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Tenchi in Tokyo
(Shin Tenchi Muyō!)
Genre Adventure, Fantasy, Harem
TV anime
Director Nobuhiro Takamoto
Writer Masaki Kajishima (characters)
Composer Shunsuke Kikuchi
Studio AIC
Licensor United States Geneon
United States Cloverway (Spanish dub)
Network Japan TV Tokyo
United States Cartoon Network, International Channel, Univision (Spanish dub)
Italy Sitcom Uno, Facile TV
Original run 1 April 199723 December 1997
Episodes 26 (List of episodes)
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  1. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki
  2. Tenchi Universe
  3. Tenchi Muyo! GXP
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Tenchi in Tokyo (新・天地無用! Shin Tenchi Muyō! ?, New Tenchi Muyo!), is a 26-episode Japanese anime series produced by AIC and Pioneer Animation (now Geneon Entertainment) in 1997. It is the third series (the OVA and Universe series being the first two) from the Tenchi Muyo! series. It aired in North America on Cartoon Network's Toonami block starting in the fall of 2000.



Unlike its predecessor Tenchi Universe, the last Tenchi series is completely unrelated to the initial concept of Tenchi Muyo! and is different from the OVAs and first TV series. A couple of changes are that Tenchi and his grandfather are not related to Jurai's royal family, and the secret behind the Masaki family in this series is to protect the Earth from evil as Planet Guardians. Many of the returning characters were also given completely different, exaggerated or simplified personalities that makes them different from the previous series. The series also features a drastically different style of humor than the previous series, with more surreal gags and situations, and a greater emphasis on physical comedy and exaggeration. To facilitate this, the cast was redesigned so their characters designs are much simpler, which allows for more fluid movement which lends itself better to this style of comedy. One final new change is that all the girls are introduced in the first episode as already living in the Masaki home and then a flashback in episode 7 shows how they all met Tenchi, rather than introducing them separately as shown in the previous series.


Major characters

Other characters

Recurring characters

Hotsuma (秀眞 ?)
Hotsuma is one of Yugi's servants. He is dressed as a scientist and has long blond hair. In the series, he tries to get the attention of Ryoko, and he succeeds in bringing her back to her former life as a space pirate, following Ryoko's heartbreak after seeing Tenchi and Sakuya kiss on the school rooftops. Hotsuma's determination to keep Ryoko away from her old friends is where he has framed Mihoshi and Kiyone for tipping off the Galaxy Police when the two had infiltrated their gang, and later reminding Ryoko that Tenchi has Sakuya, when Ryoko has started to miss the Earth.
Eventually when Ryoko starts to get bored with her life as a space pirate, she finds that she has been tricked after overhearing Hotsuma talking about her bad qualities during his conversation with Yugi. Thinking that at least she is honest with her flaws and never ever backstabs the other girls, she decides to leave and got ready to do so.
When Hotsuma notices Ryoko's presence, Yugi decides that he should just kill her and Hotsuma almost succeeds by blowing up their ship. Luckily, Ryoko notices that she forgot the pictures of her and Tenchi and leaves the ship in time which saved her life. Ryoko then fights Hotsuma and although he gets the upper hand by turning into a monster, she manages to kill Hotsuma and get free.
Voiced by: Wataru Takagi (Japanese), Matt K. Miller (English)
Tsugaru (東日流 ?)
Tsugaru is one of Yugi's servants, and a master manipulator rather than a fighter. Distinguished by his brown hair, yellow shirt, and rather effeminate mannerisms.
