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Tegami Bachi
TegamiBachi vol01 Cover.jpg
Cover of the first volume of Tegami Bachi as published by Shueisha
Genre Supernatural, Steampunk, Adventure
Author Hiroyuki Asada
Publisher Shueisha
English publisher Canada United States Viz Media
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Monthly Shōnen Jump, Weekly Shōnen Jump, Jump SQ.
English magazine Canada United States Shonen Jump
Original run September 2006 – ongoing
Volumes 9
TV anime
Director Mamoru Kanbe
Studio Studio Pierrot
Network TV Tokyo
Original run October 3, 2009 – ongoing
Episodes 26 (List of episodes)
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Tegami Bachi (テガミバチ Tegamibachi?, lit. Letter Bee) is a shōnen manga series by Hiroyuki Asada. The series was first serialized in Monthly Shōnen Jump for ten chapters, and is currently serialized in the new monthly magazine Jump SQ..



The story takes place in the land of AmberGround, a place of perpetual night only partially illuminated by an artificial sun. Lag Seeing works as a "Letter Bee" (delivery boy) at the "Bee Hive" (a delivery service), with his Dingo, Niche, and her "pet", Steak, traveling with him. He is entrusted with the "hearts" of everyone in AmberGround to deliver their packages.


Lag Seeing (ラグ・シーイング Ragu Shīingu?)
The main protagonist in Letter Bee. He is a 12 year old boy with a very focused mindset, regardless of what situations he gets into and always focuses on delivering the package. He has a special gun called the Shindanjuu, literally the "heart bullet gun" where he loads a "fragment of heart" into the gun, then fires Akabari (Red Needle) at the target. He is seemingly being able to control the direction of the shot. His spirit amber visualizes memories of an imanimated object. As a child, he was "delivered" by the letter bee Gauche Suede, and was inspired by him to become a letter bee. He is searching for his mother, who was kidnapped to the capital of the country. His left eye is made of red spirit amber, allowing him to better use the Shindanjuu and also allowing him to fire a heart bullet from his own body. He originally has an antique from Campbell, though he receives the Nocturne #12, Gauche's gun. In chapter 29, after Sunny lost her heart to a Gaichuu, Lag's body glowed like spirit amber as he fired a special letter bullet at Noir (Gauche) in hopes of restoring his heart. His name is derived from "lagrima", a Spanish word for tears, "rag", "" or "Lugh", the name of the Celtic god of the sun of the Danann family, and "seeing", the measure of sight.[1]
His "Dingo" is Niche, a girl he saved from a Gaichuu (armored insect) who decided to stay at his side when he said yes to her asking him if saying goodbye would make him sad after seeing his memories via the Shindanjuu.
Niche (ニッチ Nitchi?)
Lag's personal Dingo. She travels with Lag, acting as his bodyguard against Gaichuu, and sticks closely to Lag along with her "pet", "Steak", on her head. She battles using her hair, also known as "The Golden Sword", manipulating it into powerful blade-like tentacles capable of lifting things several times her size. She has bearlike forearms and claws which she usually keeps covered with oven mitt-like gloves. Niche displays animal-like characteristics, such as licking wounds and sniffing the air for any trace of danger. She dislikes wearing underwear, but wears them for Lag's sake, claiming that he is the first male to make her wear underwear. Lag assumes that she is 7 years old based on her appearance but she recently revealed that she was born approximately 200 years ago in the town of Blue Notes Blues (永久氷河 Eikyūhyōga?, lit. Permanent Glacier). Later on in Blue Notes Scale (氷河湖路 Hyōgakomichi?, lit. Glacier Lake Road), a cave by Blue Notes Blues, Niche finds out that she has a twin sister with the same power as her and that she was the child of Maka. Her name is derived from "niche", a crevice or narrow space to put flowers as an offering to the Holy Mother.[2]
Lag found Niche at a train station on his way to his Bee Interview. She was a "letter", but the address on her mailing label was incomplete and she was scheduled to be "abandoned" in two more days. Lag offered to take her to her new home ("Rabu Samuwan Daun (ラブ・サム・ワン・ダウン Rabu Samu Wan Daun?, lit. Love Someone Down)" according to the mailing label in the local writing, which he thought was an orphanage) even though he was on a deadline for his Bee job interview. While traveling, Lag found she had multiple names, so he named her Niche after where he found her - in a niche at the station.
