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Studio album by Rob Sonic
Released September 7, 2004
Genre Hip hop
Label Definitive Jux
Producer Rob Sonic
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Sabotage Gigante

Telicatessen is the debut solo album by American hip hop artist and former Sonic Sum member Rob Sonic, released by the Definitive Jux label on September 7, 2004. An instrumental version of the album was released the following year, also by Definitive Jux.

All production, lyrics and vocals were by Rob Sonic, with the exception of the verses on "Sniper Picnic" by fellow New York MC Creature and Alaska and Windnbreeze from Definitive Jux labelmates Hangar 18 and backing vocals by M. Sayyid of the group Antipop Consortium. Scratches were performed by Fred Ones from Sonic's former group the Sonic Sum, and by DJ Big Wiz.[1]

The album's title is a portmanteau word combining the terms "television" and "delicatessen".[2]

The track "Sniper Picnic" was featured on the soundtrack of Activision game Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.[3]


Track listing

  1. "Strange Hammer" (R. Smith) – 4:06
  2. "Death Vendor" (R. Smith) – 3:07
  3. "New Car Smell" (R. Smith) – 2:27
  4. "Former Future" (R. Smith) – 2:05
  5. "Super Ball" (R. Smith) – 4:00
  6. "Sniper Picnic" (R. Smith/S. Booker/T. Baker/I. McMullin) – 3:40
  7. "Telicatessen" (R. Smith) – 3:19
  8. "Behemoth" (R. Smith) – 3:28
  9. "Shoplift" (R. Smith) – 3:38
  10. "Dylsexia" (R. Smith) – 3:48
  11. "Riot Ender" (R. Smith) – 3:59
  12. "Location Is Everything" (R. Smith) – 3:55
  13. "Macomb's Dam Bridge" (R. Smith) – 4:48


  • "Death Vendor"/"Dylsexia"
    • Release date: June 18, 2004
  • "Shoplift"
    • Release date: October 22, 2004


The following equipment was used in the making of Telicatessen:[1]



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