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Telephone numbers in Luxembourg employ a closed dialling system, whereby all numbers are dialed in the same format whether from within Luxembourg or from abroad. There is no trunk "0".

Country Code: 352
International Call Prefix: 00

The majority of the country also employs a closed numbering plan, where a two-digit area identifier is followed by a four-digit subscriber number. This varies in Luxembourg City, where numbers typically begin with the digits "2" or "4" followed by a seven-digit subscriber number.

  • 79 xxxx (example number in Consdorf)
  • +352 79 xxxx (when dialed from outside Luxembourg)
  • 4 xxx xxxx (example number in Luxembourg City)
  • +352 4 xxx xxxx (when dialed from outside Luxembourg)

Mobile telephone numbers always carry a three-digit network code, in the format "6x1", which is followed by six digits. The leading "6" of these numbers is not omitted when dialing from abroad.

  • 6x1 xxx xxx (within Luxembourg)
  • +352 6x1 xxx xxx (outside Luxembourg)

These codes were introduced on the 1st of September 2006, replacing codes in the format "0x1". Existing numbers were converted to the new format.

The mobile network codes are:



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