After delivering Niche, Lag found out she was to be put in a side show act as "The Child of Maka" (摩訶の子 Maka no Ko?, lit. Child of Greatness), Maka being a mysterious being both worshipped and feared in AmberGround's Northern territories. Lag hurried back to Love Someone Down with the excuse that Niche's delivery receipt had not been signed. When he got there he found that Niche had already wrecked the sideshow tent with her "Golden Sword" and gone on the run towards Gaichuu territory. He followed her and consequently saved her from a Gaichuu. She decided to stay with Lag after he explained that her address had become unknown (since she had destroyed the mailing label), and she insisted that from then on she would be Lag's "Dingo".
Gauche Suede (ゴーシュ・スエード Gōshu Suēdo, romanised as Goos Suede in Japanese media?)
Lag's rescuer, who first appears in chapter 1. He is the letter bee that finds young Lag Seeing marked as a letter in "Cosa Bell", a small town in the "Yodaka District" (The low class district in Amberground). He has to deliver to "Campbell Litus" a town also in the "Yodaka District" so he can join his aunt who was trusted to take care of him from the person who wrote Lag's letter data. Gauche is also a caring and enthusiastic letter bee, he is trying to become the "Head Bee" (Captain of the letter bees) so he has enough money to help his sister and live peacefully. In Chapter 7 it is revealed that Gauche is no longer a Letter Bee. Gauche later appears before Lag and steals the letter he is delivering. He refers to himself as a Marauder known as Noir and appears to have no memories of Lag or being a Bee, possibly having lost that part of his heart. Later on a Marauder is explained to be a "Plunderer" who takes on the job of theft. Marauders mainly target Letter Bees to keep them from delivering their letters. His name is derived from Gauche the Cellist.
It is revealed in Chapter 10 by Aria Link that Gauche's sister Sylvette was born on the Day of Flicker. He'd gone to the Hill of Prayer to pray for his mother and sister when Sylvette was born. The Day of Flicker (romanised as "The day of blink" in Japanese media) was the day when the government went out for an investigation and a modification of the manmade sun. His mother died after Sylvette was born. Subconsciously, Aria says that to fill the void in his heart left by the missing shards of his memories of his mother, he started focusing all his attention on making Sylvette happy.
Gauche's Spirit Amber attack is called Kurobari (Black Needle). During his time as a Letter Bee he owned the Nocturne #12, but his current Shindanjuu is Gymnopédie.
Sylvette Suede (シルベット・スエード Shirubetto Suēdo, romanised as Silvet Suede in Japanese media?)
Gauche's younger, paraplegic sister. Born on the Day of Flicker, like Lag. Her brother left her to go to Akatsuki, and eventually disappeared. When she would meet Lag, years later, she had claimed to have given up on Gauche being alive. She later learns he is alive, and Lag promises to find him. After the encounter with Noir outside Honey Waters, when Lag returns home, Sylvette throws him a party because he had found Gauche, as promised. She rents Gauche's room to Lag, Niche, and Steak, and she makes Dolls to cover the rent and expenses. Lag thinks her soup is as terrible as "The Three Brothers' Soup" Gauche had brought with him on his journey, Zazie sympathizes with him on this.
Roda (ロダ Roda, romanised as Lode in Japanese media?) (dog)
Gauche's "Dingo". She is a skillful dog that seems to be very well trained for fighting and tracking situations. She appears to be a skilled hunter as well.
Roda (ロダ Roda, romanised as Lode in Japanese media?) (human)
A child that was given to Gauche as an assistant from the leader of Rebirth. Gauche subconsciously named her after his former Dingo.
Steak (ステーキ Sutēki?)
Steak is Niche's live bait[3] and emergency food supply. He followed her from the Love Someone Down sideshow after she destroyed it. He is usually seen traveling on her head, very rarely moving from his perch even while she is battling Gaichuu. He has the ability to sniff out the weak spots of Gaichuu, allowing Lag to fire his Shindanjuu at the weak spot, killing the armored insect. Steak is also known to bite people on the head, his whole body represents that of a mouth.