Tsugaru first tries to kill Sasami in Tokyo until Ryo-ohki forces him away, and then he helps Hotsuma with gaining the trust of the Masaki family and dividing them apart, targeting Ayeka and later Mihoshi and Kiyone, while Hotsuma goes against Ryoko. First, he contacts Ayeka when she is walking outside the temple and shows an image of Tenchi and Sakuya kissing, telling her to call Tenchi and ask him directly; encouraged by Sasami, Ayeka does so, but she does not obtain a satisfactory reply (Tenchi was just about to go out with Sakuya), and decides to stay home anyway.
Tsugaru later shoots down Mihoshi and Kiyone's shuttle on their way back to Earth and then attacks them. Mihoshi and Kiyone's normal guns have no effect on Tsugaru, until Tsugaru is killed when he was shot by Kiyone's gun, which was loaded with an anti-matter bullet which vaporized him to dust.
Voiced by: Masamichi Ohta (Japanese), Richard Cansino (English)
Matori (真鳥 ?)
One of Yugi's servants created by Yugi in Episode 4 to help carry out of her mission. Matori is distinguished by her black hair and the red marks on her face. Her specialty is that she can create guardian spirits from inanimate objects.
Matori first creates Daidara Hoshi by tricking the girls (minus Sasami and Washu) into constructing him. Matori then creates a fake Nobuyuki Masaki to kidnap Sakuya Kumashiro and draw the real Nobuyuki and Tenchi to him to bring Tenchi and Sakuya together. During Yugi's attack on the Masaki shrine, Matori severs the dimensional tunnel from Tenchi's side so the girls could not escape to Tokyo.
Near the end of the series, Yugi assigns Matori to kidnap Sasami to make her part of her kingdom. Despite her initial opinion of preferring to kill Sasami with the others, Matori carries out these orders, and with her guardian spirits she easily destroys Ayeka's defense system and almost kills Ayeka herself. Matori then kidnaps Sasami and takes her to Yugi.
When Tenchi breaks free from Yugi's illusionary dimension, Matori attacks him but is driven back when the Masaki family appears in Yugi's dimension. Sasami then tries to convince Yugi to give up her mad scheme, and after Matori suggests to Yugi that they should just kill all of them, in a fit of anger Yugi kills Matori.
Voiced by: Yuriko Yamaguchi (Japanese), Julie Maddalena (English)
Kazuhiko Amagasaki (尼ヶ崎 和彦 Amagasaki Kazuhiko ?)
Other than his brief appearance in the Tenchi Muyo OVA series Kazuhiko Amagasaki also appears in this series as a regular. Tenchi first met Amagasaki in this series when he moves to Tokyo. Amagasaki and his good friend Umanosuke Tsuchida hang out with Tenchi and although Amagasaki does not seem to be bright, Tenchi is able to help tutor him when he needed it so he could go on summer vacation with everyone else. Amagasaki also has an interest in professional wrestling and is once able to defeat Sadako Ikarinu in battle.
Voiced by: Toshiharu Sakurai (Japanese), Michael Sorich (English)
Umanosuke Tsuchida (土田 馬之介 Tsuchida Umanosuke ?)
Umanosuke is one of Tenchi's new friends after he moves to Tokyo. He is the grandson of Dokuzen Tsuchida, the Shinto priest that Tenchi is apprenticing to. Unlike Tenchi, Umanosuke has no interest in inheriting his family's shrine. He is also good friends with Kazuhiko Amagasaki and like him, Umanosuke also has an interest in wrestling.
Voiced by: Takehiro Murozono
Sugano (菅野 ?), Yoshinaga (吉永 ?), and Matsuno (松野 ?)
These three girls hang out with Sakuya Kumashiro and other than gossiping with her about boys, they are also trying to match her up with Tenchi and bring them together.
Sugano voiced by: Manabi Mizuno (Japanese), Sherry Lynn (English)
Yoshinaga voiced by: Yukari Tamura (Japanese), Wendee Lee (English)
Matsuno voiced by: Ayaka Hibiki and Hisoka Moriya (Japanese), Rebecca Forstadt (English)

