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Televisão Independente
Tvi logo.png
Launched February 20, 1993
Owned by Media Capital ( PRISA )
Picture format Always in 4:3
Slogan "Uma televisão feita por si" ("A television made by you")
Country  Portugal
Formerly called 4 (1993-1995)
Sister channel(s) TVI 24, Caça e Pesca
Analogue Channel 4
Digital Channel 4
TV Cabo Channel 4
TVTEL Channel 4
meo Satélite Channel 4
TV Cabo Channel 4
TVTEL Channel 4
Cabovisão Channel 4
meo Channel 4
Clix SmarTV Channel 4

TVI - Televisão Independente (Independent Television in English) is Portugal's fourth terrestrial television channel, launched in 1993. It is the leader of audiences in its country since 2004. It competes directly with SIC and RTP1.



TVI's first logo, which resembled a cross. This logo was used until February 1995.

TVI was the second private Portuguese TV channel to be launched, after SIC being launched five months before. Already under the name TVI, but marketed as 4, in which the 4 was the sole element of its logo, TVI was initially owned by some prominent Catholic Church institutions, including Rádio Renascença, Universidade Católica Portuguesa and União das Misericórdias; Antena 3 Televisión, Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Télédiffusion, Sonae, SBS Broadcasting, Yorkshire Television and many other media enterprises were minor stakeholders of TVI. This majority-Catholic ownership influenced TVI's programming according to Christian values. In the first years of its existence, TVI assumed the role of an 'alternative' television broadcaster, dedicating part of its airtime to distinct target audiences, with part of the morning dedicated to housekeepers and the elderly and part of the afternoon to the young.

In this period, TVI was well known for its programming of American series and movies, like X-Files and Baywatch and the Spanish show El gran juego de la oca (translated as O Jogo do Ganso) imported from Antena 3. TVI also brought in some prominent names in Portuguese television, including Manuel Luís Goucha and Artur Albarran, but the viewing figures had were always lower than expected ones and it entered into deep financial crisis.

TVI's second logo, used from 1995 to 1996.
TVI's third logo, used until 2000.

TVI's recovery happened when it was totally acquired by Media Capital in 1999, one of the most important media conglomerates in Portugal, and then it started broadcasting more Portuguese-produced programmes, like soap operas. This helped to increase its viewership significantly, but it was in September 2000, when the Big Brother contest started, that TVI gained a boost in popularity.

Now the most watched network in the country, TVI is known for having a large number of national reality shows and soap operas. TVI broadcasts a mix of local productions, like soap operas, family series and reality shows, news programs and international movies and series (mostly American). It is currently owned by Media Capital, which is owned by Grupo Prisa. Until February 2007, Media Capital was co-owned by RTL Group and Grupo Prisa. The network works with Media Capital-owned production company NBP to produce its national fictional content.

Unlike state broadcaster RTP and commercial rival SIC, TVI tried, without success, to dub foreign programmes into Portuguese after achieving marginal success with Latin American Spanish-language soap operas dubbed to Brazilian Portuguese. Experiments of dubbing included the US series Dawson's Creek and other shows directed at younger audiences.


Although TVI and Cuatro (in Spain) are twin channels (same position, same ownership), they present very different types of programming. Cuatro has a more young and cultural output, and TVI is more directed to an elderly and also a lower class segment of the Portuguese population (soap operas and daytime programming). TVI is also very criticized as it broadcasts US television series like House MD, The 4400, Nip/Tuck, NUMB3RS, The Shield and The Office long after its prime-time, airing past midnight. TVI's prime-time is reserved for in-house programming, mainly soap operas, call tv and reality shows.

TVI is still broadcast in 4:3 as of August 2009.




Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2:00 PM As Tardes Da Júlia (Julia's Afternoons) - a portuguese talk-show
5:00 PM Quem Quer Ganha (Who Wants Wins) - a call-tv programme
6:00 PM Morangos Com Açúcar (Strawberries With Sugar) - a portuguese 'Soap Opera (Telenovela)' for teens
8:00 PM Jornal Nacional (National News) - TVI's newscast
9:30 PM Meu Amor (My Love) - a soap opera (telenovela)
10:05 PM Deixa Que Te Leve (Let Me Take You) - a soap opera (telenovela)
11:00 PM Sentimentos" (Fellings) - a soap opera (telenovela)
00:15 PM CineTVI or Mini-series