Niche has remarked that Steak would taste delicious (hence his name). Steak seems to have accepted his fate as a future meal and appears to have meekly submitted to Niche's (interrupted) attempts to cook him. But in all the attempts to cook him, he only got a perm.
Steak may be the last of the Kapellmeister, a species that once co-existed harmoniously with the Spirit Insects, and was thought to be extinct.
Connor Kluff (コナー・クルフ Konā Kurufu, romanised as Connor Culh in Japanese media?)
A young Letter Bee who was first seen in chapter 2, escorting Lag to his Bee job interview. Connor made regular deliveries to Campbell Litus as Lag was growing up, and seems to be popular with the townspeople. He has a hearty appetite and a stocky build, and tires easily. His Dingo is a hound dog named Gus (ガス Gasu, romanised as Gas in Japanese media?), who is skilled at tunneling. He fell in love with Sunny, a young girl from an abbey in Lamento Town, not knowing she and all in her abbey were members of Reverse. When she, along with all other members of her abbey, lost her heart to the massive Cabernet Gaichuu, lost control and furiously tried to attack the Gaichuu, but eventually ran out of heart and passed out. As of the latest chapter, he remains in Lamento Town with the comatose Sunny, still believing she will regain her heart one day.
Connor's Spirit Amber attack is called "Heart Landmine", or 'Kibaku', Yellow Bomb, which he executes by setting shards of his "Appetite" on the ground and igniting them under the Gaichuu.
Largo Lloyd (ラルゴ・ロイド Rarugo Roido?)
The Master of the "Bee Hive". Largo tends to have a more invested interest in Lag and his deliveries, though the reason for this is unknown.
Aria Link (アリア・リンク Aria Rinku, romanised as Aria Rink in Japanese media?)
The Sub Master of the "Bee Hive". Aria acts as Largo's right hand, taking care of the minor things for him. She was earlier introduced in the series in Gauche's memories as a letter bee and Gauche's love intrest.
Aria's Spirit Amber ability is the Heart Restoration Bullet, which she executes by playing music on her violin. The music has a healing effect on everyone who hears it. The closer one stands to her while she is playing, the stronger the healing effects.
Aria's Spirit Amber attack is called "Benihiiro no Senritsu"(Crimson Melody), which is ejected from her violin.
Sabrina Mary (サブリナ・メリー Saburina Merī, romanised as Sabrina Merry in Japanese media?)
Lag's aunt who lives in "Campbell Litus" and was trusted with Lag's care since he was delivered to her at the age of 7 by "Gauche Suede" the letter bee.
Dr. Thunderland Jr.
A biologist who belongs to the Third Bioscience advisory panel of Amberground division. He specializes in pathology and collects corpses for dissection and study, earning him the nickname "The Corpse Doctor." He has a morbid interest in dissection. Nonetheless he has a kind heart, and makes a star-shaped memorial for each corpse he dissects. Zazie hated him at one point, because he thought Thunderland had taken a group of street kittens Zazie liked, however, it was shown he only quarantined them.
Zazie (ザジ Zaji?)
A young Letter Bee who was introduced in chapter seven. He is very skilled at killing Gaichuu. His parents were killed by Gaichuu when he was young, leading Zazie to become a Letter Bee so that he could seek revenge against all Gaichuu. Because he is so focused on killing Gaichuu, delivering Letters is of course little interest to him. Zazie is very fond of cats. His Dingo is a big cat resembling a black panther, named Wasiolka.
Zazie's Spirit Amber attack is called Aotoge (Blue Thorn), which uses shards of his "Malice" instead of his heart.
Jiggy Pepper (ジギー・ペッパー Jigī Peppā?)
A semi-recurring Bee, whose Shindanjuu is his motorcycle. He was first mentioned in chapter three by his adopted sister, Nelli. Nelli hated him because she blamed the death of her brother Nello on his leaving them. When Lag shot off a heart bullet at Nello's letter, it was revealed he wanted to get stronger for Nelli. Jiggy later appeared saving Lag from a giant Gaichuu that had trapped him in a trance. He said he had received a letter from his sister Nelli, telling him about Lag's efforts, and thanked him, before departing. Zazie worships him as a hero. His Dingo is a hawk named Harry.
Jiggy's spirit amber is Gunjou, Sea Blue Ultramarine, which he executes through a Shindanjuu he carries besides his motorcycle.


