José Luis Garcia Lopez followed Pérez as the title's artist, and Eduardo Barreto contributed a lengthy run after Garcia Lopez. Paul Levitz scripted and wrote several issues of the unpopular and lengthy Brother Blood saga when Wolfman briefly took a break from the book. Pérez temporarily returned as co-plotter/penciller with issue #50, with the series name being amended to The New Titans, without the "Teen" prefix, as the characters were no longer teenagers.

Issue #50 told a new origin story for Wonder Girl, her link to Wonder Woman having been severed due to retcons created in the aftermath of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Pérez remained as penciller with the book through to issue #55, 57 and 60, while only providing layouts for issues #58-59, and 61, with artist Tom Grummett finishing pencils and Bob McLeod as inker. Perez remained as inker for the cover art to issues #62-67. He would return for the series final issue with #130 (Feb. 1996) providing cover art.

The series introduced a number of new characters and put older characters through radical changes during the next seven years. Members during this time included Phantasm,[24] Pantha,[25] Red Star,[26] Impulse,[27] Damage,[28] Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner),[29] Supergirl,[30] Rose Wilson,[31] Minion[32] and Baby Wildebeest. As a result, the group that appeared in the final issue, #130 (February 1996), had little resemblance to the one that anchored DC's line-up in the early 1980s.

New Teen Titans
The New Teen Titans #1 (November 1980), cover art by George Pérez and Dick Giordano.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Complete
Publication date The New Teen Titans:
(vol. 1): 1980 - 1984
Tales of the Teen Titans:
1984 - 1988
The New Teen Titans:
(vol. 2): 1984-1988
The New Titans:
Number of issues The New Teen Titans
(vol. 1)
: 1-40
Tales of the Teen Titans: 41-91
The New Teen Titans
(vol. 2)
: 1-49
The New Titans: 50-130
Creative team
Writer(s) various
Artist(s) various
Creator(s) Marv Wolfman
George Pérez

Teen Titans Spotlight On

With the Teen Titans properties rivaling Marvel's X-Men for popularity, another new title was launched in August, 1986, this time to focus less on the team itself than on individual Titans, hence "Spotlight".[33] The series aimed to "put the spotlight on individual members of the Teen Titans, one at a time, and let each story dictate how many issues it should run,"[34] most storylines running to just a single issue, after the series launched with a two-part focus on Starfire and a four-issue highlighting of Jericho.[35] The series ran for 21 issues, the last issue departing slightly from its aim to highlight individuals, culminating in a 'Spotlight' on the 1960s Teen Titans team as a whole (April, 1988), although there had previously been an issue focusing on another team, the Brotherhood of Evil.[36]

Team Titans

The Team Titans were one of 100 groups sent back through time to prevent the birth of Lord Chaos, the son of Donna Troy and Terry Long. Their mission was to kill the pregnant Donna Troy before she could give birth. Mirage, Killowat, Redwing, Terra, Dagon, Prestor Jon and Battalion made up the team.

Teen Titans (vol. 2, 1996–1998)

Cover of Teen Titans (vol. 2) #5, featuring the 1996–98 team. Art by Dan Jurgens & George Pérez

A new Teen Titans series written and penciled by Dan Jurgens began later that year with a new #1 (October 1996), with former New Teen Titans co-creator George Pérez as inker (Pérez would ink the first 15 issues of the series). Atom, who had become a teenager following the events of Zero Hour, leads the brand-new team, with Arsenal becoming a mentor about halfway through the twenty four-issue run, which ended in September 1998.

In an attempt to boost sales, a contest was held in the letter pages to determine who would join the team. Robin (Tim Drake), won the vote, but editors on the Batman titles banned Robin from appearing in the Teen Titans, forcing Jurgens to use Captain Marvel, Jr. instead.[citation needed] The inclusion of Captain Marvel, Jr failed to boost sales of the title, which was then canceled.

The Titans (1999–2002)

The team was revived in a three-issue limited series, JLA/Titans: The Technis Imperative, featuring nearly every character who had been a Titan and showcased the return of Cyborg. This limited series led into The Titans written by Devin Grayson, starting with Titans Secret Files #1 (March 1999).

This incarnation of the team consisted of a mix of former original Titans, including Nightwing, Troia, Arsenal, Tempest and the Flash (Wally West), from the original team; Starfire, Cyborg and Changeling, from the New Teen Titans; Damage from the New Titans (the 1994 series); and Argent from the Teen Titans (the 1996 series). There was one new member, Jesse Quick. This version of the team lasted until issue #50 (2002). The West Coast branch of the team, Titans L.A., appeared once, in the pages of Titans Secret Files #2.

Between the end of Teen Titans and the beginning of The Titans, the next generation of young heroes: Superboy, Robin, Impulse, Wonder Girl, Secret and Arrowette; formed their own team in Young Justice, a series similar to the original Teen Titans. Both series were concluded with the three-issue limited series Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day, which led into new Teen Titans and Outsiders ongoing series.

Teen Titans (vol. 3, 2003–present)

Teen Titans (vol. 3)
Teen Titans #1 (July 2003), cover art by Mike McKone
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Ongoing
Publication date (vol. 3): 2003 - Current
Number of issues (vol. 3): 80
Creative team
Writer(s) Geoff Johns
Adam Beechen
Sean McKeever
Felicia Henderson
Artist(s) Mike McKone
Tony Daniel
Ale Garza
Eddy Barrows
Creator(s) Geoff Johns
Mike McKone

Writer Geoff JohnsTeen Titans series began in 2003, featuring a mix of previous and new members, most of whom had been part of Young Justice. Geoff wrote the book for the first forty-five issues before turning it over to Adam Beechen, who wrote the book for a four issue run from #46 to 49 after Geoff Johns' departure. Sean McKeever became the series' current writer as of #50 and his last issue will be #71.[37][38]

The series’ original lineup parallels the lineup of Marv Wolfman's New Teen Titans series: veteran members Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy return, joined by younger heroes Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash. Raven re-joins the team in issue #12, and the new Speedy joins the team in Green Arrow #46, first appearing in the Titans book in issue #21. Starfire left the Teen Titans for the Outsiders. During the “Insiders” crossover with The Outsiders (issues #24–25), Superboy comes under Lex Luthor's control and attacks the team, afterwards taking a leave of absence that ends during Infinite Crisis.

The new series sees the team’s relocation from the east to the west coast, its headquarters located in San Francisco instead of the traditional New York City location. The new Titans Tower also has a memorial hall with statues of the fallen Titans.

One Year Later: The new Teen Titans

In the one year jump after Infinite Crisis, Robin has returned to the Teen Titans, Wonder Girl has quit and has been fighting the Brotherhood of Evil. Starfire is missing in action after her journey into space. Raven's whereabouts are unknown, and Beast Boy has left the Titans to join the new Doom Patrol, along with former Titans Bumblebee and Herald, now called Vox. Speedy is said to be currently on an island with Connor Hawke. Kid Flash has aged into adulthood and become the fourth Flash. Cyborg has been damaged and inactive since his return from space, but 16-year-old genius fraternal twins Wendy and Marvin, have repaired him and given him new abilities. New members include Kid Devil and Ravager.

During the lost year, at least 24[39] new members joined the team, all of them short-term. Without proper leadership or the feeling of family the Titans normally provides, none of the new members could get along and work together.

Robin, Kid Devil, and Ravager reform the Teen Titans along with Wonder Girl, Cyborg, Raven, new member Miss Martian, and a resurrected Jericho.[40] Robin tells Wonder Girl that he believes Raven could bring Superboy back to life, as she did with Jericho.[41] Raven, reveals that she can not because Conner's soul has moved on.[42] A memorial to Superboy has been erected outside Titans Tower. Unknown to the other Titans, Robin has secretly been attempting to re-clone Superboy, with nearly 100 failed attempts. This was until Wonder Girl found the lab, where she and Robin shared an unexpected kiss brought on by their mutual pain.

The Titans face a group calling themselves "Titans East," led by Deathstroke and intent on defeating the Titans. Deathstroke's team includes Risk, Sun Girl, Batgirl, Kid Crusader, Match, Inertia, Duela Dent and Enigma.[43] Deathstroke has been manipulating his Titans East, blackmailing Risk, drugging Batgirl, and giving Inertia "Velocity 9", a drug which allows him to regain his super-speed without adverse effects. Robin cures Batgirl, and she, along with Duela Dent, who defects, allows the Teen Titans to gain the upper hand, and defeat Deathstroke's team.

Discussing the story arc, Geoff Johns referred to Titans East as juvenile delinquents who will be causing trouble, and described Risk as the first white trash superhero.[citation needed]

Soon after, events related to the Countdown story arc affect the Titans. Two members, Duela Dent and Bart Allen are killed in separate events. At the same time, the team reorganizes. Cyborg leaves the team for his own pursuits, Supergirl joins the team, and Blue Beetle is invited to Titans Tower to train whenever he wants.

The Titans Tomorrow return, allied with Lex Luthor, and intent on altering the present to fit their future. During the fight, Miss Martian's future counterpart reveals the rationale behind the Sinestro Corps and their war to subjugate the universe. The vision spurs Miss Martian to act, and she frees Robin, who again confronts his future self, who has become Batman. Cassie intervenes, and changes the future by kissing Robin, causing the future versions to fade out. The Titans then join the fight against the Sinestro Corps.

After their encounter with their future selves, Supergirl quits after Wonder Girl confesses their friendship is based in her sense of missing Conner. Cassie and Tim begin a brief relationship, while Kid Devil pines for Rose. Miss Martian finds that her future self has implanted a piece of her demented psyche within M'Ganns mind. Kid Devil is left in Titans Tower alone and throws a massive party for local Titans fans, which leads to him being captured by Dreadbolt.

A week later, while Robin and Wonder Girl discuss Kid Devil's absence, Ravager and the twins are attacked inside the tower by Persuader and Copperhead, who are being directed by the Clock King. Disruptor is sent to capture Miss Martian. Clock King describes his group as Terror Titans, and intends to sell his captives to "The Dark Side Club"[44] to fight in arena combat. Though Ravager rescues the twins, she explodes the Tower in an effort to force her opponents to reveal Kid Devil's location. M'gann frees Kid Devil from Clock King's psychological conditioning. Robin, Wonder Girl, and Blue Beetle arrive, and help defeat the Terror Titans, freeing their teammates. Following the Terror Titans attack, Kid Devil sets out to capture Shockwave and is, to his dismay, helped by Blue Beetle. Although they don't get along and argue the whole time they eventually work out their problems and stop Shockwave, with the help of Kid Devil's new teleportation powers. After the battle Eddie takes the code name Red Devil, along with a new costume, assuring his teammates that the change is not in relation to his future counterpart. During some down time Marvin and Wendy find themselves tired of being the Titans "maids" and think about leaving when they find a dog on Titans' Island. The dog is quickly named Wonderdog. Miss Martian suddenly tells her teammates she has some issues to work out and leaves the team assuring them she'd be back. While searching the tower for Wonderdog, Wendy stumbles upon Marvin's dead body at the feet of a transformed Wonderdog. She tries to run and call for help but is mauled by the beast. Wonderdog then flees to his awaiting master, the son of Ares, King Lycus. Wendy survives the attack, but is left severely injured and apparently in a coma.[45] Her father, the Calculator, has since vowed revenge against the team.

In the aftermath of the Batman R.I.P storyline, Robin decides to leave the group for an undetermined period of time and leaves the task of assembling and leading a new roster to Wonder Girl. Misfit applies to join the team while Traci 13 is being considered as a possible new member. After the Titans fight off the returned Brother Blood alongside Kid Eternity, Traci 13 and Misfit both leave. Furthermore, Red Devil loses his powers after Blood absorbs them from him. However, Miss Martian returns with several teen heroes liberated from the Dark Side Club. After proposing membership to several of the heroes, the new team is formed: Wondergirl, Blue Beetle, and the now powerless Red Devil are joined by Kid Eternity and Static; Aquagirl and Miss Martian rejoin the team; and Bombshell decides to formally join.[46][47] In Teen Titans #74 Red Devil/Eddie is killed and Kid Eternity is kidnapped by the Calculator. In Teen Titans #75, Beast Boy returns to the team, and Raven returns as well in #76.

DC editor in chief Dan Didio has revealed that Kid Flash will rejoin the team.[48] A cover solicit for a March issue of the series has revealed that Superboy will also be returning the team.[49] Bart will make his official return in the May issue of the series.[50]

During the events of the Blackest Night crossover, a number of dead Titans are resurrected as members of the Black Lantern Corps. With Static, Miss Martian, Blue Beetle, Raven, Bombshell, and Aquagirl gone due to being given the day off by Beast Boy, an emergency team consisting Donna Troy, Cyborg, Wonder Girl, Starfire, Beast Boy, Kid Flash, and the new Hawk and Dove, is formed to defend Titans Tower. In the ensuing battle, Hawk is killed after her predecessor Hank Hall tears her heart out.

Starting in the May 2010 issue of Teen Titans, a new back-up feature called The Coven will begin running in the book. The backup stars Black Alice, Zachary Zatara, and Traci 13.[51]

Titans (vol. 2, 2008–2010)

Titans (vol. 2)
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Ongoing
Publication date (vol. 2): April 2008
Number of issues (vol. 2): 22
Creative team
Writer(s) Judd Winick
Sean McKeever
JT Krul
Eric Wallace
Artist(s) Ian Churchill
Joe Benitez
Julian Lopez
Howard Porter
Fabrizio Fiorentino
Creator(s) Judd Winick
Ian Churchill

A second ongoing Teen Titans series, titled Titans,[52] launched in April 2008 and is written by Judd Winick. Issue one was drawn by Ian Churchill and Norm Rapmund, issue 2 by Joe Benitez and Victor Llamas. The opening storyline follows the events of the Teen Titans East Special one-shot that was released in November 2007, revealing all of the members of Cyborg's team survived the attack, except Power Boy, dead after being impaled. The team's new line up consists of former New Teen Titans Nightwing, Flash, Donna Troy, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, Red Arrow, and Starfire.[53]

In the first story arc of the series, Trigon makes a series of attacks on every member, former or current, of the Teen Titans, and Trigon has 'another child' that, unlike Raven, will assist him in his attack. After reclaiming Titans Island and establishing a headquarters on the East River, Cyborg set out to create an East Coast Titans team. However, during a training session the team was brutally massacred by an unseen evil force. Though Cyborg survived the attack, Titans members past and present were attacked by demonic entities across the globe. Raven, sensing Trigon's presence once again, called upon her former Titans allies to defeat her fiendish father.

But after rescuing several Titans and questioning Trigon himself, the Titans learned that Trigon himself was not behind the attacks but rather has three children to prepare his second invasion for him. After investigating potential carriers of his children, the Titans realize the bestial assaults were actually orchestrated by Raven's three grown half brothers—Jacob, Jared and Jesse. Working together as a team, the Titans thwarted the Sons of Trigon and prevented Trigon's invasion plan. Following this adventure, Raven chose her adopted family over her biological family and Red Arrow decided to join his former teammates (although both he and Flash retain their JLA membership) - and the Titans were together as a team once again.

Following this, the team has settled themselves down at Titans Tower (supposedly the New York base), where they attempt to recover from recent events. While Dick and Kory attempt to make a decision on where their current relationship will lead, Raven and Beast Boy go out together on a "not-a-date". During this, Raven reveals that since she faced her brothers, she has begun to feel as if she is losing control and slipping back under the thrall of her father's powers. Although Beast Boy rejects the idea, he is unexpectedly blind-sided as Raven gives in to her darker side, under the influence of her half-brother's coaxing. Using her teleporting powers, she and the Sons of Trigon vanish, leaving a distraught Beast Boy behind to warn the others. Using a gem stone that carries Raven's pure essence within it, the Titans manage to free Raven of her father's evil, although there will always be the possibility of it happening again. As a result, Raven leaves each Titan with an amulet that can be used to cleanse any evil influence from her body.

Following this, Jericho, still inhabiting the body of Superboy's clone, Match, arrives, frantically asking for help due to the fact he cannot separate himself from Match's body. The current story features Jericho who has turned renegade again. Shortly after a struggle with Jericho, who it is revealed is under control of the numerous people that he has taken command of over the years, Nightwing resigns from the Titans, due to his new responsibilities in Gotham.

