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Telia Digital-tv is an IPTV distribution platform in Sweden owned by TeliaSonera. It was launched in January 2005 from a few locations,[1] soon expandning into other locations.

In September 2007, Telia announced that the platform had 200,000 subscribers.[2]

Previously, Telia did own Com Hem, the largest cable television distributor in Sweden, but had to sell it due to competition rules.



The service offers television channels from a number of television companies including Sveriges Television, TV4 AB, SBS Broadcasting Group, Discovery Networks Europe, MTV Networks Europe, Eurosport and NonStop Television. Telia Digital-tv also offers video on demand services from SF Anytime, Live Networks since September 2005[3] and TV4 Anytime since June 2007.[4] In March 2008, Telia added Disney Ch @ Play, Discovery On Demand and Animal Planet On Demand to their on demand offerings.[5]

Initially, the channels of Viasat are not included in Telia digital-tv as they were only available from their own IPTV platform in collaboration with Bredbandsbolaget. On May 23, 2008, Telia announced an agreement with Viasat that would make six packages of Viasat channels available to Telia customers. It would also make TV3, TV6, TV8 and ZTV available in some of Telia's basic packages.[6] The Viasat channels were launched in June 2008 and also included an on-demand service.[7] In August 2008, SVT Play was added to the platform. Initially, SVT Play on Telia offers newscasts and Olympic broadcasts, but the programme library will be extended over time. [8]

Channels broadcast by Telia Digital-tv are:[9]

HTPC and free software support

It is possible to play Telia Digital TV using free software such as xine and mplayer. The MPEG streams are available on port 5555. Telia changed all their streams to a broken format a short period during July 2009, but quickly changed back to standard MPEG2. Some pay-only channels are still aired in a broken format, those in the basic package are currently aired in standard MPEG2 format. These channels are available in standard MPEG2 and can be played with free software MPEG players:

udp://          # SVT 1
udp://          # SVT 2
udp://          # SVT 24
udp://          # SVT B
udp://         # TV 4
udp://         # Canal+ Sport 1
udp://         # Canal+ Sport 2
udp://         # TV8 / DW-TV
udp://         # TV 1000 Nordic
udp://         # TV 1000 Action
udp://         # TV 1000 Classic
udp://         # Viasat Explorer
udp://         # Disney
udp://         # Viasat Golf
udp://         # History
udp://         # ESPN Classic (sport)
udp://         # ESPN America (sport)
udp://         # BBC Entertainment
udp://        # Eurosport 2
udp://        # TV 4 Karlstad
udp://        # F
udp://        # NRK 1
udp://        # TV 2


xine udp://


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