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This page is for proverbs from Telugu language, one of the 21 official languages in India.

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Kukka katuki cheppu debba

  • kukka katuki cheppu debba - కుక్క కాటుకి చెప్పు దెబ్బ
  • The meaning of this proverb is that one should respond with appropriate measure to any unethical or unreasonable action by your opponent instead of being submissive or cowered.

Literal translation: Kukka katu = a dogs bite, cheppu = footwear, debba = slap,hit.

An equivalent saying in english would be ' Tit for tat'. 'Bold textItalic text

Thinninti vaasaalu lekkapettu

  • Thinninti vaasaalu lekkapettu - తిన్నింటి వాసాలు లెక్కపెట్టు
  • This proverb is used when someone who is trusted and helped by a person , cheats his/her benefactor.

The origin of the proverb is rooted in the telugu folklore. The background of the proverb comes from the relationship of a host and a guest. If a stranger is given hospitality by a kind person, s/he starts counting the vasaalu( bamboo bars) used in the construction of a house/thatched hut. It means that after having his/her meals the person is eyeing for something more.

  • Thinniti=Host's house
  • vaasaalu=Bamboo bars
  • lekkapettu=counting

Alasyam amrutam visham

  • Alasyam amrutam visham - ఆలస్యం ఆమృతం విషం
  • The literal meaning of the proverb is , if you make delay even ambrosia turns into poison.

It is used to emphasize the importance of time and punctuality in our lives. If we don't do the right thing at RIGHT time, it no longer remains as a right thing.




Siggu Leni Vaadiki Navve Sringharam

  • Siggu Leni Vaadiki Navve Sringharam
  • The literal meaning of the proverb is , Laughter is the ornament for the shameless.

It is used to describe the person who ,after doing something wrong , laughs instead of feeling shameful for what he has done.

Subham Palakara Pellikodaka Ante PelliKuturu Mundhu Ekkada Annadanta

  • Subham Palakara Pellikodaka Ante PelliKuturu Mundhu Ekkada Annadanta

After marriage the bridegroom says the word Subham in Telugu culture to signify the end of the ceremony.The proverb is used to describe a person with a negative attitude and when doing something is very pessimistic about it.

Pichuka Meeda Brahmastram

  • Pichuka Meeda Brahmastram
  • The literal meaning of the proverb is , using Brahmastram on a bird.

Pichuka means a bird.Brahmastram is a powerful weapon according to ancient literature.This proverb means that using a weapon like Brahmastram on a bird is very not a significant achievement.It describes achievement against something very weak and then boasting about it.

Koose Gadida Vachi Mese Gaadidani Chedakottindi Anta

  • Koose Gadida Vachi Mese Gaadidani Chedakottindi Anta
  • The literal meaning of the proverb is , the shouting donkey came and disturbed the Eating Donkey.

It is used to describe the people who have no work themselves but try to decrease the productivity of those who are working

Pommana leka poga pettinattlu

  • pommana leka poga peTTinaTTlu - పొమ్మనలేక పొగ పెట్టినట్లు
  • Literal translation is: "Instead of directly asking someone to leave, making them leave by starting some smoke", refering to indirect actions in place of direct words.

Minga metukuledu meesalaki sampenga nune ani

  • minga metukuledu meesalaki sampenga nune ani

The context where this fits correctly is where we don't have the basic amenities,but we look for luxuries.....

word to word meaning:

Minga = to eat methuku = single unit of rice ledu = not there meesalaku = to the moustache sampenga = an aromatic flower from which oil can be made nune = oil

Put together we don't have a single rice grain to eat,but we want the aromatic oil for the moustache...

Poruginti pulla koora ruchi

  • Poruginti pulla koora ruchi

English Equivalent: Grass on the other side is greener.

literal meaning: Neighbor's side dish is always tastier.

Chinta chachina pulupu chaavaledu ani

  • Chinta chachina pulupu chaavaledu ani

Literal translation: Even if a tamarind is of no use the pungent taste it contains never dies. Meaning: A person can be down and out in his life but the arrogance and the pesky nature never dies in him.

Donga Munda Pelliki Chavu Mellam

  • Donga Munda Pelliki Chavu Mellam

Literal Translation :To the marriage of a unfit bride a funeral orchestra joins. Meaning: To do a unnecessary work being done by a vagabond another one joins/supports.