At Comic-Con; there was an announcement saying that Cyborg, Donna Troy, and Starfire will leave the team to pursue the JLA. Red Arrow, with his daughter Lian, have already relocated and are no longer involved with the Titans, but there will be a spotlight on him in issue #23 after what happened to him in Justice League: Cry For Justice #5. After a series of spotlight issues [54][55] Final Crisis Aftermath: INK writer-artist creative team Eric Wallace and Fabrizio Fiorentino will take over the Titans book. The series will see Deathstroke take over the team along with Tattooed Man and Titans character Cheshire.[56]

A solicit for this new team's first issue also shows a young redhead woman who apparently has the ability to manipulate fire. This may be Sun Girl, a member of Deathstroke's earlier Titans East roster. [57]

Trade paperbacks

Silver Age Teen Titans

Trade Paperback by DC collecting the most well-known adventures of this era:

Title Material collected Pages ISBN#
Showcase Presents Teen Titans, Vol. 1 The Brave and the Bold (vol. 1) #54 & #60
Showcase #59
Teen Titans (vol. 1) #1–18
528 ISBN 1-40120-788-X
Showcase Presents Teen Titans, Vol. 2 Teen Titans (vol. 1) #19–36
The Brave and the Bold (vol. 1) #83 and 94
World's Finest Comics #205
512 ISBN 1-4012-1252-2
The Silver Age Teen Titans Archives Vol. 1 The Brave and the Bold (vol. 1) #54 & #60
Showcase #59
Teen Titans (vol. 1) #1–5
203 ISBN 1-40120-071-0
Teen Titans Annual #1, 1967 issue (published 1999) Showcase (vol. 1) #59
Teen Titans (vol. 1) #4
The Flash (vol. 1) #164
Wonder Woman (vol. 1) #144
80 ISBN 1-56389-486-6

New Teen Titans

Trade Paperbacks by DC collecting the most well-known adventures of this era:

Title Material collected Pages ISBN#
DC Archives: The New Teen Titans, Vol. 1 DC Comics Presents #26
The New Teen Titans (vol. 1) #1–8
230 ISBN 1563894858
DC Archives: The New Teen Titans, Vol. 2 The New Teen Titans (vol. 1) #9–16
Best of DC (Blue Ribbon Digest) #18.
240 ISBN 1563899515
DC Archives: The New Teen Titans, Vol. 3 The New Teen Titans (vol. 1) #17–20
Tales Of The New Teen Titans #1–4 .
228 ISBN 1401211445
DC Archives: The New Teen Titans, Vol. 4 The New Teen Titans (vol. 1) #21–27
New Teen Titans Annual #1.
224 ISBN 1401219594
Terra Incognito The New Teen Titans (vol. 1) #28–34, select pages from #26
Annual #2
224 ISBN 1401209726
The Judas Contract The New Teen Titans (vol. 1) #39–40
Tales of the Teen Titans #41–44
Annual #3
192 ISBN 093028934X
The Terror of Trigon The New Teen Titans (vol. 2) #1–5 134 ISBN 1563899442
Who is Donna Troy? The New Teen Titans (vol. 1) #38
Tales of the Teen Titans #50
The New Titans #50-54, select pages from New Titans #55
The "Who Was Donna Troy" back-up story from Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files 2003.
224 ISBN 1401207243

The Titans

As yet, only the beginning and the end of this era have been collected in trade paperback form:

Title Material collected Pages ISBN#
JLA/Titans: The Technis Imperative JLA/Titans #1–3
Titans Secret Files #1
ISBN 1-56389-563-3
Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #1–3
(see also The Death and Return of Donna Troy below)
ISBN 1-40120-176-8

Teen Titans (2003-Present)

Note: Issues 27 and 28, penciled by artist Rob Liefeld and written by Gail Simone, are not collected in any of the trade paperbacks. The two issues, along with The Outsiders (vol. 3) #27-28, were designed as last minute fill-in issues, after DC Comics decided to publish The Return of Donna Troy (originally intended to run in the pages of Teen Titans (vol. 3) #27-28 and Outsiders (vol. 3) #27-28) as a stand-alone mini-series.[citation needed] Issues 48 and 49 (which tie in with the "Amazons Attack" Wonder Woman story) are likewise not collected in a trade paperback.

Vol. # Title Collected material Pages ISBN#
1 A Kid's Game Teen Titans (vol. 3) #1–7
Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files 2003
192 ISBN 1-40120-308-6
2 Family Lost Teen Titans (vol. 3) #8–12
Teen Titans #1/2
136 ISBN 1-40120-238-1
3 Beast Boys and Girls Beast Boy #1–4 (1999 limited series)
Teen Titans (vol. 3) #13–15
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4 The Future is Now Teen Titans/Legion Special
Teen Titans (vol. 3) #16–23
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Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Insiders Teen Titans (vol. 3) #24–26
Outsiders #24–25, 28
144 ISBN 1-40120-926-2
Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna Troy Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #1–3
Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files 2005
DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #1–4
176 ISBN 1-40120-931-9
5 Life and Death Teen Titans (vol. 3) #29–33
Teen Titans Annual #1
Robin #146–147
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6 Titans Around the World Teen Titans (vol. 3) #34–41 192 ISBN 1-40121-217-4
7 Titans East Teen Titans (vol. 3) #42–47 144 ISBN 1-40121-447-9
8 Titans of Tomorrow Teen Titans (vol. 3) #50–54 144 ISBN 1-40121-8075
9 On The Clock Teen Titans (vol. 3) #55–61 160 ISBN 1-40121-971-3
10 Changing of the Guard Teen Titans (vol. 3) #62-69 192 ISBN 1-40122-309-5
11 Deathtrap Teen Titans Annual #2
Teen Titans (vol. 3) #70
Titans (vol. 3) #12–13
Vigilante (vol. 3) #5–6
192 ISBN 1-40122-5098

Titans (2008-Present)

Vol. # Title Collected material Pages ISBN#
1 Old Friends Titans East Special #1

Titans (vol. 3) #1–6

200 ISBN 1-40121-991-8
2 Lockdown Titans (vol. 3) #7–11
128 ISBN 1-40122-476-8

In other media


The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure (1967–1968)

The Filmation adaptation of the Teen Titans

The team's first animated appearance was in Teen Titans segments of the 1967 Filmation series The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, featuring Speedy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Aqualad. They are voiced by Pat Harrington, Jr., Tommy Cook, Julie Bennett and Jerry Dexter.

Super Friends (1973–1986)

Dick Grayson's Robin is a regular character (alongside Batman) in every incarnation of the Super Friends cartoon series (1973–1986), and Cyborg also appeared on the series during its run as The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians (1985–1986).

New Teen Titans (1983)

In 1983, Hanna-Barbera created an animated version of The New Teen Titans which was ultimately not picked up by ABC.

Anti-drug commercial (1984)

Wonder Girl, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Kid Flash, and Protector (temporarily replacing Robin) appeared on a 1984 Keebler anti-drug commercial.[58]

DC animated universe (2003)

Though a Teen Titans team never actually appeared in the DC animated universe of television series which began in 1992, the team was referenced in two episodes of the Static Shock series. In "Hard as Nails" (2003), Batman tells Static that Robin is "with the Titans." "The green one" from the Titans (presumably Beast Boy) is mentioned in the episode "Romeo in the Mix" (2003).

Teen Titans (2003–2006)

The Teen Titans from the 2003-2006 animated series

A Teen Titans animated series ran on Cartoon Network from July 19, 2003 to January 16, 2006. Drawn in an anime-style based art form, the show featured a 1980s-era lineup of Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg as teenagers. Though the series adapted some Wolfman/Pérez storylines like "The Judas Contract" and "The Terror of Trigon" and featured versions of many other Titans comic book characters like Aqualad, Speedy, Deathstroke (named Slade due to censor issues), Bumblebee, and Terra, it followed its own continuity and introduced new characters. In addition to stand-alone episodes, each season featured a main story arc: Season 1, Robin's search for Slade; Season 2, an adaptation of "The Judas Contract"; Season 3, Cyborg's conflict with Brother Blood; Season 4, an adaptation of "The Terror of Trigon"; and Season 5, the Titans' conflict with the Brotherhood of Evil. After the fifth and final season was the movie Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, which premiered on Cartoon Network on September 15, 2006.

The series spawned a related comic book—Teen Titans Go!—and three Teen Titans video games.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2010)

The Batman: The Brave and the Bold series features an early incarnation of the Teen Titans in the January 22, 2010 episode "Sidekicks Assemble."(Although the name Teen Titans is never mentioned). In the episode, a flashback shows Robin, Speedy, and Aqualad as young children, with Speedy suggesting they "join forces" someday when they are older. Several years later, the heroes break away from their mentors, with Robin becoming Nightwing in the episode's final scene.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

At Comic-Con 2006, a Judas Contract animated movie was announced. Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, creators of The New Teen Titans were assigned to work on the direct-to-DVD movie. However, the film has been postponed due to a lack of a "broad fanbase appeal", which would have put it ahead of other projects.[59]

Justice League: The New Frontier (2008)

The Titans appear in a brief background cameo during the closing JFK speech in the 2008 animated film Justice League: The New Frontier.


Warner Bros. is also in development on a Teen Titans movie in which Robin is the only confirmed member so far. Akiva Goldsman & Mark Verheiden are writing it.[60]

Cultural references

In a skit in the Robot Chicken episode "They Took My Thumbs", the original Titans line-up, Robin, Wonder Girl, Speedy, Kid Flash, and Aqualad, join their mentors on the Justice League's satellite headquarters for "Bring Your Sidekick To Work Day." Various hijinks ensue, and at the end, the kids are teleported back to Earth, only to end up immolated in a lava pit on another planet. The older heroes blame Martian Manhunter, who they suspected of being jealous of them for having sidekicks, but he blames his "invisible sidekick, Martian Boyhunter" for the sabotage. In an earlier episode, "Vegetable Funfest", the animated series Titans, Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven, are out-matched by a giant monster, and they allow two new "heroes" to join their ranks... Beavis and Butt-Head.

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Teen Titans (2003-2006) was a cartoon adventure based on the eponymous comic books from DC Comics.


Season 1

Final Exam [1.01]

Cyborg: How could you lose the remote?!
Beast Boy: What makes you so sure I lost it?
Cyborg: Uh, 'cause you're you.
Beast Boy: Look, just because I lost that video game--
Cyborg: And the toothpaste, and my football, and the waffle iron!
Beast Boy: Well, it just disappeared! How am I supposed to know where it went?
Cyborg: Well, how am I supposed to watch TV without a remote?!
Raven: (Slams book closed) Simple. You just get up and change the channel.
Cyborg: (Looks at Beast Boy, who returns his glance) Don't even joke like that.
Raven: I wasn't joking.
Cyborg: Good! 'Cause it wasn't funny!
Raven: (murmurs) This is a pointless argument over a useless device..

Cyborg: Come on, man, how could you deny me the all-meat experience?
Beast Boy: Dude, I've been most of those animals!

Beast Boy: I'm not eating meat!
Cyborg: There's no meat in pepperoni!

Beast Boy: Is it me, or are we getting our butts kicked?
Raven, Robin: It's just you!

Beast Boy: That didn't just happen. Tell me that didn't just happen.
Raven: It did happen. We cannot change the truth, no matter how much we dislike it.
(Beast Boy rubs his right thigh.)
(Raven heals it)
Beast Boy: Who knew we had a doctor in the house. Thanks...
Raven: No problem...

Cyborg: Maybe ya'll should call me Flyborg. I was halfway to Gotham city before Star zapped that thing off my back. So what I missed?

Cyborg: Tell me how we kicked their butts. C'mon, I gotta have to play by play.

Beast Boy: NO! This is the worst thing that could ever happen! My tunes, they've been...alphabetized! How am I ever gonna find anything?!

Raven: They went into my room. No one should ever go into my room.

Raven: (takes hood down) We need to control our emotions.
Cyborg: Or What?! Our bad vibes will keep you from meditating?

Sisters [1.02]

Robin: Cotton candy? (Offers some)
Starfire: The last time I ate a ball of cotton, it was white, and it did not taste very-
Robin: -this is different.
Starfire: (She eats some) Mmmm...oh! (laughs) It vanished!
Robin: (laughs) Yeah, it'll do that.

Beast Boy: Told you we'd win you a prize!
Raven: (sarcastically) A giant chicken. I must be the luckiest girl in the world.

Blackfire: Yo, Beast Boy, what's up?!
Beast Boy: Nothing but the ceiling, baby.
Blackfire: (laughing) Good one!
Beast Boy: (to Raven) See? She thinks I'm funny.
Raven: Statistically, I suppose someone has to.

Starfire: Might you wish to "hang out" with me? We could visit your favourite depressing cafe.
Raven: Already been. It was open mic and Blackfire wanted to share. Your sister's poetry is surprisingly dark.

Raven: This party is pointless.
Goth Boy: Everything's pointless; wanna go talk about it?

Guy: Hey, hot alien girl. You diggin' the scene?
Starfire: I did not know we were supposed to bring shovels. (Everybody laughs at her)

Starfire: Everything is not wonderful. I am happy to see her, but Blackfire rules the video games, and she is able to share very depressing poems, and she knows the "cool moves", and she always knows when people are not talking about shovels!

Cyborg: You want to pass me, but you can't pass me. You can't pa- (surprised; Beast Boy grins) You passed me!
Beast Boy: Tighten the turn...jets...and nitro!

Starfire:(Gasps) Beautiful, tell me again what they are called?
Robin: Fireworks
Starfire: On my home planet such explosions would mean the Gordainians were attacking. You sure certain Earth is not under attack?
Robin: Positive

Starfire: When i first came to this planet I did not think I would ever fit in, earth was full of strange things but now I see tha-
Robin: Here comes the finale ( fireworks go off and Robin cheers)Ah-mazing
Starfire: Earth is full of amazing things too
Robin: Best planet i've ever been too

Starfire: She will be a better titan than I ever was....
Robin: Were you just going to leave without saying goodbye?
Starfire : Robin, I...... ah

Divide and Conquer [1.03]

Robin: Loser.
Cyborg: Jerk.
Robin: You got a problem, tin man?!
Cyborg: Yeah! It's four feet tall and smells like cheap hair gel!
Robin: Well, you're an oversized klutz and your feet smell like motor oil!
Cyborg: You're bossy, you're rude, you got no taste in music!
Robin: I don't even know why you're on this team!
Cyborg: That makes two of us! I QUIT!

Beast Boy: Come on, Cy, pick up. I know you're there. The phone's built into your arm!

Starfire: (About the Pudding of Sadness) Try. The displeasing taste will ease your troubled mind.
Raven: My mind is never troubled. People come, people go. It's pointless to be upset about Cyborg. (Her powers flare up and crack several TV screens and her hair goes crazy. She pretends not to notice.) ...what?

Starfire: I feel like the underside of a Zornian muck-beetle.
Raven: Tell me about it.

Starfire: I wish to initiate a group hug!
Raven: Pass.

Robin: Let me go you giant ZIT!

Forces of Nature [1.04]

Raven: Please tell me this isn't another ridiculous prank.
Beast Boy: Okay, it's not a ridiculous's a BRILLIANT one!

Raven: I do not think..
Beast Boy: Shhhh!
Raven: But what if..
Beast Boy: Shhhh!
Cyborg: Why are we hiding?
Beast Boy: Shhhhhhhh!!
[Beast Boy realizes it's Cyborg]
Beat Boy: Cyborg?! You can't be Cyborg!!
Cyborg: [Confused] I can't?!
Beast Boy: If you're you - then who's...?
Raven: Uhh-ohh.

Starfire: On my planet we have a name for those who do such horrible things, you are a...A CLORBAG VARGLENILK!!
Beast Boy: I'm a what-bag??
Cyborg: You heard the lady.
Raven: You are SUCH a clorbag.

The Sum of His Parts [1.05]

Beast Boy: Yo, Raven! Try one! They're loaded with soybeany goodness!
Raven: I respect that you don't eat meat. Please respect that I don't eat fake meat.

Starfire: This tangy yellow beverage is truly delightful.
Cyborg: Uh, Starfire...
Robin: That's mustard.
Starfire: Is there more?

The Amazing Mumbo: Now, Robin, I'm sure there's a peaceful solution here... (takes two bombs) But this isn't it!

