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Television in Iceland began in September 1966. Channels can be received via analogue, or using broadband with the Skjárinn service from Síminn or Digital Ísland from Vodafone.


List of channels

  • Sjónvarpið, the television channel of RÚV, they are Icelandic National Broadcasting Service. Available as free-to-view on the satellite Thor 2.
  • Stöð 2 The oldest privately owned television channel in Iceland (1986). Also available as Stöð 2+ with one hour delay.
  • Stöð 2 Extra (previously called Sirkus) Entertainment channel previously available as free but is now only available as a complement to Stöð 2 subscription
  • Stöð 2 Bíó Movies 24/7.
  • Stöð 2 Sport (previously called Sýn) Mostly sports with one hour delay on Stöð 2 Sport+.
  • Stöð 2 Sport 2 (previously called Sýn 2) FA Premier League and The Football League.
  • Stöð 2 Sport 3, Stöð 2 Sport 4, Stöð 2 Sport 5 and Stöð 2 Sport 6 Extra channels for special sport events, used mostly for UEFA CL and EPL matches.
  • Nova TV Music videos. Free channel.
  • Stöð 2 Sport HD Iceland's first HD channel. Launched in October 2007 broadcasting Sýn and Sýn 2 events in 1080i. To start with live games from the FA Premier League and UEFA Champions League. Expect many of Sýn and Sýn 2 sports to be available on Sýn HD in 2008 including major golf tournaments, NBA basketball, Wimbledon tennis, championship boxing and more football. Note: Since Iceland is outside a lot of satellite footprints and HD requiring more bandwidth, many events can only reach Iceland in standard definition although they are available in HD in other countries.
  • SkjárEinn Entertainment channel - free and run with advertisement revenue only. Also available with one hour delay on SkjárEinn plús

Cancelled channels

  • NFS, now a news service providing news for Ví and television channels of 365
  • Skjár tveir Was meant to be an ad-free channel paid for by the viewers. It didn't go as planned and soon merged with Skjár einn.
  • Stöð þrjú Started off like Stöð 2 but was bought quickly and shut down.
  • Skjár sport Showed EPL matches for the seasons 2005-2006 and 2006-2007.

International Channels available in Iceland

Additional international channels are available in Iceland through Vodafone Iceland, Siminn and Skjarinn

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