  • Letter Bee (テガミバチ Tegamibachi?): A delivery person who is entrusted with the "hearts" of everyone to deliver letters while combating armored insects.
  • Dingo (相棒 Dingo?, lit. "Partner"): A bodyguard who is picked and trained by a Bee to protect them from armored insects. A dingo can be anything from a dog to a human.
  • Bee Hive (BEE-HIVE Yūbinkan Hachi no Su?, lit. Mail House Beehive): The headquarters of the delivery service where all the "Bees" work. Located in Yuusari, the middle-class area of AmberGround.
  • Gaichuu (鎧虫 Gaichū?, lit. "armored insect"): Giant insects covered in jeweled armor, said to be spirit insects that lost their hearts. They live in the dark lands outside of the artificial sunlight and attack anyone who travels along the darkened paths. Each Gaichuu that has appeared thus far in the manga is named after an alcoholic beverage.
  • Shindan (心弾 lit. "Heart Bullet"?): The "fragments of heart" used when firing the "heart bullet gun."
  • Shindanjuu (心弾銃 Shindanjū?, lit. "Heart Bullet Gun"): The weapon Lag uses to combat armored insects. He first loads a "fragment of heart" into the gun, then fires it at the target, seemingly being able to control the shot's direction.
  • Spirit Amber (精霊琥珀 Seirei Kohaku?): A powerful amber stone that has the power to allow its user to shoot a heart bullet from its heart bullet gun. It comes in a wide range of colors that each have different abilities. It contains this power because of the spirit insects trapped inside it.
  • Spirit Insects (精霊虫 Seireichuu?): Extinct insects from ancient times, they have all either become Gaichuu or imprisoned in Spirit Amber.
  • Rebirth (リバース Ribāsu?): A group trying to cause a "Rebirth" (再生 Ribāsu?) of AmberGround. It is led by a man known as the "Person who was not able to become a Spirit."
  • Marauders (略奪者 Ryakudatsusha?): Agents of the group "Rebirth" who steal letters from Bees.
  • Letter Bullet (手紙弾 Tegamidan?): A bullet used to convey one's heart to another person. A small letter is written and placed within the bullet, with an address to a specific person on whom the bullet will only work. The bullet also stores more "heart" than a normal heart bullet. This is also a physical cartridge with a red liquid within it.
  • Picture Letter (絵テガミ E-Tegami?): A letter written with heart, but that consists of solely an image. Such a letter conveys hopes and feelings of nostalgia, and has a strong message (sometimes) for the receiver of the letter.



