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Teito Monogatari Gaiden

Directed by Izo Hashimoto
Produced by Kazuo Suzaki
Written by Rika Yamagami
Based on the novel by:
Hiroshi Aramata
Starring Kazuhiko Nishimura
Sawa Suzuki
Kazuko Shirakawa
Hatsuo Yamaya
Hiroshi Kanbe
Ichiro Ogura
Ayumi Nagashi
Ryoka Yuzuki
Music by Masaya Abe
Cinematography Osamu Fujishi
Release date(s) 1995
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Preceded by Tokyo: The Last War

Teito Monogatari Gaiden (帝都物語外伝—roughly translated as Capital Story: Secret Report as no official international title has been given to it yet) is a tokusatsu horror/fantasy film. It is the final entry in the trilogy of cinematic live action adaptations of the Teito Monogatari series by Hiroshi Aramata (the anime Doomed Megalopolis was technically the third adaptation, but it was essentially a remake of the first film Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis). It is technically not based on a novel from the main Teito Monogatari series, but rather adapted from a side story novel, Karakuri Doshi (which occurs in contemporary times after the main series). Unlike its predecessors it was not released theatrically, but rather through V-Cinema. [1]



Teito Monogatari Gaiden is set in an alternate universe apart from the chronology of the main series. Several characters from the main series make an appearance in this movie, although their histories have been completely changed.

In 1995, a mental hospital is erected near the Japanese Ministry of Finance, located adjacent to the grave of Taira no Masakado. A young male nurse by the name of Jin’ya Yanase is obsessed with the legend of Taira no Masakado and more importantly, the spirit of his evil subordinate Yasunori Kato. Slowly, he becomes possessed by Kato's spirit, who wants to use him as a new host to revive in the modern world. Keiko Tatsumiya (the heroine of Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis/Doomed Megalopolis), is an old woman living homeless on the streets of Tokyo. When she senses the presence of Yasunori Kato, she must regain her resolve to face the demon-god and vanquish his spirit once and for all.



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