Nevermore [1.06]

Raven: (after Dr. Light just blasted her) Don't come any closer!
Dr. Light: (taunting her) What's the matter, afraid of the light?
Raven: (her eyes glow red, rising up, tentacles coming out from under her cloak) GRRR!
Dr. Light: Aaah! NO! NO! (tentacles grab him) My suit! What are you--No! Stop! You win! I surrender!
Raven: (in a different voice) What's the matter? Afraid of the dark?
Dr. Light: I SURRENDER! NOOOOO... (he's pulled under her cloak)

Dr. Light: (After being pulled out of Raven's cloak, looking absolutely horrified, pale and somewhat beaten up) It dark...make it stop...(Shuddering) Make it stop!

Robin: (After Beast Boy served Breakfast) Thanks Beast Boy. Everything looks great
Starfire: On my planet, such a feast would mark the arrangement of a marriage. Tell me Beast Boy, to whom are you engaged?
(Beast Boy screams and shudders)

Beast Boy: (about Raven) You know, she's never once laughed at any of my jokes!
Cyborg: At least she listens. I just kinda tune you out.

Cyborg: We're in Raven's room... We should not be in Raven's room...

Beast Boy: (After being pulled into a bizarre world) I told you we shouldn't have gone in her room!

Beast Boy: (After being narrowly saved from falling nevermore by the ground turning 180 degrees) Raven?? How did...Where...What just... Why are you wearing PINK???
Happy Raven: 'Cause it's my favourite colour?
Beast Boy: (Completely flabbergasted) It is?

Cyborg: (After meeting "Happy Raven") Have you ever seen her this happy?
Beast Boy: Dude, I didn't think Raven could do happy.

Cyborg: (To Pink Raven) You're laughing?
Beast Boy: At one of my jokes?
Happy Raven: Sure. I always thought you were funny BB, but hey, looks aren't everything!

[Robin and Starfire find Raven meditating on the roof]
Robin: Raven, you okay? We stopped by your room and the door's been knocked down.
[Raven's eyes pop open, and she briefly laughs uncontrollably before instantly turning deadpan]
Raven: [clears throat] Need to be alone. [hurries away]
Starfire: [to Robin] Many of your Earthly ways are still strange to me, but that was... "just plain freaky", correct?

Cyborg: Hey, I know where we are! We're in that place where I didn't know where we were before!

Timid Raven: And, remember the time I called you both immature pinheads? I'm sorry for that too. And also-
Beast Boy: (exasperated) For the hundredth-millionth time...
Beast Boy, Cyborg: ... WE FORGIVE YOU!

Beast Boy: (To the green Raven) What is your deal?! First you nuke breakfast, then finally laughed at my jokes, then you're all weepy, and now you're a Marine?! Make up your mind! WHO ARE YOU?!
Happy, Timid and Brave Ravens: I'm Raven.
[Beast Boy faints at the scene of all three together.]
Cyborg: (pointing them each out) Happy, timid, brave.
Happy Raven: You forgot Dopey! (points to Beast Boy and laughs)
Cyborg: Different sides of Raven's personality; we're not in Ravens home...
Beast Boy: We're in her head.
Raven: And I want you out. [The incarnations of Raven's personality disappear as the actual one appears.] The mirror you found is for meditation. (to Beast Boy, getting angry) It's a portal into my (through gritted teeth) MIND, NOT A TOY!
Beast Boy: (nervously) Hehe... my bad.

Raven: (Saved by Beast Boy) You... stayed? I thought you didn't like me.
Beast Boy: Thought you didn't like me.
Cyborg: Yo! I like both of you! Now get your butts over here!

Raven: Thank you...friends.
Beast Boy: So we really are friends?
Raven: Hmmm... (Nods)
Beast Boy: And you really think I'm funny?
Raven: Don't push it.

Switched [1.07]

Starfire: Raven? Please forgive my interruption, but have you seen Robin?
Raven: No.
Starfire: Oh. Perhaps you have seen Cyborg?
Raven: No.
Starfire: Beast Boy-?
Raven: My eyes are closed, Starfire, I haven't seen anyone.

Starfire: Perhaps we should do the hanging out? We never have before and conceivably it could be fun. We might journey to the mall of shopping, or perform braiding maneuvers upon each other's hair, or- (notices Raven is visibly fuming with irritation) wish to be alone?
Raven: How could you tell?

Robin: (about the puppets) They got all the details just right.
Raven: Someone certainly has a lot of time on their hands.

Starfire: Shall my tiny replica do battle with your tiny replica?
Raven: (tosses her puppet to Starfire) Knock yourself out.

Starfire: (as Raven) Oh Raven! This is awful, terribly, horribly awful!
Raven: (as Starfire, dryly) Tell me about it.
Starfire: (as Raven, completely missing the dryness) Very well. Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy have been trapped inside tiny wooden bodies while a nasty creature called the Puppet King has taken control of their real bodies which he is using to hunt us down and you and I are in the wrong bodies and-! (she destroys everything she walks past as she gets more worked up)

Starfire: (as Raven) What if they find us? What if our friends are doomed? What if I am stuck looking like this forever?!
Raven: (as Starfire) We'll fix it. I don't know how, but we will rescue the boys, and we will get our bodies back. (beat) What's wrong with the way I look?
Starfire: (as Raven) Nothing!

Starfire: (as Raven) I will try to calm down! Peace...quiet...tranquil- (A car suddenly flips over)
Raven: (as Starfire) We are so doomed.

Raven: (as Starfire, jumping up and down and waving her arms) Fly, fly!
Starfire: (as Raven) We cannot fight them again. I do not wish to, and in our present condition we would surely be defeated!
Raven: (as Starfire) OK, how do you fly this thing?

Starfire: (as Raven) What was your joyful thought?
Raven: (as Starfire) You don't want to know.
Starfire: (as Raven) Oh, but I do! Please tell me: What did you imagine?
Raven: (as Starfire, sighs) You not talking.
Starfire: (as Raven, crestfallen) Oh...well...I am...glad I was able to help.

Puppet Beast Boy: Dude. Get your butt outta my face!
Puppet Robin: Can't. Move. Deal with it.

Starfire: We have done it! (Hugs Raven)
Raven: You're hugging me...

Deep Six [1.08]

Beast Boy: (In reply to Starfire's comment about the marine life) If you think that's cool, wait'll you see me out there kicking butt! First, I'm goin' shark. (He starts snapping his jaws, mimicking a shark.)
Cyborg: (Pressing the off switch controlling Beast Boy's microphone)
Beast Boy: (now muffled) Hey! What this thing on?! Hey, cut it out!
Cyborg: (Turns it back on) (Innocently) Goodness me, I seem to have accidentally switched off Beast Boy's microphone.
Raven: Could you go ahead and accidentally leave it off?

Beast Boy: Time to do what I do best. Try not to be jealous. (Turns into a whale)
Raven: He just put on 300,000 pounds, (Sarcastically) I am so jealous.

Cyborg: Main power's down, hydrojets are toast and we're leaking air!
Robin: Tell me something I don't know!
Raven: OK... we're all going to drown.

Beast Boy: (as a squid, chasing the Titans as they sink) I got it, I got it! (two whales pass him) Huh? (the two whales save the Titans) They got it? How come they got it?
Aqualad: (popping up next to him) Because I asked for their help.
Beast Boy: You talk to fish? Yeah right!
Aqualad: I'm talking to you, aren't I?
Beast Boy: Well I, uh... technically I'm a squid.

Beast Boy: INCOMING!!! (Lands on Aqualad) I said incoming.

Beast Boy, Aqualad: (in perfect sync with each other) I just saw Trident! No you didn't! Yes I did! Cut it out!

Robin: (Sealing the cave with the seismic blasters) Yes!
Raven: Cool.
Starfire: Victory!
Cyborg: Boo-yah!

Beast Boy: You're the best!
Aqualad: No, you're the best!
Beast Boy: Yeah, you're right.

Aqualad: I usually work alone.
Beast Boy: Yeah.. Me too
Aqualad: You do not, You're part a team
Beast Boy: So, You hang out with tram, the fish boy! What's your point??

Masks [1.09]

Beast Boy: O.K, all work and no flicks makes me a dull Beast Boy. So my fellow couch potatoes, what'll it be? Super Ninja Showdown 8? Or Maniac Fury: Attack of the Protozoids?
Raven: (sarcastically) Gee, they both sound soooooo good.
Cyborg: (not sarcastically) Yeah, it's really hard to pick. Wanna watch 'em both?!
Starfire: Perhaps Robin would enjoy potatoing the couch with us?

Slade: Patience. Trust is easy to destroy, but it takes time to build.

Raven: (with a stick red X over her mouth) Mmmph, mmph!
Beast Boy: I dunno, Raven. That's kind of a good look for you.
Cyborg: Hold still. (rips the X off with a nasty tearing noise, Beast Boy and Starfire scream)
Raven: (pained faces appear behind her and vanish) ...ow.

Cyborg: I've adjusted my ocular implant to scan multiple subharmonics in the EM spectrum.
Beast Boy: 'kay, do you come with subtitles?
Cyborg: My eye should spot him even if he's invisible.

Beast Boy: (after Red-X/Robin saves him from an oncoming subway train) Dude, did you just save me? (Red-X/Robin kicks him)

Raven: I can't believe I'm saying this, but Beast Boy is right.

Robin: Whatever you're planning, Slade, it's over!
Slade: On the contrary, Robin... it's just begun.

(Slade knocks Robin off the edge of a building. Just as he starts to fall, Slade catches him by the wrist.)
Robin: You... saved me?
Slade: I'm not through with you yet!

Robin: You want to yell at me, too? Everyone else has, and I don't blame them.
Starfire: I do not wish to yell, merely to understand. Robin, why did you not tell us the truth?
Robin: I needed to fool Slade. If you guys knew it was me under that mask, you guys would have held back. Doesn't matter anyway, Slade figured it out, and I haven't figured anything out about him.
Starfire: That is not true. Whoever Slade is, you and he are... similar. He did not trust you... and you did not trust us.

Mad Mod [1.10]

Starfire: Now we need only to locate an exit.
Cyborg: Or just keep blastin' 'til we make one.
Robin: Easy, last thing I smashed tried to smash me back!

Cyborg:(Burps loudly)
Beast Boy:(wakes up, laughs) Nice one!...Uh, how did I get here and why am I covered in drool?

Cyborg: Make him laugh!
Starfire: (To Beast Boy) How many okarins does it take to hogie a morflark?...Fimbar!
Beast Boy: (drools)
Starfire: Um... "boogers"?
Beast Boy: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... "Boogers"...OH MAN!

Raven: (holding a hypnotized Beast Boy) Little help here? I don't do "funny".
Cyborg: You asked for it! (he removes Raven's hood, moistens his finger and gives her a Wet Willy))
Beast Boy: (laughing hysterically) AWESOME! (realizing he was hypnotized again) Not again!

Mad Mod: (Cornered) Ah-heh-heh. Hello, guv'nuh.
Robin: School's out, and you're looking at about 20 years of detention.

Starfire: (Puts down a hypnotized Beast Boy) I cannot awaken Beast Boy. I have tried the tickling, all manners of bodily noises, and the word "underpants". I fear that this time his brain is gone forever!
Raven: Beast Boy had a brain?
Beast Boy: (Wakes up, laughs) Ha ha!! Good one!! (Stops, glares) Dude, that's not funny! I totally have a brain...I just don't use it much...

Apprentice: Part 1 [1.11]

Robin: All you care about is destruction.
Slade: And all you care about, you destroy.

Slade: I'm sure you're all familiar with the concept of a Chronoton Detonator...
Cyborg: No!
Starfire: (Gasps)
Raven: Uh-oh.
Beast Boy: No way!, what's a crouton detonator?

Beast Boy: You know, just because we're trying to catch Slade doesn't mean you have to act like him.
Robin: Don't you ever compare me to him. He's trying to destroy the city; I'm trying to save it!

Cyborg: I will not be havin' attitude from a boat!

Slade: For some time now, I have been searching for... an apprentice. Someone to follow in my footsteps. And Robin, I've chosen you. Congratulations.
Robin: No way would I ever work for-
(Slade shows Robin the kill switch)
Slade: If you join me...if you swear to serve me...if you never speak to your friends again...I will allow them to live. But...if you disobey even the smallest request...I will annihilate them, Robin - and I will make you watch. So, do we have a deal?

Apprentice: Part 2 [1.12]

Slade: You're going to keep stealing, Robin. And you're going to keep getting that thrill. And sooner or later, you will see things my way. Who knows? I might even become like a father to you.
Robin: I already have a father. (Pan up as bats fly through the ceiling)

Slade: Robin, that was vicious, dishonorable, and ruthless. Excellent work. You're becoming more like me every second.

Starfire: Robin... you are my best friend. I cannot be in a world where we must fight. If you are truly evil, then go ahead - do what you must.

Robin: Get out of here. Go! You don't know what those beams did to...
Beast Boy: Dude.
Raven: We know.
Cyborg: And we don't care.
Starfire: We're your friends, Robin. We are not leaving without you.
Slade: How very touching... (Puts thumb on trigger) but Robin doesn't need any friends.

Cyborg: That's it, y'all. The Teen Titans are officially probe-free.
Beast Boy: (Doing "the robot") Go Beast Boy, you're probeless, no probes now, go Beast Boy, go Beast Boy... get funky! (Moonwalks) Uh-uh, that's right...
Raven: Um... I know this isn't my style, but... we just kicked Slade's butt. Shouldn't we... celebrate, or something?
(Cyborg and Robin stare)
Beast Boy: Yeah!
Cyborg: All-you-can-eat...
Beast Boy: Free form...
Beast Boy, Cyborg: Breakfast explosion!
Raven: Sorry I asked.

Beast Boy: Who wants tofu waffles?
Cyborg: Man, nobody wants tofu waffles.
Beast Boy: I do. Now pass me the soy milk.
Cyborg: I'm telling you, you're not getting anywhere near the soy milk.
Beast Boy: Dude, pass me the soy milk!
Cyborg: Is there meat in the tofu?
Beast Boy: No, there's no meat in tofu, it's tofu!
Cyborg: Then nobody wants it...

Car Trouble [1.13]

Cyborg: You lost my car?... My car lost a race?!
Thief: No way, we beat him easy. She handled like a dream!
Cyborg: She did? How'd she take the curves 'cause, Y'know, I've been working on the suspension, and-d-d-d-d-- Don't try to distract me! Who has her now?

Raven: (Looks at Cyborg, milkshakes on the ground around him) Fourteen milkshakes. Not a good sign.
Cyborg: What are you doing here?
Raven: Looking for your car. Soon as we turned in Overload to the police, we all split up to search the city.
Cyborg: Might as well stop looking. T-Car’s probably halfway to Metropolis by now... from the day I designed her, I knew she was gonna be special. And I work so hard every fuel injector every spark plug. I made her perfect. I put my heart, my soul, and my circuits into this car. And now she's gone forever. Maybe you were right, maybe it was just a car.
Raven: Maybe, maybe not. When I use my powers, I have to put a little soul of me whenever I'm moving. I become a part of it, and it becomes a part of me. That's kinda like what happened here. It wasn't just a car, it was... your "baby".
Cyborg: Yeah. Thanks, Rae.
Raven: And someone's eating onion rings in your baby.
Cyborg: (Sees Gizmo drive off in his car) (To Gizmo) Don't get ketchup on the seats!

Gizmo: Hey! Let me go, ya barf-smelling hairball! (He farts in Cyborg's face)
Raven: Okay, making it REALLY hard to concentrate...

Overload: (after taking over the T-car) Only way to stop Overload is to destroy your precious car!
Cyborg: (changes right arm into sonic blaster) It's not my car anymore.

Starfire: [after accidentally turning on the windshield wipers] Look, they are dancing!

Season 2

How Long is Forever? [2.01]

Raven: Robin? Could the music be any louder? I can still hear myself think.
Robin: I only turned the music up to DROWN OUT ALL THE YELLING!!!

Robin: (To Cyborg and Beast Boy) KNOCK IT OFF! I can't work with you two acting like idiots!
Raven: Great, Robin. More yelling will definitely stop all the yelling.

Starfire: If you ever wish to see your future, then you will repair the damage you did to my past!
Warp: "Damage"? Silly girl, there's nothing wrong with your past. One cannot damage history, because history cannot be changed. [Holds up Clock of Eternity] I went back in time to steal this because history said it disappeared. And history said it disappeared because I went back to steal it. Past, present, future. It's all written in stone, my dear.

