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A screenshot from Teewars 0.3
Developer(s) Teeworlds team
License Open source
Platform(s) Cross-platform
Release date(s) May 27, 2007 (Birdie Beta)
Latest release 0.5.2 / 2009-10-26; 2 months ago
Genre(s) 2D Run and gun
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Input methods Keyboard, mouse

Teeworlds is a fast-paced sidescrolling multiplayer-only computer game. The game features cartoon-themed graphics and physics, and relies heavily on classic shooter weaponry and gameplay. The controls are heavily inspired by the First-person shooter genre of computer games. The latest release is 0.5.2. With version 0.4.0 the game changed name from Teewars to Teeworlds, the developers citing unspecific legal reasons[1].

Teeworlds is still under development, but it is playable and can be downloaded free of charge at the Teeworlds home page. Versions for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X are currently available. In December 2007, the source code was made available to the public under the terms of an open source license. To fund their hardware the developers do accept donations from their players, but these aren't required to play the game[2].


Basic gameplay

Teeworlds presents as a crossover from the classic sprite-based shoot-em-up games of the arcade era and modern-day first-person shooters. It is played on typical two-dimensional, side-scrolling platform-style maps, but utilizes FPS-style keyboard controls for moving, switching weapons and chatting. A mouse reticle is used for aiming. The game also sports a grappling hook and double-jump mechanics for maneuvering.

The weapons are inspired by FPS games such as the Quake and Unreal Tournament series. The player starts out with a wooden mallet for close combat and pistol. The first does a lot of damage, but requires the enemy to be in close range. The second one does the bare minimal damage, but has a very long range and will recharge its own ammo over time. Spread through the map the player can find additional weapons in the form of a shotgun and a grenade launcher. The shotgun shoots multiple bullets which do little damage individually, but together they can be lethal. The grenade launcher has the potential to do a lot of damage because its blast causes splash damage. Its drawback is among other that it fires in an distinctive arc, making aiming an art on its own. The spawnlocations of these weapons are both needed to acquire a weapon and to refill them once depleted. On some maps there's also a katana sword available with a extended respawn time. This weapon kills other players in one hit but is in essence a melee weapon which throws the player forward quite making it very short ranged. The grappling hook and double jump provide extended mobility, allowing advanced players to dodge incoming fire and quickly maneuver around the map. With the release of version 0.4.0, the development team added a new weapon, the laser rifle[3].

User created content

Due to the game being open source, having a very accessible map editor and using simple image files for most of the games graphical content Teeworlds can be extensively modified on all levels. There are many players who use their graphical skills to create custom skins for their playable characters, their weapons or certain parts of the map. These are used in combination with the map editor in order to create entire new maps, which have become very popular on some occasions. The most extensive modifications to the game have created entirely new game mods which can be as simple as changed weapon behavior and as complex as certain sports mods which use the grenade launcher as a ball like object. Much of this custom content is available on the official Teeworlds forum, and on the Teeworlds Database, a website where you can upload your own work and search for custom content[4].

Game modes

Next to the official game mods of Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture The Flag there are some noteworthy game modes which have many servers and equal the official gameplay in numbers of players[5]. A very popular game mode is Instagib, in which the players have unlimited ammo for the laser rifle which kills with a single shot. The professional players of this mod use their very good aim and movement speed to shoot an opponent with their first shot, disabling their enemy before they can be disabled themselves. Another popular modification removes the fighting aspect and turns a server into a race game. They require a player to move as fast as possible from one point to another, and requires the player to make extensive use of the hook, double jump and in some cases the blast of the grenade launcher. Survival is one of the mods which doesn't change much, but does create an entirely new game experience. It gives the player a limited set of weapons and ammo to start with, and gives the player only one life before the round ends. This makes resource management a crucial element to focus on.


When the community behind Teeworlds started to expand many players grouped up with friends or other players and formed what has become known as clans. Although it is an unsupported feature, many clans have developed over time with their own sites, forums and servers. From time to time clans face each other in clan battles which to some degree measure two clans up. Next to a full name every clan has adopted a tag which is usually placed in front of a players name. Next to clan versus clan battles there have been several tournaments in many clans battled each other in an attempt to find the ultimate best one among them. Currently there are also more and more external community projects in development, of which the most notable is a information database called the TeeWiki[6].


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