01:35 AM CineTVI or Mini-series
02:00 AM Sempre a Somar - CallTV
04:00 AM Mini-series


Soap Operas

  • Morangos com Açúcar (Strawberries With Sugar) (2003-)
  • Meu Amor (My Love) (2009)
  • Sentimentos (Feelings) (2009)
  • Deixa que te Leve (Let Me Take You) (2009)
  • Olhos nos Olhos (Face to Face) (2008/2009)
  • Feitiço de Amor (Love Spell) (2008/2009)
  • Flor do Mar (Sea Flower) (2008/2009)
  • A Outra (The Other) (2008)
  • Fascínios (Fascinations) (2007/2008)
  • Deixa-me Amar (Let Me Love) (2007/2008)
  • Ilha dos Amores (Lovers' Island) (2007)
  • Tu e Eu (You And I) (2006)
  • Doce Fugitiva (Sweet Fugitive) (2006)
  • Tempo de Viver (Time To Live) (2006)
  • Fala-me de Amor (Talk to Me About Love) (2006)
  • Dei-te Quase Tudo (I Gave You Almost Everything) (2005)
  • Mundo Meu (My World)(2005)
  • Ninguém Como Tu (No One Like You) (2005)
  • Mistura Fina (Fine Mixture) (2004)
  • Baía das Mulheres (Women's Bay) (2004)
  • Queridas Feras (Sweet Beasts) (2003)
  • Coração Malandro (Bohemian Heart) (2003)
  • O Teu Olhar (Your Look) (2003)
  • Saber Amar (Knowing How To Love) (2003)
  • Amanhecer (Sunrise) (2002)
  • Bons Vizinhos (Good Neighbours) (2002)
  • O Último Beijo (The Last Kiss) (2002)
  • Sonhos Traídos (Betrayed Dreams) (2002)
  • Tudo Por Amor (All For Love) (2002)
  • Anjo Selvagem (Wild Angel) (2001)
  • Filha do Mar (Sea's Daughter) (2001)
  • Nunca Digas Adeus (Never Say Goodbye) (2001)
  • Olhos de Água (Water Eyes) (2001)
  • Jardins Proibidos (Forbidden Gardens) (2000)
  • Todo o Tempo do Mundo (All The Time Of The World) (1999)
  • Telhados de Vidro (Glass Roofs) (1993)


  • Equador (2009)
  • O Bando dos Quatro (The Four's Flock) (2006)
  • O Clube das Chaves (The Keys' Club) (2005)
  • Os Serranos (The Serranos) (2005)
  • Inspector Max (Max The Inspector) (2004/2005)
  • Ana e os Sete (Ana And The Seven) (2003/2004)
  • Olá Pai (Hello Dad) (2003)
  • A Jóia de África (Africa's Jewel) (2002)
  • Super Pai (Super Dad) (2000-2003)
  • Crianças SOS (Children SOS) (2000)
  • Trapos e Companhia (Rags And Company) (1994)



Talk Shows Sketch Shows Reality Shows
Olá Portugal (Hi Portugal) (Cancelled in 2005) O Prédio do Vasco (Vasco's Building) (Cancelled in 2005) 1.ª Companhia (1st Company)(2005-2006)
Você na TV! (You On TV!) (2005-Today) O Trio Maravilha (Wonderful Trio) Academia de Estrelas (Stars Academy) (2004)
As Tardes da Júlia (Julia's Afternoons) (2007-Today) Os Batanetes (The Batanetes) (2004) Big Brother (2000-2003)
- - Big Brother Famosos (Big Brother Celebrities)
- - Circo das Celebridades (Celebrities' Circus)
- - Novos Aventureiros (New Adventures)
- - Quinta das Celebridades (Celebrities' Farm) (2004)
- - Doutor Preciso de Ajuda (Doctor I Need Help) (2006)
- - A Bela e o Mestre (Beauty And The Geek) (2007)

International Shows


TVI cameraman
  • Diário da Manhã (Morning Diary)
  • Jornal da Uma (1 p.m. News)
  • Jornal Nacional (National News) (not to be confused with the Rede Globo newscast)


Children and teens

All children and teens shows are dubbed into Portuguese.


  • Eu Confesso (I Confess)
  • Todos Iguais (All Equal Ones)
  • 8º Dia (8th Day)
  • Cartaz das Artes (Arts' Poster)
  • Cinebox
  • deLUXe
  • Quem Quer Ganha (Who Wants Earns)

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