[In the future, Starfire attempts to talk to a detached future version of Raven, who has her back turned.]
Starfire: Raven? Raven, it is Starfire, your friend.
Future Raven: (Back turned) No such thing.
Starfire: Please, Raven, I...
Future Raven: Just another figment, don't even look.
Starfire: You must listen, I am here because...
Future Raven: Never coming back. Go away. It has to go away. Just like before, just like all the others...

Starfire: Robin?
Nightwing: I haven't used that name in a long time. They call me Nightwing.

Beast Boy: You mean I'm going to be bald?! [Rips his hair out]

Cyborg: Happy Blorthog!
Beast Boy: I thought it was 'Blort Hog'?
Raven: Ok, I feel like a wind chime.

Robin: So... "Nightwing", huh?

Every Dog Has His Day [2.02]

Beast Boy: Dude! I'm going to try to beat the world record of most tofu eaten in one hour. Wanna be my official witnesses?
Starfire: Um...
Raven: No.

Raven: Don't make me send you to another dimension.

Robin: Be careful everybody! We don't wanna hurt him...
Raven: Speak for yourself!

[The Titans discuss telepathic communication with an alien dog.]
Raven: I'm still getting his drool off my face. I don't want him anywhere near my brain.

[Soto decides to be a dog and hops around, eventually licking his dog's face.]
Beast Boy: Ooookaaayy... weird.
Raven: Better him than me.

Terra [2.03]

Robin: I'm Robin. We're the-
Terra: Teen Titans! Rock on! It's cool to meet you guys. I'm Terra, and you're: Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and...
Beast Boy: (Panicking) Boy Beast! Uh, I mean Bath Boot! Eh! No?!
Terra: "Beast Boy"?
Beast Boy: (Screams, turns into a turtle and goes inside the shell)
Terra: Dude, he's hilarious!

Starfire: Where do you come from, how did you get here, what is your favorite color, do you wish to be my friend?
Terra: Uhm, Earth, walked, red, and, sure?
Starfire: (Squeezing her) Hello, new friend!
Terra: How's it going?

Terra: Tastes like sushi mixed with ice cream... got any more?
Starfire: Wonderful! I shall go cultivate the fungus!

[Terra destroys the obstacle course.]
Raven: We're gonna need a new obstacle course.
Beast Boy: You're the man, Terra! I mean, you're the... uh... way to go!

[Terra destroys Slade's staff.]
Slade: Impressive - unless you were aiming for me.

Terra: Don't lose control... don't lose control...
Slade: Now, Terra, how can you lose something you never had?

Terra: What, haven't you guys ever seen a superhero before?

Only Human [2.04]

Starfire: You, Atlas, are nothing but a Zolworg Tubeck-Plixing Zarbmarker!
Beast Boy: Yeah, what she said!

Atlas: I didn't think you would come... humans scare easily.
Cyborg: I'm only half human!
Atlas: And half of nothing is still nothing.

Starfire: Inform that mass of metal who is the boss!

Beast Boy: I give you a, 9 for the dive, but a 2 for the landing (Robin glares at Beast Boy)
Cyborg:Nobody asked you.

Cyborg: My body may have its limitations, but when I put my mind to it, there's nothing I can't do. we get bathroom breaks?

Fear Itself [2.05]

Control Freak: Well, well, well! If it isn't my old arch nemesis-ses (Somewhat unsure of the plural of nemesis), the Teen Titans!
Beast Boy: Um...Yeah! (Aside to Cyborg) Who is this guy? (Cyborg shrugs in answer.)
Control Freak: (Aiming his remote at a wall filled with televisions and firing, filling each screen with one Control Freak, each speaking in-sync.)
Control Freaks displayed on the televisions: I am the master of monsters! I am your darkest nightmares come to life! I am...Control Freak!
Control Freak: (Aiming his remote at the same wall, causing his doppelgängers to applaud his introduction.)
Raven: (Sarcastically) A couch potato with a souped-up remote. I'm petrified.

Cyborg: Ow! Ow! Bad candy, bad candy! Hey! Stop that! That's not yours.....!

Raven: You don't scare me!

Cyborg: ALL RIGHT!! If y'all are bitin' Cyborg, Cyborg's bitin' back! (Starts eating the evil candy) Mmm... Never knew evil tasted so good... (The tiny terrors scream in fear, and run off, as Cyborg's face turns emerald, and he starts to sweat profusely.)
Cyborg: Oh boy... (He runs out of the battle and vomits in the nearest trash can he can find.)

Robin: (In reply to Beast Boy's sypnosis of Wicked Scary.) Can't be any creepier than the documentary on hot dogs Starfire made us watch.
Starfire: It was facinating! I had no idea that Earth People ate so many pigs, and insects. (These comments trigger another wave of puke from the still queasy bionic Titan, who turns green and starts to barf behind the sofa.)

Beast Boy: C'mon, Raven, admit it, you were totally scared!
Raven: (Grimly) I don't do fear.

Beast Boy: HELLO??? Isn't it obvious? The movie's curse! Watching it opened a portal into another dimension! The monster came through the portal, now it's going to hunt us down and eat us! And I'm probably delicious! (Tugging at his face, and contorting it.)

Beast Boy: Split up? SPLIT UP?! Did you not see the movie? When you split up, the monster hunts you down one at a time, starting with the good-looking comic relief guy - ME!
Robin: (Trying to pry Beast Boy off him) Get a grip, Beast Boy! The monster's not going to eat anybody.
Raven: (Looking somewhat relieved as their leader tries to continue acting "fearless") He's right. There's nothing to be afraid of.

Beast Boy: (Being dragged by tentacles into a wall of darkness) What did I tell you? Funny guy goes first! (The word "first" being prolonged into a near yell.)

Raven:(closing her eyes as shadows surround her) I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid... (She opens her eyes, finally relents and admits the truth) I am afraid. I'm afraid... but that doesn't mean I can't fight back!

Cyborg: (Yawns) Sunrise. Time for bed.
Beast Boy: You know, your haunted house was way creepier than that stupid movie. Any chance you'd want to do all this again for Halloween?
Raven: I'm afraid not.

Date with Destiny [2.06]

Killer Moth: (Wrapping up evil monologue) ...Soon the city will bow before its new master, Killer Moth!
Kitten: (Hollers from upstairs) Daddy! DADDY!!!

Beast Boy: The Guy has got a spider for a head. Not like he's gonna be hard to find.

Starfire: (Having finished bending and twisting Robin in several impossible ways) Better?
Robin: (Dangling upside-down, limp and floppy) Ah, much! Thanks.
Starfire: I welcome you. There are few problems Tamaranean acupressure will not solve.

Killer Moth: My demands are simple: The city will proclaim me ruler. The Teen Titans will surrender. And Robin... will take this lovely young lady to her junior high prom.
Kitten: Hi, Robbie-poo!
[record scratch sound]
Robin: (Pauses) Um........what was that last part again?
Starfire: Robin, who is this girl, and why does she call you "poo"?

Starfire: (Slaps Kitten) This "prom" is some manner of duel, yes? Robin eagerly accepts!
Robin: It's not a duel, Star. It's a date.
Starfire: (Gasps) He does not accept! Do you hear? ROBIN DOES NOT ACCEPT!

Starfire: (ranting) Odium, scandal, atrocity! These demands must not be met! Clearly this demented madman has no idea who he's dealing with and if he believes-
Robin: (over the top of Starfire's ranting, into his communicator) Cyborg, report. How bad is it?
Cyborg: Bad! Can't hold 'em off much longer! If you're gonna do something, do it quick!
Starfire: (still ranting) -out of his MIND if he believes you would even consider such a distasteful-
Robin: I have to do it.
Starfire: WHAT?!

Robin: Starfire will join you to help with the search.
Starfire: Hmph!
Beast Boy: Hey, what about you? Aren't you gonna help us?
Robin: I can't. (depressed) I have a date.

Starfire: I believe, on such occasions, it is the custom to wear a dead plant?

Kitten: Ask me to dance!
Robin: I don't dance.
Kitten: (Trying to pull Robin out of his chair) Come on, Robbie-poo! Don't tell me you've never, ever danced before!
Robin: (Remains glued to his seat) Tried it once. Didn't like it.
Kitten: Fine! Then I can have the whole city destroyed! Or... we could just skip straight to the kissing...
Robin: ...wanna dance?

Kitten: Take my arm, lead me in. And would it kill you to smile?
Robin: (Makes a forced, painful smile) Maybe.

Beast Boy: (About Killer Moth) You know, for a weirdo who lives in his basement, this guy is pretty tough.

Fang: (To Robin) Take your hands off my girl!
Starfire: (To Fang) Keep your legs off my boy!

Robin: Sorry we pretty much ruined your prom.
Boy: Are you kidding? It was the best prom ever!
Girl: Even though I still can't feel my legs.

Beast Boy: You know, now nobody's making 'em mutate-y, these little guys might actually make good pets.
Raven: Don't even think about it.

Starfire: (About Kitten) She is a manipulative gremplork not worthy of Robin's time!

Raven: (After Beast Boy finds a hidden passageway) Well that's not suspicious.

Man on Intercom: (spotlights circle around the floor, and both Robin and Starfire brace themselves for action) And now the moment you've all been waiting for. The king and queen of this year's prom are...Robin & Starfire! (as the spotlights stop on them, much to their surprise).
Robin: I guess one more dance wouldn't kill me. (he then takes Starfire's hand and they go dance together).

Transformation [2.07]

Beast Boy: Starfire, hurry up! You've been in there for twenty minutes, and I'm not paper-trained! (Turns into a whining dog)

Beast Boy: Orange flavored bad guy... gross... and yet, strangely refreshing.

(Beast Boy is waiting for Starfire to get out of the bathroom)Beast Boy:a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(pees on tree)

Robin : Wherever Starfire is, I hope she all right.

Titan Rising [2.08]

Robin: Are you sure you don't wanna play, Raven?
Starfire: Yes! Please! You must Volley the Ball with us!
Cyborg: (Holding up a detached arm) Come on, I'll play with one hand behind my back!
Raven: I can't. I have to meditate. [Everyone shrugs and goes back to play volleyball again]
Beast Boy: [He changes to a gorilla and serves a strong serve and the volleyball flies towards Raven again) Raven! Heads up again! [Raven moves out of the way and ball flies off the roof]
All: Oh no!! NOOOO!!!!
Beast Boy: I'll get it...
(The ball flies back up and hits Beast Boy's right foot. Terra floats into view, standing on a boulder)
Terra: So... which team am I on?

Starfire: (Hugging Terra) Oh, hello, long-lost friend!! You remember me, yes?!
Terra: Of course, Starfire... I still have bruises from the last time you hugged me.

[Cyborg and Robin approaching Terra]
Cyborg: Well, if it isn't my favorite little rock'n roller. [High fives Terra]
Terra: Cyborg, Robin, what's shaking?
Robin: [Shakes Terra's hand] Good to see you again
Beast Boy: [Rushes in front of Robin] GOOD! Is he kidding? Its GREAT to see you again! I didn't think I would EVER see you again! [Terra blushes]

Terra: [To Raven] So, sorry about our little tug-of-war back there. You know I wouldn't let anybody get hurt.
Raven: Whatever.
Terra: Ok, look. I don't know what your problem is, but get over it! If I'm going to be part of this team, we have to get along!
Raven: You're not part of this team. Not yet. If you endanger my friends again you never will be. Next time I tell you something is too dangerous, TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!!! [Walks away]
Terra: [Beast Boy approaches] Um.....why does she hate me?
Beast Boy: Nah! She kind of hates everybody. It'll be fine. Raven needs time to get used to you. I think she's still getting used to me.

[Earth starts to shake]
Terra: (To Raven) Are you going to give me that look every time there's an earthquake?

(Terra and Raven are telekinetically struggling over a boulder)
Terra: Why can't you just trust me?
Raven: Because you don't deserve it. I have to meditate every day to keep my powers under control. And I'm supposed to believe that you can just suddenly control yours? Trust is something is you have to earn!
Terra: How? How do I earn it?
Raven: You can start by trusting me.

Terra: (to raven) Okay, maybe smashing the computer was a bad idea...

Terra: So, friends?
Raven: Close enough
Terra: Sorry we kind of got off to a rocky start.
Raven: Actually, I thought things went pretty well. It took me a year to stop hating Beast Boy.

Terra: So I'm...
Robin: A Teen Titan. Glad to have you on the team.
Cyborg: Aw yeah, very nice.
Beast Boy: This is the best thing that ever happened to me.
Starfire: Welcome, new Titan!
Raven: Congratulations, Terra. You earned it.
Cyborg: Alright, there's only one way that can memorate such a momentous occasion: Waffles!

Terra: I don't believe it... they actually trust me.

Winner Take All [2.09]

Starfire: Be proud and cheerful Robin, you competed well.
Raven: Winning isn't everything
Robin: Yeah....It's just the only thing that matters.....[To Cyborg] I WANT A REMATCH!

Beast Boy: (timid) So, does the winner get some kind of, really cool prize? Like, maybe, oh, I dont know, a moped? (veiw brings down to a mini-scene with Eifel Tower in the back, and a Beast boy on moped being chased by women, veiw reverts)
Master of Games: I have no moped, shapeshifter. But rest asured, when the tournament is complete, there will be magnificent prizes.

Beast Boy: Aquadude, what's up! Ready to watch me win all those prizes?
Aqualad: No. But after I win, I promise to let you have my autograph.

Cyborg: [To Gizmo] Hey, What's he doing here?! He's no hero! I thought this was a tournament of heroes?!
Gizmo: What's the matter robo-wimp? Afraid I'll kick your stinkin' can!
Cyborg: Just try it....

Hot Spot: (To Wildebeest) What's that sme... oh. [Wildebeest Growls at Hot Spot]

Speedy: Winning isn't everything.
Robin: It's just the only thing that matters.

Speedy: [To Wildebeest] Good luck today. May the best man win... [Wildebeest ignores him] Sorry, may the best champion win.

Speedy: May the best man win!
Robin: I intend to.

Robin: Maybe the game isn't over.
Master of Games: The game is never over.

Robin: .you're all honorary Titans. (gives titans communicators to everyone)
Gizmo: Cool!
Cyborg: ( grabs communicator) Yo, gimme that! You're not a good guy, remember?
Gizmo: Scrum-buffing toe-jamming gunk-eater!
Starfire: Raven?
Raven: Yeah?
Starfire: I have a bad feeling about this.

Betrayal [2.10]

Terra: (To Beast Boy, who is holding her in his arms) You saved me.
Beast Boy: Yeah. That was cool.
[Several seconds pass.]
Terra: Um, Beast Boy? You can put me down now.

Beast Boy: This... is the greatest pie... in the history... of pie.

Terra: Come on! The night's still young!
Beast Boy: But... pie!

Terra: Do you trust me?
Beast Boy: More than anyone I've ever met.

Beast Boy: So, what made you change your mind?
Terra: Excuse me?
Beast Boy: About going out with me. It was the ears wasn't it? Ladies love the pointy ears [Terra laughs a bit]
Terra: Actually, it was because...of all the things I could've done tonight, I realized all I wanted to do was spend time with you.
Beast Boy: Lucky for me you didn't have any plans.
Terra: Beast Boy, if you knew something bad about me, would you still be my friend?
Beast Boy: [Now a bit wary] Of course
Terra: I mean if you're really my friend I could tell you anything. And no matter how horrible it was, you'd still like me, right?

Beast Boy: (To Terra) We've got to get back to the Tower and.....
Terra: Beast Boy, I'm not going back. I can't.
Beast Boy: What? Why can't you?
Slade: (Appears from shadows) Because she's not your friend - she's my apprentice.

Cyborg: Someone wanna explain how two hundred armed robots got past my security?

Starfire: (About Slade's invading army of robots) They are too numerous to fight! What shall we do?
Robin: Fight anyway.

Raven: (Seeing Slade's robots pouring out of her room) That's my room. (Telekinetically smashes them) NOBODY GOES IN MY ROOM!!

Slade: [To Beast Boy] The girl you knew was practically an illusion. A fantasy. In reality, she's been working for me.

Terra: (After Slade zaps Beast Boy with a gun) NO! I won't let you hurt my friend!
Slade: Dear child, you don't have any friends.

