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Telegantic Megavision (in some billings written as "teleganticmegavision") was a Saturday morning children's show from CITV which ran from 6 January - 27 April 1996 on ITV. It was presented by Emma Lee and Dave Chapman. It was produced by The Media Merchants and recorded at The Maidstone Studios in Kent. The programmes were one hour long (including commercial breaks) and aired between 9.25am and 10.25am on Saturday mornings.

The show went behind scenes of film and television productions, and also showed inserted cartoons from the in-studio 'animation station'. There was also a gameshow called Slops, presented by Nic Ayling and a roller-skating waitress called Cynthia Sundae (played by Lucy Benjamin, later better known as Lisa Fowler in EastEnders.)


It's Not Just Saturday

It's Not Just Saturday was a magazine programme aimed at teenagers which broadcast on a Saturday morning on ITV in early 1996. It was the companion piece to Telegantic Megavision, though produced by a separate production team (from Scottish Television), broadcast from a different studio (in London), and with no direct connection to the sibling show, aside from the fact that CITV would often run trailers for the shows together. The programme was presented by Gareth Jones (who had previously hosted Saturday morning TV show Get Fresh under the name Gaz Top) with Dannii Minogue.

INJS featured music, studio guests and chat, viewer interaction and competitions. Some parents were unhappy with the irreverent and sometimes cheeky nature of the humour, and complaints were made to ITV and broadcasting watchdogs about the programme's content and style.

INJS was originally a 65-minute programme (10.25-11.30 including breaks), sitting between Telegantic Megavision and The Chart Show in ITV's Saturday schedule; however, part-way through its run, the programme was cut to 35 minutes (10.55-11.30) with the 10.25-10.55 section replaced by a repeat run of Thames Television-produced children's sitcom Spatz.

On one occasion prior to the reduction (in early February), INJS failed to appear on screen at all, and was replaced by an episode of US drama series seaQuest DSV. The magazine show returned the following week. The reason for the one-week disappearance of the show is unclear: it may have been due to disruption caused by the 1996 Docklands bombing which had occurred the day before (and had led to GMTV replacing their own children's programmes with news output)[1], though this has never been confirmed or proven.

Replacement and cancellation

Telegantic Megavision and It's Not Just Saturday were preceded in ITV's Saturday morning slot by the first series of Scratchy & Co. (which ran from May to December of 1995) and were followed from May 1996 by the second series of Scratchy. In 1997 and 1998, Scratchy took up the January-April slot in ITV's Saturday line-up, and therefore no further series of Telegantic Megavision or INJS were produced. These programmes were among several ITV Saturday morning shows of the mid-late 1990s to be scrapped after one run (see also WOW!, The Noise, Tricky).


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