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Country Code: 970 or 972

For Palestine there is a reserved Country Code: +970, but this code is mainly used when calling from Arab countries to the Palestinian Authority. Since there is no independent state, the Palestinian telecommunications should pass through the Israeli main hub which is +972, therefore, from most countries, dialing 972 would be the better option to access phone numbers in the Palestinian Territories. However, from many Arab or Muslim countries that block the Israeli access code, dialing 970 is the only option to access the Palestinian telecommunication system.

Palestinians use the Israeli telecommunication infrastructure either directly or through the Palestinian Paltel company, which allocates numbers reserved for it by the Israeli Ministry of Communication. The 059 prefix is reserved exclusively for the Palestinian Jawwal cellular communication company (a subsidiary of Paltel).

00 XXX XX XXX XXXX - International Dialling
04 2MX XXXX  - Jenin Governorate   
04 25X XXXX  - Tubas Governorate  
09 26X XXXX  - Tulkarm Governorate    
09 23X XXXX  - Nablus Governorate   
09 29X XXXX  - Qalqilya Governorate
09 2MX XXXX  - Salfit Governorate   
02 2MX XXXX  - Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate   
02 23X XXXX  - Jericho Governorate     
02 23X XXXX  - Jerusalem Governorate   
02 27X XXXX  - Bethlehem Governorate  
02 22X XXXX  - Hebron Governorate      
08 24X XXXX  - North Gaza Governorate
08 28X XXXX  - Gaza Governorate
08 20X XXXX  - Khan Yunis Governorate  
08 25X XXXX  - Deir al-Balah Governorate  
08 21X XXXX  - Rafah Governorate
059 XXX XXXX - Mobile Jawwal 
056 XXX XXXX - Mobile Wataniya Telecom " not launched yet"
100 - Police
101 - Ambulance
102 - Fire
1 700 - Business Toll
1 800 - Toll Free



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