Terra: (To Beast Boy) You said you'd be my friend no matter what, remember?
Beast Boy: (turning his back on her) Slade was right. You don't have any friends.
Cyborg: And the last slice of pizza goes to... Terra!
Robin: All right!
Beast Boy: Woo!
Starfire: You are the winner!
Raven: Congratulations, Terra.
Slade: Hello, Terra. Remember me?
Cyborg: Oh, man. I knew I shouldn't have given up that last slice of pizza (yawns)! Oh, well, nothing a ham and beef jerky footlong sandwich won't fix-
Terra: Slade, he helped me, saved me from myself. He said I owed him, but-
Beast Boy: So it was all a game?

Fractured [2.11]

Starfire: Please! No more Robin yelling at Robin!
Cyborg: Yeah, man! Stop kicking yourself! Accidents happen.
Robin: Not to me, they don't.

Beast Boy: You mean...
Cyborg:'re not going to get all crazy-determined...
Starfire: ...and insist you are fine when you truly are not...
Raven: ...and yell at us for trying to make you stay home?

Raven: (to Larry as he surfs around on her book.) The Book of Azar is not a toy!

Robin: Well, if someone was trying to clone me, they didn't do a very good job.

Larry: See, Robin's universe is here, and Larry's is here! But I bend the rules so I can watch Robin beat the bad guys all the time! But when he got hurt, I knew Larry could help! So I decided to pop over. But I goofed, and popped over inside your noggin. Oops.

Larry: Ooh! I bet you want to monitor the case by computer!
Robin: Not really.
Larry: Oh. Then don't you want to patch up your R-cycle?
Robin: No thanks.
Larry: Wanna work out?
Robin: No.
Larry: Clean your utility belt?
Robin: No.
Larry: Alphabetize your crime files? Polish your boomerangs? Iron your cape?
Robin: No. No! NO!
Larry: ...just let me fix your arm. Please? You'll feel all-
Robin: NO!

Cyborg: Why does the entire world look like it belongs on my grandma's fridge?

Raven: This is bad. (Notices Beast's Boy's mouth is gone) Well, it's not all bad.
Beast Boy: (Steals Raven's mouth) Will somebody please tell me what's going on here?!

Robin: You broke reality?!
Larry: We did. Together! Oops.

Larry: Hey, DNA buddy, look! Now we're cast buddies, too!
Robin: [Flatly] Yay.
Starfire: Beast Boy, wonderful! You have recaptured your mouth!
Raven: Yeah, but I think he put it on backwards.
Beast Boy: Pleh! Gniyas m'i tahw dnatsrednu t'nac I!

Raven: (After Johnny Rancid mutates the city) Cool... uh, I mean, oops.

Raven: (To Johnny Rancid) You want dark? I'll give you dark!

Larry: [Taunting] Larry fixed the bike!
Rancid: Yah! And it's the stupidest thing I ever seen!
Robin: Have you looked in a mirror lately?

[Rancid hits the ground and sits up and starts scratching his head]
Robin: So, Johnny, what's it like having your butt kicked by a stupid little kid?

Larry: Yay! Larry fixed everything!
Beast Boy: Olleh! Uoy ot dexif dnuos I od?
Larry: Um, that'll just wear off. Sooner or later.
Larry: Yay, I made it! Robin, hi!

Aftershock: Part 1 [2.12]

Slade: You have had doubts in the past. Made mistakes. But all that is behind you now, isn't it?
Terra: Yes.
Slade: You belong to me now, don't you?
Terra: Yes.
Will you obey me every command?
Terra: I will.
Slade: Will you fight by my side forever?
Terra: I will.
Slade: And will you destroy the Teen Titans?
Terra: I thought you'd never ask.

Beast Boy: Why are ducks so funny? Because they're always "quacking" jokes.
Raven: Pull over. I think I'm going to be sick.
Starfire: Oh I see. It is humorous because ducks lack the large brain necessary for the telling of jokes.
Robin: Actually Starfire, it just wasn't humorous.
Raven: Because Beast Boy' lacks the large brain necessary for telling jokes.

Beast Boy: C'mon, Raven, you know I'm hilarious. And I'm not gonna give up until I get you to smile. OK, why did the aardvark cross the road?
Raven: To beat up the idiot telling jokes about it?
Cyborg: (laughs) To beat up the idiot telling jokes... (laughs)
Robin: Now that's funny
Starfire: Please, an aardvark is some form of duck?
Beast Boy: (sighs)

(Suddenly Cyborg's car is hit by a rock. The car stops and the bewildered Titans stumble out of it to see Terra)

Beast Boy: Terra?
Terra: Hey, guys, miss me?

Beast Boy: Terra, stop! We're your friends!
Terra: I don't have any friends, remember?

Raven: Don't make me hurt you.
Terra: Don't make me laugh.

(Terra turns the ground beneath her into giant, man-shaped figures made out of earth)
Raven: That's a new trick.

Robin: [about their battle with Terra] Why couldn't we take her down just like any other criminal?
Beast Boy: Because she isn't just any other criminal. Terra was a Titan, she was our friend.
Raven: Terra was never our friend. She was a spy trained by Slade and sent to destroy us. She is evil, always has been, always will be.

Slade: [To Terra] Your suit is more than a fashion statement, my dear. It is a sophisticated neural interface that gives me direct contact with your nervous system. Your power is my power. My strength is your strength. We are connected Terra. United, as master and apprentice. We fight as one!

Robin: [To Beast Boy about Terra] Beast Boy, Terra is working for Slade.
Beast Boy: When you were working for Slade did we give up on you?

(Long pause, Robin looks at Beast Boy)

Robin: ... She gets one chance, one. Titans, we have to break Slade's grip on her!

Raven: Terra.
Terra: Raven.
Raven: Traitor!
Terra: Witch!

[Terra is completely overpowering Raven in their fight and Raven is losing control of her emotions.]
Terra: Better be careful, Raven. Beast Boy told me all about your little temper tantrums.
Raven: Anger is pointless. My emotions are in control.
Terra: Naagh, naagh, naagh, "anger is pointless". And you're calling ME a liar? [Raven tries to make a pass at Terra only to have her pulled down by the mud she controls.] Come on, Raven - what stings the most? That I tricked you? That I nearly wiped out your team? That everyone liked me better than you?
Raven: Stop it!
Terra: Or is it that deep down, you really believed that I was your friend?
[Raven loses control of her anger and turns into her twisted form.
Raven: (Attacking Terra) I trusted you! We trusted you! We gave you everything and you treated us like dirt!

Terra: (To Beast Boy, about to knock him into a fissure) Hope you're not expecting a goodbye kiss.
Beast Boy: Terra you can't.......
Terra: Watch me.

Robin: You don't belong with Slade!
Terra: You don't know anything about me!
Robin: It doesn't have to be this way Terra; I was the Slade's apprentice once. I got out, so can you.
Terra: I don't need you save me!
Robin: You could only save yourself..!
Terra: I don't need saving! I'm not some sad little girl waiting to be rescued! I wanted to be this way. I wanted to go with Slade. I wanted to annihilate you and your pathetic friends. And now, I never want to see your face again.

Cyborg: No more chances.
Starfire: No more trust.
Raven: And no more mercy.
Beast Boy: She's just another criminal.
Robin: And we're going to stop her. (Other Titans look up at him) No matter what it takes.
Robin: Look at yourself, Terra! Is this really what you want to become?
Terra: I'm just never gonna be good enough for you, am I?!

Aftershock: Part 2 [2.13]

Terra: (Voiceover) My name is Terra. And I have done horrible things. I have sworn to serve a dark master. I have obeyed his every command and committed crimes in his name. I have betrayed and attacked everyone who used to be my friend. One by one, I have destroyed the Teen Titans, and with no one left to stop me, I have brought an entire city to its knees. My name is Terra... I have done horrible things... and I have absolutely no regrets.

[The Titans have returned from underground and are currently overwhelming Terra.]
Terra: Beast Boy, aren't you even gonna talk to me?
[Beast Boy remains silent.]
Cyborg: There isn't anything to say.
Starfire: You attempted to annhilate us!
Raven: Did you think we wouldn't take it personally?
Robin: It's over, Terra!

Starfire: She seems quite scared...
Raven: Scared, isn't the same as sorry.
Robin: I don't care how she feels! Terra is a dangerous criminal and she has to stopped!
Beast Boy: She will be! I'm going to make sure of it!

Terra: I can't believe they almost beat me!
Slade: That was nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you.

Slade: (To Terra) You promised to fight by my side forever. And that's a promise I intend to make you keep.

[After Ternion has been defeated.]
Raven: We're going to need a bigger jail.

Terra: You have to stop me, Beast Boy, please! I don't want to fight anymore!
Beast Boy: Then don't let Slade control you anymore!
Terra: I have no choice...
Beast Boy: That's a lie! You've always had a choice! It's all been your choice! You chose to work for Slade, chose to betray us, and now you've chosen to give him control! Slade isn't doing this, Terra, you are!

Terra: He's too powerful! I can't stop him!
Beast: Yes you can. It's your power, not his! You can still control it. You can still do the right thing..!

Beast Boy: It's your life, Terra. Your choice. It's never too late to change.
Terra: Sorry Beast Boy... For everything I've done...

Terra: (To Beast Boy, crying) You were the best friend I ever had.

Beast Boy: Her name was Terra. She was gifted with tremendous power, and cursed with it as well. She was a dangerous enemy, and a good friend. And she was one of the bravest people I have ever known.

Starfire: I miss you so, friend...
Robin: We'll bring her back...
Cyborg: ...someday.
Beast Boy:(put the plaque) I'll never forget you Terra...
Terra: (crying, sniffling)
Beast Boy: Terra?
Terra: Quick! Destroy me!
Beast Boy: What?
Terra: C'mon! Isn't that what you came for? (groaning)
Slade: My apologizes, as usual, my apprentice can't seem to control herself. That's why I'll be controlling her every move.
Terra: (groaning becomes louder)
Beast Boy: What have you done to her?!
Slade: Nothing she didn't want me to.
(On Terra's Plaque:)
A Teen Titan
A True Friend

Season 3

Deception [3.01]

Jinx: Don't bother trying to run.
Mammoth: You won't get far. The whole school is in on it.
Stone: In on what?
Gizmo: Whaddaya think, pie-for-brains? (Produces a dress and unicycle) Your initiation!
Stone: (Relieved) Ha ha! That's it?
Mammoth: Don't laugh. You have to EAT the unicycle.

Stone: Mmm-mmm! Sloppy joes! Just like the mad scientist who created me used to make!

Beast Boy: Do I hear an undercover mission coming on, 'cause I'm a master of disguise! (Turns into multiple animals)
Raven: Yeah, a green mongoose is gonna blend right in.

Jinx: (Sullen) You could have been one of us...
Cyborg: I could have been a lot of things.

Beast Boy: Oh, Cyborg! (Gets out a dress)
Robin: You left the Titans. (Gets out a magenta wig)
Raven: That means you have to be initiated all over again. (Gets out a rubber chicken)

X [3.02]

Robin: (voiceover) It is simple; there is good and there is evil. There are those who commit crimes and those who try and stop them. Both sides are opposites; as different as day and night, and the line between them is clear. Or at least, it's supposed to be...

Red X: Come on, kids. (Points to the 'X' on his chest) X marks the spot.

Red X: (to Starfire, who is pinned to the wall) You know, cutie, the only crime here is that you and I haven't gone out on a- (Starfire blasts him with her eye beams)

Robin: Who are you?
Red X: If I wanted you to know that, would I be wearing a mask?

Starfire: No, Robin. The error you made, it is in the past. You are no longer the one inside that suit.
Red X: And personally, I think it looks much cooler on me.

Beast Boy: He could still be a robot, (To Cyborg) Check him for batteries. (Cyborg puts on a rubber glove and holds out a threatening finger)
Robin: Wait! Please! It wasn't me! I promise! It wasn't me...

Robin: I created Red X- every system, every weapon. Whoever's inside that suit, he's my responsibility.
Cyborg: Well if we're gonna catch him, we at least need to figure out what he's after.
Robin: I already know. Xenothium: the fuel that powers the suit.
Starfire: (gasps in shock)
Raven: (shocked) No...
Beast Boy: (walking off in a huff) Aw man! I never understand anything!

Red X: Not everybody likes to play the big villain, kid. I'm a thief. I'm not threatening your precious city. Just looking out for number one.

(Raven is tied upside down to Beast Boy, who is the the shape of a rhinoceros, by one of Red X's X traps.)

Raven: (tries to blow Beast Boy's tail off her face) And now I smell like rhino-butt...

Robin: You don't even care, do you? A lowlife maniac just got his hands on enough Xenothium to disintegrate the entire city, and it's your fault!
Red X: Don't you mean, 'our fault?'
Robin: At least I'm going to do something about it. And if you cared about anything other than yourself, you'd be helping!
Red X: Sorry, kid. Some guys don't like to play the hero.
Robin: (disgusted) I'll be back to take you to jail.

Starfire: (to Chang) You are a bad man!

Robin: I thought you didn't like to play the hero.
Red X: Doesn't mean I don't know how.

Robin: (voiceover) There is good and there is evil, but the line between them can be almost impossible to find. Does one good deed make him am hero? Am I to blame for all of it because of a single mistake? In the end, all I really know is that the answers don't come easy. It's supposed to be simple. But it's not.

Betrothed [3.03]

Robin: You're getting married?
Raven: Uh, yeah, anyone we know?
Starfire: I have never met him. My bethrothed has been chosen for me by the Grand Ruler of Tamaran.

(Star looks up to the spaceship´s window and sees Robin on it)

Robin: You're getting married?! AND TO SOMEONE YOU NEVER MET?!

(Notices that he´s out the ship in the Outer space and quicly "swims" back into the ship)

Galfor: Nooba gulshtik Koriand'r sol!
Starfire: Hesbad rutha Galfore kank! (Galfor yells and leans toward her as if he is attacking her and Starfire screams)
Robin: Titans! (They prepare to fight)
Starfire: (As Galfor tickles her) HAHAHAHAHA!
Cyborg: (To Robin) Um, unless they tickle people to death here, I think you can chill.

Beast Boy: I can't tell what's a bed, what's a chair, and what's alive! How am I supposed to take my beauty nap?

Robin: Come on! We getting out of here.
Starfire:Oh Robin... I am sorry. I cannot.
Robin: Starfire, you don't want to marry him.
Starfire: Marrying him will bring peace to my planet. It is good for everyone.
Robin: It's not good for you.
Starfire: Robin, if you cannot be happy for me, then perhaps you should not attempt to my wedding...

Starfire: Yes, I will do the what is rigth for Tamarian...
Galfor: You must do what is rigth... in your heart

Cyborg: (After Beast Boy turns into an alien animal) How did you know you could do that?
Beast Boy: Lucky guess.

Robin: (Pounding window, interrupting Starfire's marriage) STARFIRE!!

Starfire: [After making her speech to the Tamarans] Let us now return to earth please. I am feeling the sick for my home, my real home. [blushes]
Beast Boy: [Sweating and clutching himself] Then lets hurry! I couldn't figure how to use the bathroom here!
Cyborg: We are not having any accidents in the T-ship! You hear me?!

Crash [3.04]

Beast Boy: I'm a genius! By simply turning off all those useless security programs and connecting directly to an underground server in eastern Zambia, I, Beast Boy, have gotten my hands on an advance copy of the hottest video game ever: Mega Monkeys Four!

Cyborg: OOOH!! You know what would be fun? Let's all go out for WAFFLES! RAVEN!! You like WAFFLES, DON'TCHA?
Raven: (Dryly) More than life itself.

Robin: Cyborg calm down there's something wrong with you let us help.
Cyborg: (Seeing Robin as a steak)You bet there's something wrong. We need gravy! And plenty of it!

Gizmo: No... stinkin'... way! I'm not fixing that overgrown bucket of robo-scrunge, and there's nothing you can do to make me... (Raven's shadow is cast over him) I'll help.

Cyborg: Hey! Did y'all know there are 456 varieties of yams? I LIKE YAMS!

Beast Boy: I may not be smart enough to do everything, but I'm dumb enough to try anything.

Cyborg: (After recovering) Ooh, my stomach! I feel like I ate a tire!
Raven: That's a distinct possibility.

Robin: We need to find Cyborg and bring him home before he hurts himself or somebody else.
Raven: Or an innocent street sign. [Points at Cyborg eating a 'Stop' street sign]

Haunted [3.05]

Slade: How can you save a city, Robin, if you can't save yourself?

Robin: (Robin grabs Starfire's arm) What happened?
Starfire: (Gasps) You are... hurting me.
Robin: Slade ran right by you! How could you let him get away?!
Starfire: But, Robin, there was no one there.

