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Type Subsidiary of Australia Telstra
Founded TelstraSaturn, As TelstraClear - 2001
Headquarters New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand
Industry Telecommunications
Products Voice
Digital TV Analogue TV
Employees 1,500

TelstraClear is New Zealand's second-largest telecommunications company and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telstra Corporation (Australia), with around 400,000 customers.

The company provides residential line rental services, internet services, IT services, security services, cable TV/cable modem and mobile telephone services to 70,000 subscribers on its network in Wellington, Christchurch and Kapiti.

In 2004 TelstraClear began offering residential line HomePlan services including broadband outside those areas where it has its own network, reselling a wholesale product from Telecom New Zealand.



TelstraClear had its beginnings in 1996 with Telstra New Zealand.

Telstra NZ slowly expanded its operations in the business market bundling Telecom New Zealand services distributed as a reseller with its own network services. It installed switches in Auckland and Wellington to manage incoming and outgoing international traffic and maintained an interconnect agreement with Telecom New Zealand and is likely to have had others with companies such as Clear Communications.

In 2000 Saturn Communications was sold by its parent company, Austar United Communications to a new joint venture with Telstra that became known as TelstraSaturn.

TelstraClear was then created by the merger of Telstra's TelstraSaturn and Clear Communications in December 2001. Austar United Communications held an initial investment of 42% in TelstraClear before selling it back to Telstra.

In 2004 TelstraClear made its first acquisition in the IT market with the purchase of Sytec[1] mainly for its IP telephony and security skills, in particular the specialist managed security subsidiary DMZGlobal. In 2007 Sytec was formally integrated into the TelstraClear's Enterprise and government division and the brand retired, but the DMZGlobal brand has been retained and invested in.





Residential telephone service is available in two ways:

  1. Through the TelstraClear network, in Kapiti, Wellington and Christchurch.
  2. Through a resale agreement with Telecom New Zealand for the rest of the country.

Business telephone services are offered across the country, either on TelstraClear's own network in Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, Napier, Palmerston North, Wanganui, Kapiti, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. HomePlan residential services are offered in the rest of the country via a resale agreement with Telecom.


TelstraClear sells services on the Telecom NZ network, and missed their target of Christmas 2009 to operate as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator on the Vodafone network.

  • Until 2007, TelstraClear sold a mobile service on Vodafone's GSM & UMTS network. Billing was from Telstra, but the customers belonged to Vodafone.
  • In July 2006, TelstraClear announced they would build their own UMTS network in Tauranga, expanding to other locations. They would roam to other networks when outside these areas.[2] This did not eventuate, and created acrimony with Vodafone NZ.
  • In 2007, TelstraClear signed a wholesale mobile deal to access the Telecom New Zealand CDMA network and began offering new services to small medium enterprises and small business. In 2008, they started to offer non-business service using Telecom's network. In 2009 they were negotiating to use Telecom's new XT (UMTS) network but Telecom would not allow access until 2011.
  • In July 2009, TelstraClear announced they would begin using Vodafone's network again. They were due to be operating a MVNO by 2010. [3]

TelstraClear customers using CDMA handsets on the Telecom network will continue to operate until atleast 2012. Mobile Number Portability will allow existing customers (or customers from other carriers) to move to TelstraClear (on Vodafone) with the appropriate handset, and keep their existing mobile number.




TelstraClear owns two ISPs, and Clearnet, with Clearnet becoming the umbrella brand. Both offer nationwide dialup and DSL service, resold over Telecom's DSL lines. A number of their dial-up IP numbers are blacklisted as abusers by sites such as DSBL.

DOCSIS (cable)

TelstraClear also offers DOCSIS cable modem internet access within TelstraClear's own (built) network[4]. Capable of speeds up to 25 Mbit/s, it is New Zealand's fastest residential broadband.

Since late 2009, new connections are only available on Clearnet.


TelstraClear provides mobile data service via the Telecom NZ network. It uses CDMA2000 technology[5].

IT and security

With the acquisition of Sytec and the formation of Enterprise and Government division, TelstraClear now also provides managed network solutions, ICT services (such as desktop and device management and co-location), enterprise comms and contact center solutions. In addition under the DMZGlobal brand TelstraClear does Internet security, managed security, and security consulting services.


TelstraClear operates the Hybrid Fibre Cable pay television network under the brand "InHomeTV". It was developed by Saturn Communications in Wellington, Kapiti and Christchurch, prior to the sale to Telstra, and formerly known as Saturn TV. The network infrastructure includes twisted pair cabling used for residential and business local telephone service.

Programming is sourced from SKY Network Television following an agreement in 2002 and also locally received and sourced channels. The agreement allows TelstraClear to distribute and bill for services provided by SKY Network Television on its own Direct to Home satellite service and TelstraSaturn's cable network.

InHomeTV is available on TelstraClear's Cable network in Wellington, Christchurch and Kapiti. The service is available only if bundled with TelstraClear's telephony service.

In 2005, the network was upgraded to a fully digital transmission network. They expect to offer an HDTV option in early 2009 which will consist of a single set-top-box incorporating a personal hard drive video recorder.

Channel Lineup

This lists all current digital and analogue channels. Channel numbers were changed in March 2007 to coincide with SKY channel number changes.

