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The Tel Aviv-Jerusalem bus 405 attack was a suicide attack carried out by a Palestinian Islamic Jihad member on a crowded bus en route from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem (Israel) on July 6, 1989.[1] Sixteen civilians were killed in the attack -- including two Canadians and one American -- and thirty more were wounded, after the militant seized the steering wheel from the driver and pulled the bus over a steep precipice into a ravine in the area of Qiryat Ye'arim.

The attack is regarded as the first Palestinian suicide attack despite its perpetrator, Abd al-Hadi Ghanayem (Age 25), not wearing a suicide belt as in later attacks, a common tactic during the Second Intifada. He also survived the crash as he received medical treatment for his injuries in an Israeli hospital. He was later convicted to 16 life sentences on murder, hijacking and terrorism charges.


In Fiction

  • In the NBC drama Heroes the character Hana Gitelman, along with her grandmother and mother, were on board when the attack happened. Of the three, Hana was the sole survivor and in the series she is turned into a superhero.


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