Slade: Brings back memories, doesn't it?
Robin: All I remember is how much I hated you!
Slade: What I remember is that you couldn't defeat me... at least, not all alone.

Starfire: But must we keep him [Robin] restrained?
Cyborg: He threatened us, Star. He's dangerous.
Beast Boy: Dangerous?! Try totally flipped-out cuckoo-labanza! (sneezes)
Raven: We've gotta run some tests on him. Figure out what's going on.
Slade: Alone again, Robin? (Robin looks around and spots him) As long as I'm around, you're never alone.

Raven: (Telepathically) Robin, we're here to help you.
Robin: Raven, what are you... you have to get out! Slade! He'll destroy you!
Raven: Robin. Your heart. You're in danger. You have to trust me. Slade isn't here. He's not in the Tower.
Robin: No, he's here. He's real! I've seen him!
Raven: Then let me see him. Through your eyes. (She goes into Robin's mind; things are seen from his perspective) See, Robin - there's no one here. There never was... (Slade suddenly punches Robin)
Raven: (Is knocked to the floor) SLADE!!
Cyborg: You saw him?
Raven: I don't know if he's real or not. But he's real to Robin, and that's all that matters. The stress on his brain is destroying his body. Robin truly believes he's fighting Slade - and Slade is winning.

Robin: (Weakly) Slade... stop...
Slade: No, Robin. I won't stop. Not now. Not ever. I am the thing that keeps you up at night. The evil that haunts every dark corner of your mind. I will never rest... and neither will you.

Spellbound [3.06]

Beast Boy: Oh, Raven, come on! Why can't you just have fun like normal people? Why are you always locked in your dark room reading your nasty old books? Why do you have to be so creepy?
Cyborg: Forget it BB! Leave her alone...
Raven: (Hurt) I'm not creepy, I'm just different. And I wish there was someone around here who understood that. Someone I could talk to. Someone more like me.

Raven: Can we go now?

Beast Boy: Hey Raven! Um... it's like almost noon and you haven't come out of your room. So, just in case your mad, I'm gonna go ahead and say, I'm sorry for calling you creepy last night. (Hears giggling) Raven? Is everything... (She comes out.) Hi, um... you were... laughing. And I thought I heard... was there someone in there?
Raven: Just me, and a really good book.

Starfire: Beast Boy has told us much about the Malchior and how he remains trapped within a book, but...
Raven: Now, how would Beast Boy know something like that?
Beast Boy: Ha ha... I may have, kind of been, uh, a fly on the wall in your room.
Raven: You look more like a rat to me. (Beast Boy is turned into a rat)
Beast Boy: She morphed me!

Malchior: Is that what you want, Raven? To be alone?
Raven: (Weeping) No.

Raven: He lied to me... he lied. And I gave him what he wanted...

Raven: I know it was all a lie. But he was the only person who ever made me feel like I wasn’t... creepy. And don’t try to tell me I’m not.
Beast Boy: Okay. Fine. You’re way creepy. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay locked in your room. You think you’re alone, Raven, but you’re not.
[Raven hugs him]

Revolution [3.07]

Cyborg: The burgers are cheesed, the dogs are hot, and the fireworks are about to begin. Man, I love the Fourth of July!

Beast Boy: See, it all started back in 1492 with this tea party, in Boston. King George- or maybe it was King Norm -anyway, the British were trying to make the colonists drink all this tea. But they were like, "Dude! No way! We're sick of nasty old tea and your crummy English muffins!" So they decided, "Revolution!"
Raven: Where'd you learn history? A cereal box?
Beast Boy: What's your point?

Mad Mod: The American Revolution was a hoax. The Declaration of Independence is a tissue of lies. There is no George Washington, and there never was. And from now on, they're not cookies - they're called biscuits! Say it with me... "biiisss-cuuuiitss". There, now. We'll have you unruly Yanks acting like proper Brits in time for tea.

Cyborg: Hey! We've been Union-Jacked!

Cyborg: (to Starfire) Make him laugh!
Starfire: (holding a hypnotized Beast Boy) uh... ooh! (makes farting sound with her armpit)
Beast Boy: Ha ha ha ha! (British accent) Smashing love! Jolly good laugh-- (eyes widen and screams) Oh, dear! I'm a Tommy! A Limey! A Brit!
Cyborg: Yo, Brit Boy! We could use a hand!
Beast Boy: (British accent) Right, then. Have at you!

Cyborg: The sky looks like a giant British flag! The whole city's gone haywire!

Beast Boy: Dude, tell me about it. "Bangers and mash"? "Bubble and squeak"? "Toad in the hole"? Don't British people know how to speak English?!

Raven: Can you please stop talking like that?
Beast Boy: (British accent) You're just jealous because I sound like a rock star.

Beast Boy: What we need to do is go underground! Organize a resistance movement, starting with a trained gerbil army!

Cyborg: It may not look like it, but this is still America. So I say we vote.

Mad Mod: And here we are again! You know, there's an old British saying, my duckies. "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it." And you lot are as doomed as doomed can be!

Cyborg: City Hall. We should be able to hide here... 'til Mad Mod's tanks come to tear it down.
Raven: Whoa. That was actually more depressing than what I was going to say.

Beast Boy: Now I know how George Washington felt when Napoleon beat him at Pearl Harbor.

Starfire: He said, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." We have failed to learn from the history Mad Mod is attempting to rewrite. Your democracy is not merely about voting. It is about compromise. Out of many different people, you make one country. Out of many flawed ideas, you create one that works.
Cyborg: We don't need four different plans...
Raven: ...we just need one.

Cyborg: Man, I bet even REAL British people don't like you.

Wavelength [3.08]

Starfire: (Inside Beast Boy as a blue whale) Although Beast Boy's quick thinking has saved our lives, I believe I am... grossed out?

Cyborg: Hey there, Bee. Haven't seen you since--
Bumblebee: Since you betrayed headmaster and ruined our school?
Cyborg: I was gonna say the Sadie Hawkins dance, but yeah, that, too.

[Beast Boy as a whale, Spits out the titans out of his mouth]
Raven: Two words...."Breath mints".

Cyborg: And Blood couldn't brainwash you because...?
Bumblebee: There's not a man alive that can tell me what to do.

Starfire: I am hopeful we will not encounter more HIVE soldiers.
[Robin, Star, and Raven open and walk through the door and see more HIVE soldiers.]
Raven: You had to say something.

Brother Blood: Another spy? Tell me, was anyone at my school actually there to LEARN?!

Bumblebee: (approaching, holding up a CD-ROM) I lifted your blueprints from the HIVE mainframe, so Blood can't ever use 'em again.
Cyborg: (grabbing at it) Gimme that!
Bumblebee: Uh-uh. If you go down, I might need this to complete the mission.
Cyborg: Please. They're not just plans. They're me-everything I am. My body, my brain, my feelings-
Bumblebee: Relax. I only read the sonic cannon stuff...and a few memory files about the big crush you had on Jinx.

Robin: We need to get out of here!
Bumblebee: How?
Cyborg: The T-Ship's toast.
Beast Boy: Hello! (Points to his tongue)
Raven: I'd really rather just stay here and drown.

The Beast Within [3.09]

Adonis: You wimps think you can take down Adonis? Bring it on.
Beast Boy: Dude, it is totally brunged... branged.
Raven: Ooohh, bad grammar. That ought to scare him.

Beast Boy: Real men don't eat tofu.

Beast Boy: Well, it's almost noon. You should get some breakfast.
Robin: That... was my breakfast.

[Beast Boy "accidentally" bumps into Raven.]
Raven: Sorry.
Beast Boy: You'd better be! Why don't you look where you're going?
Raven: On second thought, I'm not sorry, and you're a jerk.
Beast Boy: Y'know, Raven, I've been a really nice guy for a really long time. I've put up with your insults and your attitude, and I've had it! Consider this a warning: As of last night, Mr. Nice-Guy has left the building.
Raven: Is this the part where I'm supposed to be intimidated?
Beast Boy: No - THIS is! (Changes into a yeti)

Beast Boy: No. I wouldn't. I mean, we had a fight, but I would never-
Starfire: She was in your teeth.
Beast Boy: THAT'S A LIE!

Raven: Having that thing inside doesn't make you an animal. Knowing when to let it out is what makes you a man.
Beast Boy: Hmm, maybe you should call me Beast Man from now on.
Raven: We're having a moment here; don't ruin it.
Beast Boy: Beast Dude?

Can I Keep Him? [3.10]

Robin: We're shutting you down Johnny.
Raven: And your little dog too.
Beast Boy: Anybody got a giant, rolled up newspaper?

Starfire:There was a party and we were not invited?
Robin: A party? More like a tornado.
Raven: A tornado with teeth.

Beast Boy: Remember when Killer Moth made an army of mutant moths and forced Robin to take his daughter to prom and he was like- bleh! -and you were like- rrr! -and Robin was like- ugh... -but then we found Killer Moth and I was like- Dude! -and Raven was like- zzzzzt! -and Cyborg was like- Boo-yah! -and we kicked his butt and the mutant moths turned back into these cute little wormy things?
Starfire: Um...yes?

Raven: (Looking at the damaged curtains) So, did you and the curtains have some sort of argument?
Starfire: Uh... yes! Today is... Gorb-Gorb, the Tamaranian Festival of... Berating Drapery! STUPID CURTAINS!!!
(Starfire fires a blast from her eyes, obliterating the remaining curtains and everything behind them.)
Raven: Aliens.

Robin: Starfire [Holds up a tiny piece of the sofa that has been eaten] Um....Where's the sofa?
Starfire: Uh...your Earthly ways are strange. [edging away] Please, what is this sofa of which you speak?

Cyborg: Gimme my foot so I can kick your butt!

Killer Moth: I must say, you took excellent care of M-Three-Nineteen. What have you been feeding him?

Starfire: (Beckoning to Silkie) Here, Silkie, Silkie... here, my sweet little mutant.
Killer Moth: Um... here, Larva M-Three-Nineteen... come to papa?
Starfire: Oh, Silkie, Starfire has a big hug for you!
Killer Moth: Hey, big fella. Did Killer Moth create you in a lab? Yes, he did; yes, he did!

Raven: Can we go home now? I need a shower in the worst way.

Bunny Raven ... or ... How to Make a Titananimal Disappear [3.11]

Raven: (To Mumbo) Cute trick. Ready to see some real magic?

Robin: (Reaching for Raven in a tornado) Raven!
Starfire: Robin!
Cyborg: Starfire!
Beast Boy: DUDES!!!

Beast Boy: Why does that bunny sound like Raven...?
Raven: Because I am Raven.
Starfire: Oh! You look so cute!

Cyborg: Hang on a second! We're inside Mumbo's hat, and Raven is inside Mumbo's hat, inside Mumbo's hat?!
Beast Boy: DUDE! You're making my brain hurt!

Cyborg: (Turned into a bear) Oh, wait until I get my claws on Mumbo! (Pauses) Did I just say "claws"?!
Starfire: (Turned into a cat) Be thankful that you do not have the fleas... (Scratches)
Beast Boy:(Turns into a phone & starts ringing)
Cyborg: Uh, Hello?
Beast Boy: Hello! What have you got to complain about? I'm a lamp! What's wrong with being an animal anyway, at least you guys have legs, I can't even move and do you have any idea how hot a light bulb ge?!(Cyborg puts the phone back on the reciever before he can finish)
Cyborg: (to Robin and Starfire) Well,at least we finaly found a way to shut him up. (Beast Boy turns into a foghorn and knocks Cyborg into all of the tutus)

Robin: Sorry, Star, I think I stepped on your foot.
Starfire: I believe it was my... tail...

Starfire: I do not like being a cat in this hat!

Mumbo: Must you overanalyze everything? Why don't you just sit back and enjoy the show?
Raven: Because it isn't real - your act, this hat. It's all smoke and mirrors. You probably hypnotized me to think I'm a rabbit, and when I get home, my nose will twitch every time a bell rings.
Mumbo: Hmm. That would be an interesting trick, but no.
Raven: As soon as I figure out how you're creating this illusion, your "powers" will be gone.
Mumbo: Knowing how the tricks work doesn't make them any less real. If you look like a rabbit and hop like a rabbit, then guess what, kid? You're really a rabbit! For real!

Puppet Mumbo: (To Mumbo) Two minutes to showtime, Mr. Amazing... You're great, I love you.

Beast Boy: I got it!
Cyborg: It can't involve tanks or man-eating sharks.
Beast Boy: I don't got it.

Statler Mumbo: What do you get when you cross a magician with a camera?
Waldorf Mumbo: Hocus Focus!
[They laugh]

Mumbo: So tell me, kid, how'd you do it?
Raven: A magician never reveals her secrets.

Titans East: Part 1 [3.12]

Cyborg: When there's trouble you know what to do/CALL CYBORG!/He can shoot a rocket from his shoe/'CAUSE HE'S CYBORG!/Do do do-do something like that/OH YEAH/Na na na na big fluffy cat/THAT'S RIGHT!...

Aqualad: Fish tacos?! What were you thinking?! I'm from the ocean! These were probably friends of mine!

Speedy: (To Bumblebee) So, who died and made you queen, anyhow?
Bumblebee: Well, maybe you could call the shots if you spent more time working and less time messing with your hairdo!

Mas Y Menos: (Mocking Speedy) Mírame! Soy Pelo Grande! A la orilla cede y adora mío pelo hermoso! ["Look at me! I'm Big-Hair! Relax at the edge and adore my handsome hair!"]

Aqualad: If you're going to eat my friends, at least have the decency to get rid of the evidence!

Bumblebee: Split up!
Mas Y Menos: (Hugging each other) No!!

Bumblebee: The real Cyborg couldn't take me, so you knockoffs don't stand a chance!

Brother Blood: Come on, Cyborg, what makes you tick?!
Cyborg: (Shocking him) A 50,000-watt power cell!

Robin: But Cyborg, we need you.
Cyborg: Sorry, Robin, but they need me more.

Titans East: Part 2 [3.13]

Robin: (To Cyborg) Believe me, I know a thing or two about being obsessed with your target.

Starfire: Who will shout the "Booyah!" when we are victorious in battle?

Cyborg: You can take your offer and blow it out your--
Brother Blood: Insolent child!

Cyborg: What have you done to yourself?
Brother Blood: Now, Cyborg, don't tell me you are digusted by the very technology that keeps you alive?

Season 4

Episode 257-498 [4.01]

Pelican: Have you seen my hippo? He hides, and I must seek.
Starfire: I cannot play. Please, do you know a strange man named Control Freak? He is big, not tall and nasty, and known for causing strife. He escaped into the TV-
Beast Boy: Hey, Star! Run for your life!

Commercial Voice: The makers of Azarath and Metrion are proud to introduce: Zinthos. New and improved Zinthos gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. And because it's blue, Zinthos goes with everything. Zinthos isn't right for everyone and may cause bloating, cramping, hair loss, disturbing visions, fits of rage, and growth of additional eyes. Children under three should not be exposed to Zinthos. Do not get Zinthos wet, and never feed it after midnight. If you experience trouble meditating, stop saying Zinthos and consult your ancient scrolls immediately. New, Blue, Zinthos.

Robin: 500 channels...
Raven: And still nothing on.

GSH: What's the capital of Liechtenstein?
Starfire: Uh... (Buzzer.)
GSH: When did Hannibal cross the Alps?
Starfire: Uh... (Buzzer; question mark above her head.)
GSH: What was Spiro Agnew's middle name?
Starfire: Hmmm... (Buzzer; question mark grows.)
GSH: How many atoms in one kilogram of oxygen?
Starfire: Three-point-seven-six-two-five times ten to the twenty-fifth! (He scrutinizes his card.)
GSH: That is correct!

Control Freak: (As Keanu Reeves) I know Kung Fu. Whoa.

Rebecca: Oh, Lance. I didn't mean to make you fall madly in love with me. But ever since Joaquim left with my evil half-sister-
Cyborg: Yo! I don't love you! My name's not Lance, and I just need to know if you've seen a fat guy in an overcoat!
Rebecca: Oh, Lance!

Clash Of The Planets Protagonist: Who are you?
Control Freak: I am Count Rol Freakow, the twelfth-level space samurai that trained Baran Rang. And... I am your father!
Clash Of The Planets Protagonist: (Horrified) Nooo!!