  • Another version of this proverb is Kukka Muddi Pandi Nakindi

Andite juttu andaka pothe kaalu

  • Andite juttu andaka pothe kaalu

Literal translation: If it's possible try to grab a persons hair, if you cannot try to atleast catch his feet. Meaning: A person will do whatever he wants to get his job done either by catching the others persons hair( forcibly him to get his job done) or catching his feet ( pleading him to get his job done)

Yenki pelli subbi chaavu kochindi

  • Yenki pelli subbi chaavu kochindi

Literal translation: Yenki's ( a persons name) marriage has resulted in Subbi's ( a persons name)death. Meaning: A person is suffering to the maximum because of somebody else's cause.

Intlo puli veedilo pilli

  • Intlo puli veedilo pilli

Literal translation: Tiger in your house and Cat outside your house. Meaning: A person will behave like a Tiger in his house and behaves like a Cat outside his house.

Toorpu tirigi dannam pettu

  • Toorpu tirigi dannam pettu

Literal translation: Turn to east and pray. Meaning: When things are out of your control the last thing you can do is turn to east and pray ( the Sun God, who rises in the East).

Moditiki mosam moguda ante pesarapappu pellama annttu

  • Moditiki mosam moguda ante pesarapappu pellama annttu

Literal translation and meaning: Wife is saying to the husband that its getting difficult for everything and husband is asking for green gram to eat.It is equivalent to Marie Antoinette saying to her people to eat cakes when they have no bread to eat.

Illalakagane pandaga kaadu

  • Illalakagane pandaga kaadu

It is a general practice to clean the house on a festival day apart from other things. But it is not a festival whenever you clean the house.


  • aali ledu cholu ledu koduku peru somalingam..ఆలి లేదు చూలు లేదు కొడుకు పేరు సోమలింగం..
  • angatlo anni unna alludi notlo shani...అంగట్లో అన్ని ఉన్నా అల్లుడి నోట్లో శని
  • antya nisturam kanna aadi nisturam melu...అంత్య నిష్ఠూర౦ కన్నా ఆది నిష్ఠూర౦ మేలు...
  • andani draksha pallu pullana..అందని ద్రాక్ష పళ్లు పుల్లన..
  • ambali taage vadiki meesalu egabette vadu okadu..అంబలి తాగే వాడికి మీసాలు ఎగబెట్టే వాడు ఒకడు..
  • adige vaadiki cheppe vadu lookuva...అడిగే వాడికి చెప్పే వాడు లోకువ...
  • adavi kaachina vennala..అడవి కాచిన వెన్నెల..
  • aadilone hamsapaadam..ఆదిలోనే హంసపాదం..
  • unte ooru pothe paadu..ఉంటే ఊరు పోతే పాడు..
  • mose vadiki telsu kaavadi baruvu...మోసే వాడికి తెల్సు కావడి బరువు...
  • unnamata ante ulukuenduku..ఉన్నమాట అంటే ఉలుకు ఎందుకు..
  • kanchumooginattu kanakambu moogunaa..కంచు మోగినట్టు కనకంబు మోగునా ..
  • teluku pettanam isthe tellavarlu kuttindanta...తేలుకు పెత్తనం ఇస్తే తెల్లవార్లు కుట్టిందంట...
  • Penuku pettanam isthe thala antha gorikipettindi anta...పేనుకు పెత్తనం ఇస్తే తల అంత గోరికి పెట్టింది అంట...
  • deepam undagane illu chakkabettukovali...దీపo ఉండగానే ఇల్లు చక్కబెట్టుకోవాలి...
  • Inta gelichi raccha gelavali ...ఇoట గెలిచి రచ్చ గెలవాలి
  • Oollo pelliki kukkala hadavidi ....ఊళ్ళో పెళ్ళి కి కుక్కల హడావిడి
  • Rameswarsam vellina saneswaram tappadannattu...రామేశ్వరం పోయినా శనేశ్వరం తప్పదన్నట్టు
  • Gathi leka gangi thagu thunte, lange addu vacchindhi

'Bold text

  • Bellam vunda ante allam vundi annaduta.....
  • Kuse gadida vachi mese gadidani chedagotindi.....


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