EPG No. Channel Name Subscription Package Widescreen Notes
1 TV One Start Up Yes Free to air
2 TV2 Start Up Yes Free to air
3 TV3 Start Up Yes Free to air
4 Prime Start Up Yes Free to air
5 the BOX Start Up Yes
6 UKTV Saturn Extra Yes
7 Vibe Saturn Extra Yes (Digital only)
8 Living Saturn Extra No
9 Food Television Saturn Extra No
10 Comedy Central Saturn Extra Yes
11 E! Saturn Extra No
12 C4 Start Up Yes Free-to-air
14 MTV Start Up No (Digital only)
17 Fashion TV Start Up No
18 TBN Start Up No
19 Māori Television Start Up Yes Free-to-air
20 SKY Movies SKY Movies Plus Yes
21 SKY Movies 2 SKY Movies Plus Yes (Digital only)
22 SKY Movies Greats SKY Movies Plus Yes
23 MGM SKY Movies Plus Yes
24 TCM SKY Movies Plus No
25 Rialto Channel Rialto Plus Yes
28 SKY Box Office Sneak Peak Start Up Yes
30 SKY Sport 1 SKY Sport Plus Yes
31 SKY Sport 2 SKY Sport Plus Yes Branded as Sky Sport 4 in February
32 SKY Sport 3 SKY Sport Plus Yes Branded as Sky Sport 5 in February
33 SKY Sport Highlights SKY Sport Plus Yes (Digital only) Branded as Sky Sport 6 in February
34 ESPN Start Up No Branded as Sky Sport 7 in February
35 Trackside Start Up Yes Free-to-air
36 The Rugby Channel SKY Sport Plus and The Rugby Channel Yes
39 Wild TV Wild TV No Available July 2009
40 Disney Channel Saturn Extra No
41 Nickelodeon Saturn Extra No
42 Cartoon Network Start Up No
44 SKY Box Office Pay per view guide Start Up No (Analogue only, digital customers can use the interactive PPV guide)
45 Playhouse Disney Channel Saturn Extra No (Digital only)
45-59 SKY Box Office Movies Pay-per-view No (Analogue only, digital customers use channels 201-227)
59 Te Reo Start Up Yes Free-to-air (Digital only)
62 Juice TV Start Up No
63 63 - Our Music TV Start Up No
69 Discovery Travel & Living Start Up No
70 Discovery Channel Start Up No
71 Crime & Investigation Network Saturn Extra Yes (Digital only)
72 National Geographic Channel Start Up Yes
73 The History Channel Saturn Extra No
74 Documentary Channel Saturn Extra No (Digital only)
75 Animal Planet Start Up No
79 The Arts Channel The Arts Channel No (Digital only)
86 CTV Start Up No
87 Visitor TV Start Up No (Christchurch only)(Digital only)
88 Deutsche Welle Start Up Yes (Digital Only)
89 Triangle STRATOS Start Up No Free-to-air (Digital Only)
90 Sky News New Zealand Saturn Extra Yes
91 CNN Start Up No
92 Fox News Channel Saturn Extra No (Digital only)
93 BBC World News Start Up Yes
94 Parliament TV Start Up Yes Free-to-air (Digital only)
95 CNBC Start Up No (Digital Only)
96 Bloomberg Television Start Up No (Digital only)
97 Saturn Scan Start Up No
98 Saturn Weather Start Up No
99 Saturn Choose Start Up No (Analogue only, digital customers can use the interactive EPG guide)
111 Shine TV Saturn Extra No (Digital only)
201-227 SKY Box Office Movies Pay-per-view Yes (Digital only, analogue customers use channels 45-59)
300 KTV1 World TV No (Digital only)
301 KTV2 World TV No (Digital only)
302 JTV World TV No (Digital only)
303 CTV1 World TV No (Digital only)
304 CTV2 World TV No (Digital only)
305 CTV3 World TV No (Digital only)
306 CTV4 World TV No (Digital only)
307 CTV5 World TV No (Digital only)
308 CTV6 World TV No (Digital only)
309 CTV7 World TV No (Digital only)
310 CCTV-9 Saturn Extra No (Digital only)
315 STAR Plus Hindi Star Plus Hindi No (Digital only)
400 NZ Chart Saturn Extra and SKY Digital Music No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
401 Pop Saturn Extra and SKY Digital Music No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
402 Smooth Saturn Extra and SKY Digital Music No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
403 Grooves Saturn Extra and SKY Digital Music No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
404 Jazz Saturn Extra and SKY Digital Music No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
405 House Saturn Extra and SKY Digital Music No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
406 50s & 60s Saturn Extra and SKY Digital Music No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
407 Party Saturn Extra and SKY Digital Music No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
408 Rock Saturn Extra and SKY Digital Music No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
409 Country Saturn Extra and SKY Digital Music No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
410 Classical Saturn Extra and SKY Digital Music No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
411 Kids Saturn Extra and SKY Digital Music No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
412 Blues Saturn Extra and SKY Digital Music No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
413 Theme Saturn Extra and SKY Digital Music No (Changes every month) (Radio channel) (Digital only)
500 Kiwi FM Start Up No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
501 Radio New Zealand National Start Up No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
502 Radio New Zealand Concert Start Up No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
504 George FM Start Up No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
510 Core Internet Radio Start Up No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
511 The Cheese Start Up No (Radio channel) (Digital only)
512 The Rock Start Up No (Radio channel) (Digital only)

Interactive Services

Interactive services are available only on digital.

  • Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) - Television listing information.
  • Pay Per View (PPV) Guide - Sky Box Office listing information.

Defunct Channels

  • TechTV was available up until May 2004, when current owner Comcast halted international broadcasts. (Source: TelstraClear website)
  • Chilli (an adult channel) was also available until 2006 when CEO Alan Freeth discontinued the product on moral grounds.

(Source TelstraClear staff memo)


One of DMZGlobal Ford Falcons outside the Wellington office

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