Cyborg: Hey! I remember this scene! We're in the first episode of season four.
Robin: How do you know we're going to the right way?
Beast Boy: Because we just passed the engine core, which means we're right below the detention level. So all we have to do is follow the main particle flux conduit to the galactic command center.
Raven: Frightening. Truly frightening.

Beast Boy: (In Raven's robe) You don't need to see our identification.

The Quest [4.02]

Beast Boy: Dude, you got your butt kicked. It happens.
Raven: (looking at Beast Boy) Happens to some of us more than others.

Robin: (To himself) You couldn’t just take a class. You had to travel around the world.

Cyborg: I can't believe you two would just barge into Robin's room when he's gone, dress up in his uniform and pretend to be Robin!
Beast Boy: Uh...
Starfire: Well...
Cyborg: Without me!

Robin: (To himself) The next time an old woman tells you to leave your shoes behind, take them anyway.

Starfire: Robin, calling Robin.
Beast Boy: Robin here!
Starfire: No, not you, Robin, the other Robin.
Cyborg: (Shoves Beast Boy and takes his communicator) What's up Robin?
Raven: (Watching the three) This is disturbing.
Starfire: (swoops in by Raven) Disturbing yet magnificent! Join us; I never knew wearing a cape was so much fun! It is wonderful to be Robin!
Cyborg: (walks in while on R-cycle) Yeah, he has all the best stuff!
Raven: (sarcasticly) Uh... right.
Beast Boy: (pops into veiw) C'mon! Haven't you ever wondered what it's like to be Robin? (luring) You know you wanna try it. (Raven lift's eyebrow, interested)

Monkey: I am the Guardian of the Trees.
Robin: And in order to continue my journey, I must first defeat you.
Monkey: How did you know I was going to say that? Do you know what I am going to say next?
Robin: No.
Monkey: Me neither.

Monkey: Monkey see, monkey do - monkey just made a fool of you!

True Master: There will always be someone to do things the easy way, but you must learn to do things the right way.

Robin: There's an easy way and a hard way down this mountain. Looks like you picked the hard way.

Robin: You're the True Master... why didn't you tell me?
True Master: You never asked.
Robin: But why was it so important that I had to get to the top of the mountain before sunset?
True Master: It is much easier to see the path when it's not dark!

True Master: (To Robin) Ah, young warrior, you take things much too seriously.

Starfire: (To Beast Boy who is dressed as Robin) Do you desire another slice of the cheese, Robin?
Beast Boy: Thanks Robin (To Cyborg) Got room for another one, Robin?
Cyborg: Don't mind if I do, Robin
Raven: You know Robins, I have to admit, the mask makes me feel cool.
(Robin appears behind Raven and the whole team freaks out and Raven noticed him a little too late)
Robin: Huh pizza! sweet! You know Robins, the mask makes me feel cool too. (Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg fall back in shock)

Birthmark [4.03]

Robin: You know, Dr. Light, for a guy who's obsessed with illumination, you're not very bright.
Raven: Next time you're trying to steal something, you might want to pick a target we can't see from our living room.

Dr. Light: No one defeats Dr. Light! No one!
Raven: (Appears behind him) Remember me?
Dr. Light: (Looking mortified) I'd like to go to jail now, please.

Starfire: You do not wish to partake in the nuts of dough? It is like eating sweet tiny wheels!

Cyborg: We've got a pinata shaped like Beast Boy. You know you wanna smack it.

Cyborg: So who's the bad guy for the day? Gizmo, Mad Mod, Killer Moth?
Starfire: The reports say there's an intruder.
Beast Boy: Well, whoever it is, we're gonna totally kick their- (then Beast Boy bumps into Robin)
Robin:(sees Slade) No!
Slade: It's been a long time, hasn't it, Titans? A month? A year? A millennium? Far too long for my tastes anyway. I was beginning to think I'd never see your smiling faces again!
Cyborg: You! How did you survive?
Beast Boy: Terra took you down! Way down!
Robin: Slade! I don't know where you've been but you shouldn't have come back! I'm still ready.
Slade: That's touching Robin. But I didn't come back for you.
Slade: Ever have one of those days where you just feel happy to be alive

Beast Boy: (after saw Slade's fire powers) DUDE!
Cyborg: Yeah! Since when can Slade do that?
Robin: Not sure, but he won't be doing it for long. Titans GO!

Slade: Take my word for it, Robin. You shouldn't play with fire.

[Cyborg rips a huge metal pillar off the wall and swings it at Slade. Slade simply stands there and burns through it.]
Cyborg: Whoa!
Slade: "Whoa"? That's it? No clever comment? I was looking forward to that.

Slade: I have to say, Raven, when I found out the truth, I was very impressed. All this time, I had no idea - the power lurking inside you. The glorious destiny that awaits. It's always the quiet ones, isn't it? But honestly - did you think you could just blow the candles and wish it all away? Today is the day it begins. You've known this all your life; it is going to happen, and no matter what you wish, no matter where you go, no matter how you squirm, there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Robin: What's happening?
Raven: It's my birthday.

Slade: Skies will burn. Flesh will become to stone. The sun will set on your world, never to rise again.

Slade: Time won't wait forever; You can't run away from who you are!
Raven: I can try!!

Slade: (To Raven) We'll be in touch. (Throws Raven off a building) Oh, and happy birthday.

Slade: The first task is complete... master. The message has been sent. The inscriptions are in place. She knows what she must do. The Prophecy will be fulfilled.
Trigon's Voice: And the world of mortals shall soon be ended.

Cyborg the Barbarian [4.04]

Starfire:And for what purpose is this crime-fighting divice? (pokes waffle maker)
Raven: (Sarcastically) Evil beware. We have waffles.

(Cyborg gets zapped and disappears)
Beast Boy: Ok, before anybody says anything, that was totally not my fault.

Cyborg: (Nervous) Don't do anything. Don't touch anything. Sci-fi rule number one: You start messing with the past, you end up with monkeys ruling the future.

Sarasim: I am Sarasim, the leader of this tribe, and who is this "Dude" of which you speak?

Cyborg: I discovered electricity! (Charger blows up) ...or not.

Cyborg: (Putting on armor) Guess I'm doing this the old-fashioned way!

Cyborg: (To himself) Man, you may be from the future, but you don't know a thing.

Sarasim: A true warrior does not need armor.

Employee of the Month [4.05]

Cyborg: (Popping out of a cow suit) MOO-YAH!!!

Beast Boy: (tired out during chase) How come I'm the only one who actually has to run?!

Researcher: You will be testing our new GameStation Turbo Extreme.
Beast Boy: Ooh... it's so shiny!
Researcher: Yes, it is rather shiny.

Little Girl: I want a monkey!
Beast Boy: Right. Monkey. I can do that. (He tries to make a balloon animal; it explodes in his face)
Little Girl: That's not a monkey! You stink!
Beast Boy: Wait! Monkey, look! (Transforms)

Robin: Mega Meaty Meat? I've never heard of this place before.
Raven: (Sarcastically) Sounds healthy.

Beast Boy: (to Cyborg) Hello?! Does the word 'I'M A VEGATARIAN' mean anything to you?!?

Cyborg: Let's see... (Very fast) Eight number 3's, five number 2's, two number 1's, and a diet soda.
Beast Boy: Actually, we don't have soda here - only meat.
Cyborg: Okay, make it a cup of meat juice.
Starfire: Tell me, Beast Boy, particularly what variety of meat do you serve?
Beast Boy: Bob says that's a trade secret.
Raven: Are you the only one who works here?
Beast Boy: Bob says that's a trade secret, too.

Raven: Okay. I can't eat until that thing stops looking at me.
Man in Steak Suit: (Falsetto) It's meat-tastic!

Robin: Yeah....I'm glad you find a way to make some extra money Beast Boy, but don't you think this place seems a little weird?
Beast Boy: Dude, they have fries made out of meat. Yes this place is weird, and I hate it!....but I'm not leaving 'til I earn that moped.

Beast Boy: Hey Bob, any chance you could help me out?
Bob: That's great, Billy. I'll be in the back.

Cyborg: Whoever you are, come out with your hands or tentacles up!
Raven: (After discovering the sole ocuppant of the flying saucer) So, we're being invaded by cows?
Starfire: Use caution; the cow people of Garland Prime are formidable.

The Source: Foolish human! I've created enough New-fu for an army of the Bobs. You will never get away! Your city is doomed! Your planet is doomed!

Bob: (To Beast Boy) Hiya, Tommy. Say, be a sport and hand over our supreme creator, would ya?

The Source: You will suffer for your impudence, green human!

The Source: What is this?
Beast Boy: Lunch. And I just happen to be in the mood for a nutritious, meat-free substitute.
The Source: You're just trying to scare me!
Beast Boy: Am I? Say hello to my good friend, barbeque sauce.

Robin: Can this day get any weirder?
(Cut to Titans in tower with cows)
Raven: I think it just did.

(After Beastboy is done with his presentation of why he needs the "B-Ped")
Robin: Beastboy, you don't need a moped. You can fly.
Beastboy: Walks away dejected)Yeah, but my arms get tired.

Troq [4.06]

Val-yor: We haven't got all day, Troq.
Cyborg: "Troq"? What does "Troq" mean?
Starfire: It means nothing.

Cyborg: Way to go Troqy!
Starfire:You do not ever call me that!!!!!!
Cyborg: But Val-yor calls you troq all the time!
Starfire: That does not make it right!
Cyborg: What's up? I thought you said it didn't mean anything?
Starfire: No; I said it means "nothing" When Val-Yor calls me troq, he's saying that I'm worthless, a nothing
Cyborg: Star??
Starfire: There are those on other planets who feel tamerian are infuriating,troq is what they call us...
Cyborg : So, he's calling you a terrible name? And you know that if you punched him out, it'll just confirmed all the bad stuff he thinks about you.
Starfire: Yes, you know what it feels like to be judged simply of how you looked?
Cyborg: Of course I do, I'm part robot. Let's go find Robin

Robin: And that's how we defeated Control Freak
Val-yor: Sounds like you handled your team well, you're a true leader. You remind me of myself when I was your age, Spike

( Val-Yor Giving Robin the knucklehead)

Cyborg: Robin, can I get a word?
Beast Boy: So you think I could fly this baby sometime?
Robin: What? Starfire, Why didn't you say something? He will apologize, I'm going to make......
Starfire No Robin, our mission is more important than my feelings

Starfire: There will always be people who say mean words because you are different, and sometimes their minds cannot be changed. But there are many more people who do not judge others based on how they look or where they are from. Those are the people whose words truly matter.

The Prophecy [4.07]

[Beast Boy and Robin are watching a tape of Slade.]
Beast Boy: Slade kicks butt, take 304...

Beast Boy: Tofu calzone. My bad.

Slade: Tick-tock, Raven. Time is running out.

Raven: What do you want?
Slade: Only what any messenger wants, Raven: for their message to be heard. It's time your friends learned the truth. And if you won't tell them, I will.

Robin: (At a fork in a hall, fighting off ghosts) Pick one!
Beast Boy: Uh... eenie, meenie, minie... Moe! (Runs through a door - and is chased out by a horde of ghosts) Not Moe! NOT MOE!

Robin: I'm not leaving without that gem.
Slade: You don't understand, Robin. You're not leaving at all.

Arella: It was too late for Earth, just as it was too late for Azarath.

Slade: Don't worry. This won't hurt a bit. (Summons a fireball, only to be smashed with a slab of rock)

Raven: I'm not just a person. I'm a portal.
Robin: But Raven, why you?!
Raven: Because, Trigon... is my father!

Cyborg: I only have one question: how do we stop him?
Raven: We don't.
Beast Boy: But that doesn't mean we still can't try.

Stranded [4.08]

Cyborg: I knew it. We’ve got a malfunctioning bifurcating dilator.
Raven: Yeah, that was my first guess.

Robin: (After Starfire punches him in the shoulder) Nice arm.
Starfire: I too admire your abundant limb strength.

Beast Boy: (Finding Cyborg’s leg) Cyborg, what happened to you? I’m gonna miss you, buddy. I know I never told you this... but you were my best friend.
Cyborg: (Just a head) Yo! Beast Boy!

Beast Boy: I found this cool round thingamajig.
Cyborg: It’s not a thingamajig. It’s a thermal coupler, required for sonic stabilization. And it’s not round, it’s octangular.
Beast Boy: Looks like a shiny donut. Hey, you think there’s a donut shop on this planet?

Cyborg: (to Beast Boy) What is the matter with you? Do you even have opposable thumbs?
Beast Boy: Most of the time.

Robin: You’re still thinking about that? Starfire, we’re stranded on a hostile alien planet.
Starfire: I know. Did you hope the perilous space station explosion followed by our clamorous crash then combat with the horrible slug creature would make me forget?
Robin: Uh... yes?

Robin: Should've let that slug eat me when I had the chance.

Cyborg: Now carefully take out the configuration disk.
Beast Boy: You mean the thingy that looks like a pizza with eyeballs?
Cyborg: Why can’t you just call it a configuration disk?
Beast Boy: Why can’t you just call it an eyeball pizza thingy?

Robin: I don’t think you understand. On our planet, "girlfriend" means-
Starfire: A female with whom you have a pleasant and special association, including the sharing of enjoyable recreation and occasionally the buying of bountiful floral arrangements.
Robin: Okay, maybe you do understand.
Starfire: (far away) WHAT!

Cyborg: Look, this isn’t rocket science. (Beast Boy scowls) Okay, so it is rocket science, but it’s not that hard.

Overdrive [4.09]

Raven: Azarath Metrion-
Cyborg: (Jumps in front of her) Zinthos!

Beast Boy: Dude! Cyborg is more...Cyborg-y than ever!
Starfire: Agreed. He now opens even larger cans of the butt-whoop.

Cyborg: [From the T.v wearing a chef's hat] Remember-if you're not grilling with Cy-B-Q just ain't cooking.
Announcer: Cy-B-Q Brand. Official marinade of the Teen Titans.
Starfire: I thought our official marinade was Zorbrian spider juice.
Cyborg: Yeah, but that's because you slopfar ug mopzorn!
Starfire: [giggling] Mopzorn.

Beast Boy: You know, Cyborg's always had chips for brains, but he's turning into the one thing I never thought he could be.
Raven: What's that?
Beast Boy: A robot.

Cyborg: am I supposed to beat Billy without the Max-7? I could barely keep up with him before.
Beast Boy:[NOTE: He is wearing a hat] Maybe you don't need to keep up with him. I can turn into the biggest, strongest, fastest animals on Earth. But you know what, dude? Sometimes it's best to be a slow, tiny turtle.
Raven: That would have been a lot more profound without the hat.

Mother Mae-Eye [4.10]

Robin: Uh... How did I- Hey! I'm hungry!
Raven: Me too!
Beast Boy: Me three!
Starfire: But... who is going to feed us?!
Mother: Hello sweeties! Now that we've all had a nice nappy-wappy, what would my hungry little ones like to eat?
Robin: Pie!
Raven: Pie!
Beast Boy: Pie!
Starfire: Pie!
Cyborg: PIE!!

Mother: Mother must get out all your nasty nose boogies.
Starfire: (grunting a bit) Please! This is not normal! (pushing bulb away) I have long been capable of removing my own boo-gers.

Cyborg: So I'm like, "Cool! What should I get? Brain in a jar... monkey's paw... ooh, pie!"

Beast Boy: So... she's trapped in the pie?
Raven: Eh, sure, why not.
Starfire: And what are we to do with the evil confection?
Cyborg: We could eat it. (Everyone glares at him.) I'm just kidding... mostly.

Starfire: Friends! Awaken! Alarm! [The Titans wakeup] The Mother Mae-Eye is not truly our mother, but an evil witch who has tricked us all and invaded our home and forbidden our missions and stolen our boo-gers and keeps us under her spell with frequent and plentiful helpings of enchanted pie!
Raven: So...what, now?
Cyborg: I think she's saying she wants more pie.

Starfire: Never have I been so thankful to have nine stomachs.

Robin: You broke Mother's cookies.
Cyborg, Raven: Ohhhhh...Busted!
Starfire: Please, friends, you must believe me! A bump on the cranium has allowed me to see Mother for what she really-
Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven: [taunting] You're gonna get in trouble! You're gonna get in trouble!

Cyborg: They're pie-licious!
Raven: Of course they are. Mother bakes them with love.

Gizmo: Alright, what sort of pit-munching scuzz-wad is dumb enough to prank the H.I.V.E Five? (Looks down) Cool! Free pie!

