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Tekkaman: The Space Knight
Italian DVD cover of, Tekkaman The Space Knight.
(Uchū no Kishi Tekkaman)
Genre Action Science fiction
TV anime
Director Hiroshi Sasagawa
Hisayuki Toriumi
Studio Tatsunoko Productions
Original run 2 July 197524 December 1975
Episodes 26[1]
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Tekkaman: The Space Knight (宇宙の騎士テッカマン Uchū no Kishi Tekkaman ?) is an anime produced by Tatsunoko Productions in 1975.[2]

An English language version was created by a small independent company called William Winckler Productions. However, the dub was cancelled in mid-story with only 13 of the show's 26 episodes produced.[3]

Over forty-thousand original Tekkaman the Space Knight VHS video cassettes were successfully sold throughout the U.S. to major retail stores by Congress Video Group (the largest video distributor at the time), and later by L.D. Video. Congress Video sold half-hour episodes, whereas L.D. Video sold two 96-minute movie compilations.

William Winckler attempted to stay as true to the original Japanese series as possible, with little editing of violence as possible, and retaining all the original Japanese music and sound effects. This was in stark contrast to Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, another Tatsunoko series which was dubbed by Sandy Frank as Battle of the Planets.

The opening theme, Tekkaman no Uta is sung by Ichirou Mizuki, written by Tatsunoko's Planning Department (lyrics) and Asei Kobayashi (music) and arranged by Bob Sakuma, who composed all the music for the series.

Two decades later, it was followed by Tekkaman Blade, which was dubbed in the U.S. by Saban as Teknoman.


Plot synopsis

The Earth has entered the 21st century and it is in peril. The "Green Earth" project has been abandoned and scientists look to the stars to find a "Second Earth".

The Space Angel, on its mission to find this "Second Earth" is attacked by a group of aliens named the "Waldaster", The Space Angel is destroyed and with it the hope of mankind.

Dr. Amachi manages to create "Pegas" and the "Tekset" system, designed to combat the aliens by augmenting a humans with certain wavelength into a Tekkaman, giving them enhanced strength abilities. Test pilots Joji Minami and Hiromi Amachi, along with Andro Uemeda and Mutan, two alien beings from the planet Sanno, rid the dying Earth from the threat of the "Waldaster" and continue to research the "Leap Flight Engine" to reach a new home for humanity.[4][5]

In the Arabian version of the popular series, Tekkaman is known as "Rajul Al-Tikka" [رجل التكة] an awkward translation which ironically fits with the original.

English Cast

  • Bill Hedderly Jr. as Barry Gallagher / Tekkaman
  • Kathy Pruitt as Patricia Richardson
  • Reginald Bennett as Andro
  • Clancy Syrko as Pegas / Randrox / Narrator
  • Jean Veloz as Mutan / Computer
  • Robert Winckler as Dr. Richardson / Emperor Devoral[6]

Japanese Cast


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