The first ten chapters of Tegami Bachi were originally serialized in the now-defunct Monthly Shōnen Jump. A special un-numbered chapter was published as a one-shot in Weekly Shōnen Jump prior to the launch of Jump Square, where Tegami Bachi is now serialized. As of February 2010, there have been 35 chapters serialized, compiled into nine tankōbon have been released, the first on January 4, 2007[4] and the last on February 4, 2010.[5]

Tegami Bachi has been licensed for an English-language distribution on North America by Viz Media, and started serialization in the March 2009 issue of their monthly Shonen Jump anthology. In Europe the series has been licensed in Italy by Panini Comics under their Planet Manga division and Kana in France.[6]

Chapters and volumes

No. Title Japanese release English release
01 Letter and Letter Bee
Tegami to Tegamibachi (テガミとテガミバチ)
January 4, 2007[4]
ISBN 978-4-08-874312-7
September 1, 2009[7]
ISBN 978-1-4215-2913-4
  • 01: "Letter and Letter Bee" (テガミとテガミバチ "Tegami to Tegamibachi"?)
  • 02: "Crybaby Boy, Letter Girl" (泣き虫少年、テガミ少女 "Nakimushi Shōnen, Tegami Shōjo"?)
02 The Letter to Jiggy Pepper
Jigī Peppā e no Tegami (ジギー・ペッパーへの手紙)
June 4, 2007[8]
ISBN 978-4-08-874374-5
March 2, 2010 (scheduled)[9]
ISBN 978-1-4215-2950-9
  • 03: "The Letter to Jiggy Pepper, Part One" (ジギー・ペッパーへの手紙/前編 Jigī Peppā e no Tegami Zenpen?)
  • 04: "The Letter to Jiggy Pepper, Part Two" (ジギー・ペッパーへの手紙/中編 Jigī Peppā e no Tegami Chūhen?)
  • 05: "The Letter to Jiggy Pepper, Part Three" (ジギー・ペッパーへの手紙/後編 Jigī Peppā e no Tegami Kōhen?)
  • 06: "Beehive, 13 Nocturne Way, Central Yuusari" (ユウサリ中央 夜想道13番地 郵便館BEE-HIVE Yūsari Sentoraru Yasōmichi Jūsanbanchi Yūbinkan Hachi no Su?)
  • 07: "Raspberry Hill" (ラズベリー・ヒル Razuberī Hiru?)
03 Meeting with Sylvette Suede
Shirubetto Suēdo ni Au (シルベット・スエードに会う)
February 4, 2008[10]
ISBN 978-4-08-874483-4
  • 08: "Meeting with Sylvettte Suede" (シルベット・スエードに会う "Shirubetto Suēdo ni Au"?)
  • 09: "The Crybaby Boy's Vow" (泣き虫少年の誓い "Nakimushi Shōnen no Chikai"?)
  • 10: "Beneath The Light" (光の下 "Hikari no Shita"?)
  • Special Chapter: "Letter Bee and Dingo" (テガミバチとディンゴ "Tegamibachi to Dingo"?)
04 Letter of Lies
Uso Tegami (嘘テガミ)
April 2, 2008[11]
ISBN 978-4-08-874517-6
  • 11: "Letter of Lies" (嘘テガミ "Uso Tegami"?)
  • 12: "The Corpse Doctor" (死骸博士 "Shigai Hakase"?)
  • 13: "Honey Waters" (ハニー・ウォーターズ "Hanī Wōtāzu"?)
  • 14: "Undelivered Letters" (届かぬテガミ "Todokanu Tegami"?)
05 The Person Who Was Not Able To Become Spirits of the Dead
Seirei ni Narenakattamono (精霊になれなかった者)
October 3, 2008[12]
ISBN 978-4-08-874584-8
  • 15: "Memories of Three Hearts" (こころの記憶、三つ Kokoro no Kioku, Mittsu?)
  • 16: "The Person Who Was Not Able To Become Spirits of the Dead" (精霊になれなかった者 Seirei ni Narenakattamono?)
  • 17: "A Reunion, Tears, Tears, Tears" (再会、涙、涙、涙 Saikai, Namida, Namida, Namida?)
  • 18: "Bread and Underpants" (パンツとパン Pantsu to Pan?)
06 Lighthouse of Illusions in the Wilderness
Kōya Gen Tōdai (荒野幻灯台)
February 4, 2009[13]
ISBN 978-4-08-874636-4
  • 19: "The Hydrangea-coloured Picture Letter" (アジサイ色の絵テガミ "Ajisaiiro no E-Tegami"?)
  • 20: "Lighthouse of Illusions in the Wilderness" (荒野幻灯台 "Kōya Gen Tōdai"?)
  • 21: "The Little Girl Doll" (少女人形 "Shōjo Ningyō"?)
  • 22: "Film Noir" (Film noir "Firumu Nowāru"?)
07 Blue Notes Blues
Burū Nōtsu Burūsu (ブルー・ノーツ・ブルース)
June 4, 2009[14]
ISBN 978-4-08-874678-4
  • 23: "Blue Notes Blues" (ブルー・ノーツ・ブルース Burū Nōtsu Burūsu?)
  • 24: "Maka and Human" (摩訶と人 Maka to Hito?)
  • 25: "200 Years of Loneliness" (ひとりぼっちの二百年 Hitori Bocchi no Ni Hyaku Nen?)
  • 26: "Garden of Spirits" (精霊の庭 Seirei no Niwa?)
08 Light, Illuminating The Darkness
Hikari, Yami o Terasu (光、闇を照らす)
October 2, 2009[15]
ISBN 978-4-08-874743-9
  • 27. "Veritably Abbey" (ベリタブリィー修道院 Beritaburī Shūdōin?)
  • 28. "Together, We Went On A Journey..." (二人、旅をした… Futari, Tabi o shita...?)
  • 29. "Light, Illuminating The Darkness" (光、闇を照らす Hikari, Yami o Terasu?)
  • 30. "For Sure" (きっと Kitto?)
09 The Cold Letter Division
Kōrudo Retā Ka (凍結物件課)
February 4, 2010[5]
ISBN 978-4-08-870006-9
  • 31. "Return" (帰館 "Kikan"?)
  • 32. "Inspectors From The Capital" (首都監査人 "Shutokansanin"?)
  • 33. "The Cold Letter Division" (凍結物件課 "Kōrudo Retā Ka"?)
  • 34. "Love of Stone" (石の愛 "Ishi no Ai"?)