The End: Part 1 [4.11]

Slade: It's a beautiful day for the end of the world.

Beast Boy: Eww, only one thing worse than goo.
Raven: Sneeze goo...

Raven: Who wants pizza?
Cyborg: I deserve the last slice! I was covered in goo!
Beast Boy: No way, dude! I deserve the last slice - I got sneezed on!
Starfire: I flew through the goo...(shivers) The slice is mine!

Beast Boy: DUDE! Find a peny picked up! something... something... something?? Good luck! It's my lucky day!

Robin: Okay, Raven. What gives? Pancakes? Pizza? Stankball? Toenails?
Beast Boy: Yeah! And she hasn't called me stupid all day. Did someone replace Raven with a Raven robot?
Raven: I just want everyone to have a nice day today. Come on, we have a lot to do before sunset. (As the sky prematurely darkens, she suddenly falls over, fainting.)
Beast Boy: What's going on?
Robin: Raven! (Raven wakes up)
Robin: Why didn't you tell us?'s happening, isn't it?
Starfire: Please, Raven. Today is the day? It is...
Raven: The end of the world.

Beast Boy: (gives Raven the cent he found) For luck!
Raven: All the luck in the world won't help us now...

Robin: Slade. We're ready for you.
Slade: Give me the girl.
Robin: No way.
Slade: You don't really have a choice in the matter. I'm taking her.
Beast Boy: Oh, yeah? You and what army?

(An army of fire creatures appear, Beast Boy screams)

Cyborg: You just had to ask, didn't you?

Raven: (Quoting the prophecy) The gem was born of evil's fire. The gem shall be his portal. He comes to claim. He comes to sire. The end of all things mortal!
Robin: NO!

The End: Part 2 [4.12]

Robin: I know what we saw, but I still can't belive it! It just doesn't feel like Raven is really gone...
Slade: That's because she isn't..!

Slade: It's the end of the world. Did you think it would be easy? I don't expect you to win. I don't even expect you to live - only endure.

Robin: I'll bring her back. I promise

Slade: (To Robin) Only a minor setback. Nothing two old friends can't handle.
Robin: I'm not your friend.

Slade: The moral of this story: Never make a deal with an interdimensional demon without a little protection.

Dark Cyborg: Go ahead. Run crying home to mommy. Oh, that's right... you don't have a mommy!

Robin: (As Slade leaves) That's it? No double-cross? No cryptic threat?
Slade: I kept my word. How about a little gratitude?
Robin: This doesn't change anything. If I ever see you again-
Slade: I wouldn't expect anything less.

Evil Beast Boy: (To Beast Boy) What's the matter? Had enough? No wonder Terra dumped you.

The End: Part 3 [4.13]

Dark Starfire: (to Starfire) Why'd you still bother the boss?! We both know the end has already come.

Beast Boy: My butt can't take much more kicking!
Starfire: It can, and it will.

Guard: The hollowed journey of your fated vessel ends here. What you seek cannot be reclaimed.
Slade: Perhaps... but it's not like I have anything left to lose.

Beast Boy: Dude, I have no idea I was so tough.
Cyborg: You're not. I can kick your butt an-.... (Realizes what he said and smiles)
Starfire: If we cannot defeat ourselves, perhaps we can defeat each other.

Robin: (to Raven) How about a story? To past the time. This is the story of Raven. She was my very good friend. And she was very brave. Together we fought evil, the big monsters and villains and we kept our City saved. But even known she was doing good, Raven was always afraid of deep down inside, she was bad... See from the day she was born, people told her someday, that something terrible was going to-

Robin: (to Raven)Yeah, it is the end of the world. But so what? We're still here. Still fighting. Still friends.
Raven: Look at me Robin! There is nothing I can do. There isn't any hope...
Robin: Then I guess, I hold just have enough hope for both of us.

Slade: Ah, my own flesh and blood. (Looking at defeated guard) Don't get up. I'll let myself out.

Robin: This is your story Raven. And I'm not sure what happens next. I know it seems hopeless. But I belive when the time is right, you will know what to do.

Slade: For the record, I'm nobody's servant. (Throws his halberd at Trigon)

Raven: You may have created me, but you were never my father.
Trigon: Wretched, insignificant--
Raven: Fathers are kind. Fathers protect you. Fathers raise you. I was protected by the monks of Azarath. I was raised by my friends. THEY are my family, THIS is my home. And you are not welcome here. Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!

Starfire: Raven, that was...
Cyborg: ...Unbelievable.
Raven: No, it wasn't. Somebody belived (hugs Robin)
Robin: Welcome back.

Beastboy: Okay, you're freakin' me out here! The white robe and smile are weird enough, but hugs?! Are you still... you?
Raven: Blue is still my favorite color. And don't get used to this smile, 'cause you're still not funny.
Beastboy: ...RAVEN! (Hugs)
Raven: Quit it.

Starfire: (With tofu bacon on her head) Observe. I am a Rorfian Zopgar. (Giggles)
(Cyborg and Beast Boy look blank)
Starfire: ...on my planet, this is hilarious.
(They laugh)

Raven: How do you do it, Robin?
Robin: Do what?
Raven: Keep hoping, after everything that happened, everything I did, how did you still manage to hope it could all work out?
Robin: Because of you. You don't realize it Raven, but you're actually the most hopeful person I've ever met. From the day you were born, they said you were evil. That you were created to do unspeakable things. But you wish for more. You dare to hope that you could be a hero.
Raven: I thought it was all over. And now, suddenly...
Robin: You have your whole life ahead of you. You could decide your own destiny.
Raven: I guess, in the end... there really is no end, just... new beginnings.

Soul Chamber Guard: (to Slade) Your time in this world is over human. Time to lie down with the rest of the bones.
Slade: You first.

Soul Chamber Guard: How could you possibly expect to defeat pure evil?
Slade: Actually I'm not such a nice guy myself (trips detonator, destroying the guard. Slade picks up the guard's halberd and looks at the creature's smoking head.) Don't get up, I'll let myself out.

Season 5

Homecoming: Part 1 [5.01]

Brain: (To Mento) You mock what you couldn't possibly understand. Everything is now in place. My only desire is an admission of defeat.

Homecoming: Part 2 [5.02]

Brain: (Final lines, addressing a large group of villains) The face of our enemy has changed. No longer is the Doom Patrol our only threat. Now a new generation stands in our way. And those who rule the young will control the future. We have a -common enemy. The Teen Titans and their friends will fall. Working together, we will destroy them... one by one.

Beast Boy: This is always work for me: ennie, minnie, minie, moe!

[Ater Elastigirl of the Doom Patrol calls Beast Boy by his first name]
Cyborg: ..."Garfield?"
Beast Boy: [embarrassed chuckle]
Raven: [smirks evilly] Oh, I am gonna get a lot of mileage out of this one...

Trust [5.03]

For Real [5.04]

Control Freak: (dresses up as Starfire) No, but Starfire is too good for (in high pitched) Rooooobbbiiiinnn
Aqualad: (To Control Freak) You sound more like a fanboy than a nemesis.
Control Freak: A great villain always studies his adversaries, okay?

Control Freak: I’ve brought the ultimate weapons, made specifically for the real Titans. You Titan-wannabes don’t stand a chance.

Control Freak: (After Bumblebee escapes his force field) That would've worked on Starfire!

Control Freak: How did you do that?
Más: (Touching palms with Menos) Cuando nuestras manos se tocan...
Menos: ...somos muy veloces!
Control Freak: I can't understand you! (Whips out remote and clicks it at Más) Take that! (Click) And that!
Más: Nothing happened.
Menos: Must be the batteries.
Control Freak: (smug, as they realize they're speaking in English) Spanish Language Converter.

Control Freak: (Defeated) All these would've worked on the real Titans. It's just, your powers are... stupid! (Teleports to TV screen) I don't wanna fight you anymore.

Aqualad: [He called me] A guy in a unitard?
Speedy: Let it go... Unitard Guy.

Snowblind [5.05]

Raven: Aren't you cold?
Beastboy: Not anymore. (smiles)

Kole [5.06]

Kole: Want to come to my place for dinner?
Cyborg: (Stomach growls) The girl said "dinner"...

Hide And Seek [5.07]

Raven: I need backup... Raven calling anyone.
Beast Boy: Raven!
Raven: Anyone other than Beast Boy.

Beast Boy: Kids are easy! All you have to do is make silly faces. Oh, and kids love jokes. This one never fails. Okay, why did the cookie go to the doctor?
Raven: ...
Beast Boy: You're supposed to ask why.
Raven: ...Why?
Beast Boy: He went because he was feeling a little crummy! Ha, ha, ha! Get it?
Raven: ...I guess I'm on my own.

Raven: (Telling a bedtime story) Last year on my birthday, my friends got me a cake and some balloons. But I couldn't enjoy it because my dad Trigon, a scary red demon with horns, took over the world and there was fire everywhere, and then this ugly guy Slade, who had a skeleton for a face, came after me and...
(The kids look frightened.)
Raven: ... my friends saved me and we all had cake, the end! (smiles)

Raven: Nobody messes with my kids!

Lightspeed [5.08]

Mammoth: Hey See-More, does this make me look fat?
See-More: No way man, it makes you look rich! (Eye turns into a dollar sign)

(Mammoth walks out with a candy bar, which Kid Flash runs by and steals)
Mammoth: I paid for that!

Kid Flash: (Jinx grabs an amulet representing good luck) Need a little luck?
Jinx: It's only a myth. Who are you?
Kid Flash: Kid Flash, fastest boy alive.
Jinx: Are you supposed to be a good guy or something?
Kid Flash: One of the best.

Billy Numerous: Y'all wanna build a fort outta sofa cushions?

Billy Numeri: (Multiplying, forming a maze around Kid Flash) Run, run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me... catch you... I'm Billy Numerous!

Kid Flash: (Looks at the Hive 5) Looks like you got me.
Billy Numerous 1: That's right!
Billy Numerous 2: And when we're through with you...
Billy Numerous 3: We're gonna... we're gonna... what are we gonna do with him?

Kid Flash: Wait wait wait wait. If you're called the "Hive Five", how come there's six of you?
See-more: C-cause...i-it sounds... cooler?

Kid Flash: Nice place, very... "Secret lair".
Jinx: Quit changing the subject!
Kid Flash: Does it bother you that all those guys never listen to you?
Jinx: Why are you so interested in me?
Kid Flash: There's something about you that's different. I think you can do better.

Kid Flash: (In Jinx's room, looking at her drawings) I never took you for the unicorn type.

Revved Up [5.09]

Starfire: (Disguised as a villain) I, uh... am the Dr. Amazing Mumgon... the terrible. And this is my henchman... uh... Henchy.

Starfire: And then, after I took control of the city, I required my likeness to be carved from solid cheese - in every home.

Red X: The briefcase really means that much to you?
Robin: You have no idea.
Red X: Then go get it. (Leaves to destroy the villains' cars)

Gizmo: (Being attacked by Red X) Whose side are you on, Barf Brain?!
Red X: MINE!

Red X: (To Starfire and Raven) Tell Robin that we're even... for now. (Disappears)

Go! [5.10]

Raven: I'm not the hero type. Trust me. If you knew what I really am, you wouldn't want me around. (Turns to leave )
Robin: (Puts hand on her shoulder) I know enough.

Beast Boy: But, what about my secret identity?
Raven: What secret identity? You're green.

Cyborg: Mind telling me why you're always by yourself?
Raven: You heard the kid, I don't exactly fit in.
Cyborg: He's green, half of me is metal, and she's from space. You fit in just fine.

Robin: (to aliens leader) We're not five heroes; We're one team!

Cyborg: All right, I'm only gonna say this once; BOOYAH!

Calling All Titans [5.11]

Brain: All of our pieces are in place. It is time we finish what we started.

Robin: I don't know how they're doing this. It's like the Brotherhood of Evil knows every move we're making.
Hot Spot/Madam Rouge: We do.

Madam Rouge: Game over.

Robin: (Captured by The Brain, last lines) The Brotherhood of Evil will be defeated!
Brain: No, Robin. It is you who has been defeated. I have captured the king. Your pawns cannot save you. You have lost.

Titans Together [5.12]

[As the Brain speaks in voice over, we see clips of the Brotherhood of evil defeating each of the main Titans, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire, as well as other Titan allies.]
Brain: Patiently, we watched you all, waiting for our moment to strike. You forged your alliance. You trusted without cause. And finally, when you thought your world was safe, it fell apart before your very eyes. You are merely pawns in a game, and you have played your part perfectly. There is nowhere you can hide. And there is nothing you can do to stop us. Each small victory brings us closer to an even greater prize: the elimination of an entire generation of heroes. And we owe it all to you, Robin. Your network has been crushed. Your friends have no way to communicate or follow your commands. Together you may be formidable, but apart, you are lost. Powerless. Mine. You will fall. One by one. Who among you can possibly stop me now?
[scene moves to smashed robots everywhere on a beach, then shows Beast Boy standing near them.]
Beast Boy: Now try and follow me.:[Presses button and all of the robots blow up.]

Private Hive: (Possessed and hitting himself) Quit hitting myself! Quit hitting myself!

Cyborg: Lesson number one- never throw me down a hole unless you make sure I stay there!
Starfire: The lesson two- we never give up!
Raven: Lesson three- your secret lair isn't very secret.

Raven: So, does anyone actually have a plan?
Starfire: Yes, we kick the butt.
Cyborg: Just like old times.
Beast Boy: Except better.
Robin: Let's finish this.

Jinx: (Blasting the HIVE Five) Nothing personal.
Cyborg: (Looks away from fighting Control Freak) Now that was unexpected. (Control Freak nods)

Brain: Sometimes the only way to win is to clear the board completely. In only a moment, this entire base will be gone. I am afraid you have simply run out of options.

Beast Boy: (To the Titan army, after Brain is encased in ice) Dudes! Check it out! Brain freeze!
All: (Groan)

Robin: (Heading the Titans, just around the corner from Dr. Light, final line) Titans! Go!

Things Change [5.13]

Beastboy: There must be something I can say to help her remember.
Slade: Maybe she doesn't want to remember.
Beastboy: Slade! I should have realised you were behind this. Why did you bring Terra back?!
Slade: I had nothing to do with her return.
Beastboy: You did something to take away her memory. And you took away her powers!
Slade: I did nothing, dear boy. If the girl does not remember, or does not use her powers, it is because she chooses so.
Beastboy: Why wouldn't Terra want to remember? She was a hero. She had friends. She saved all of us!
Slade: Dont you see? She no longer wants to remember you.

Schoolgirl: Okay, you've got two minutes.
Beast Boy: Maybe you don't remember, but I do. You're my friend. You're a Teen Titan.
Schoolgirl: You're wrong.
Beast Boy: You don't belong here, Terra!
Schoolgirl: Stop calling me that!
Beast Boy: It's who you are.
Schoolgirl: ...What do you want from me?!
Beast Boy: Why can't things just go back to the way they were? You were so happy then.
Schoolgirl: Things were never the way you remember. Now just leave me alone.
Beast Boy: Here, take this. (Gives her his communicator) In case you're in trouble, in case you need me, you can call me any time.
Schoolgirl: I don't need it.
Beast Boy: But-!
Schoolgirl: Time's up.
Beast Boy: Terra...
Schoolgirl: Things change, Beast Boy. The girl you want me to be is just a memory.
Robin: (Over communicator) Come in, Beast Boy! We need your help!!
Beast Boy: Come with me.
Schoolgirl: You go. You're the Teen Titan. It's who you are. That's not me. I'm not a hero. I'm not out to save the world. I'm just a girl with a geometry test next period and I haven't studied.
(The bell rings. A crowd of students make their way between them. Terra walks away)
Beast Boy: Beast Boy to Robin; I'm on my way. Over.

Schoolgirl: Not me, I hate camping. Too many bugs. What's this?
[She picks up the heart shaped box Beast Boy made for Terra]
Beast Boy: I made that for you.
Schoolgirl: It's cute. I really should be going now.

Other Episodes

The Lost Episode

Punk Rocket: How's that for a number-one hit?
Cyborg: I don't think I could take another hit.

Starfire: Why does the Punk Rocket wish to hurt people with his music? Music is a glorious expression that is supposed to make one feel happy!
Raven: You obviously haven't heard any of my music.

Beast Boy: You call that the sound of chaos? More like elevator music!

Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

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