Chapters not yet in tankōbon format

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume.

  • 35. "Aria and the Airship"
  • 36. "Bolt the Brave"
  • 37. "Houdai Franklin"

Drama CD

On February 16, 2009 a Drama CD was released of the Jiggy Pepper arc. It was named "Drama CD Tegamibachi" and has the ISBN 978-4-08-901167-6.


A special anime adaptation, running for about 30 minutes, was shown during the Jump Super Anime Tour events in Japan in the fall of 2008.[16] It was titled Tegami Bachi: Hikari to Ao no Gensō Yawa (テガミバチ 〜光と青の幻想夜話〜?, Letter Bee: Light and Blue Night Fantasy), and was animated by Studio Pierrot. The Original Video Animation was translated for free by Anthony Carl Kimm on the Jumpland website with English subtitles.[17] It was later released on DVD in the beginning of 2009.

A television anime series was stated to start airing in October 2009 in Jump SQ. II vol.003, featuring the same voice actors as the 2008 special. The opening song is "Hajimari no Hi (はじまりの日)," sung by Suga Shikao and the ending song is sung by French-Canadian singer HIMEKA. Crunchyroll has announced [18] that it will simulcast the series. It is to be available worldwide except Japan. A second season was announced in the Puff magazine in Japan through an interview with the artist; it is to begin airing in Fall of 2010.[19]


Deb Aoki of About.com reviewed Tegami Bachi Volume 1. Aoki said that the series "has the right stuff to appeal to both male and female readers: thrilling action, a magical world full of mysteries, likeable characters that are worth caring about, and lovely artwork, all done with a touch of light-hearted humor."[20]


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