Minor characters

Dokuzen Tsuchida (土田 独然 Tsuchida Dokuzen ?)
A shinto priest and an old friend of Katsuhito Masaki, as his ancestors had helped build the Masaki shrine. At his request to Katsuhito, Tenchi was sent to Tokyo to serve as Dokuzen's apprentice so Tenchi could train as a Shinto priest and be able to inherit his family's shrine as part of the favor that Katsuhito owes to the Tsuchida family. Dokuzen is a good natured and friendly priest although he has a tendency to have Tenchi perform his duties for him as he is getting on in age. Dokuzen is also Umanosuke's grandfather.
Voiced by: Kenichi Ogata (Japanese), Bob Papenbrook (English)
Mr. Fujisawa (藤沢先生 Fujisawa-sensei ?)
The teacher of Tenchi's class, bears a resemblance to Masamichi Fujisawa of El-Hazard, another anime series also produced by AICHe even mentions the magical world.
Voiced by: Kōji Ishii (Japanese), Eddie Frierson (English)
Ine Suzuki (鈴木 イネ Suzuki Ine ?)
A guardian spirit created when Sakuya Kumashiro prayed to the marriage goddess at the Love Knot shrine. Ine Suzuki tried a couple of times to put the thread of fate on Tenchi and Sakuya's fingers during multiple romantic settings, but wasn't able to succeed. Ine Suzuki eventually drew them into her dimension, the hill of legend.
After successfully placing the thread, Ine Suzuki was surprised to see so many threads on Tenchi's finger, as they represnt the rest of the Masaki clan. It drew both Ryoko and Ayeka into her dimension and although they had a little trouble dealing with her thread at first, they break free and make a huge ball of her own thread and crush her to death with it, and sending Ine Suzuki's spirit back to the shrine.
Voiced by: Satoko Kitō (Japanese), Jennifer Darling (English)
Yoshiaki Zumino (ズミノ ヨシアキ Zumino Yoshiaki ?)
A guardian spirit created by Yugi, through a discarded cell phone. He was able to disrupt all cell phone calls, as well as corrupt Washu's surveillance units that were observing Tenchi. Once Washu found out that something was corrupting her units and traced Yoshiaki Zumino's location, Ryoko headed out with Sasami and Ryo-Ohki and easily killed Yoshiaki Zumino.
Voiced by: Wataru Takagi (Japanese), Richard Cansino (English)
Daidara Hoshi (大駄羅法師 Daidarahōshi ?)
A giant construction worker guardian spirit brought to life when Yugi's servant Matori tricked Ryoko, Ayeka, Mihoshi, and Kiyone into building Daidara Hoshi for her in exchange for money. Daidara's job was to build a palace suitable for Yugi.
An enraged Kiyone alongside Mihoshi tried to take him down with their GP blasters, only to find it had no effect. Then Kiyone noticed a weak spot, which Mihoshi admitted she caused when she tripped and made a mess earlier by making a hole in the wall. The two then fired at the weak spot and caused Daidara Hoshi to fall into the bay taking a partly constructed palace with him.
Voiced by: Toshiharu Sakurai (Japanese), Michael Sorich (English)
Satoru Zuimoto (ズイモト サトル Zuimoto Satoru ?)
A monkey guardian spirit created by Yugi to steal the gems from the Masaki clan after Tenchi returns home for their anniversary and have Sakuya Kumashiro blamed for it, when she decided to follow Tenchi and meet his family. After an angry Ryoko left, Washu is able to use a device to track the gems to the real thief Satoru Zuimoto. Ayeka knocked him out of the house with her fan, and following him to the lake where Ryoko was, Ryoko finished him off when she found out the truth.
Voiced by: Masamichi Ohta
Yu-Ohki (雄皇鬼 Yūōki ?)
A cabbit created by Yugi to separate Ryo-ohki from the group after she was blamed by Sasami for damaging Katsuhito's golden statue (which was actually caused by Ryoko and Ayeka who were fighting). Once Sasami found out the truth she and the others (minus Washu and Tenchi) followed them to the moon. After Sasami's feelings got through to Ryo-ohki, Yu-Ohki grew to a giant form, only to defeated by Ryo-ohki's mecha form and ran away. Yu-Ohki was then killed by Yugi.
Voiced by: Toshiharu Sakurai
Pseudo-Dad (オヤジモドキ Oyaji Modoki ?) (PretenDad in Pioneer's subtitles)
A guardian spirit which is a fake of Nobuyuki Masaki created by Matori from one of Nobuyuki's discarded cigarettes. Although her plan was to use him to capture Sakuya Kumashiro and bring her and Tenchi together, Pseudo-Dad had a problem of picking up any pretty woman he sees.
Once Matori had to discipline him, Pseudo-Dad carried out his mission and took Sakuya to the Tsuchida shrine. Matori then lured the real Nobuyuki right to them, and Nobuyuki bought a traffic safety exorcising arrow from the Tsuchida shrine and used it on Pseudo-Dad which finished him off.
Voiced by: Takeshi Aono (Japanese), Bob Papenbrook (English)
Masayo Manuketa (マヌケダ マサヨ Manuketa Masayo ?)
Masayo Manuketa is one of the twin comets brought to life by Tsugaru, who takes on the form of a female motorcycle racer. She would help Ayeka and Sasami in their attempt to hitchhike their way to Tokyo. During a lunch stop, Masayo tells a story to Ayeka on how she always tunes up her motorcycle to catch her boyfriend, Isao. Touched by their story, Ayeka decides to give up on visiting Tenchi and helps Masayo to reach for Isao instead; reunited, they thank Ayeka and Sasami and go back to their galaxy.
Voiced by: Shinobu Adachi (Japanese), Lara Cody (English)
Isao Ketauchi (ケタウチ イサオ Ketauchi Isao ?)
Isao Ketauchi is one of the twin comets who takes on the form of a male track sprinter who had become a living legend among bikers. Eventually for Masayo to catch up with Isao, Ayeka, Sasami, and Ryo-ohki had to jump from the sidecar on Masayo's bike to lighten the weight and make it go faster. Masayo and Isao then immediately went back to being comets.
Voiced by: Takehiro Murozono
Sadako Ikarinu (イカリーヌ 定子 Ikarīnu Sadako ?)
Sadako Ikarinu was a masked joshi puroresu (female professional wrestler). Yugi brings Sadako's spirit back to life as a guardian spirit from her mask. Her goal was to prevent Amagasaki from interfering during Tenchi and Sakuya's meetings. Amagasaki eventually defeated her with one of his own wrestling moves on the school roof.
(Note: Based on actual female wrestler Sadako Inokari from the 1950s.)
Voiced by: Mizue Ohtsuka (Japanese), Brianne Siddall (English)
Empress Hinase (樋拿畝 ?)
The Jurai Empress from 3,500 years who had sealed away Yugi. Although she knew that Yugi wasn't intentionally harming the Jurai people with her playful mischief, Hinase still sealed Yugi away as her power was simply too dangerous to allow her to roam unchecked.
(Note: Empress Hinase's appearance is similar to Tokimi in the OVA.)
Voiced by: Yuriko Yamaguchi (Japanese), Brianne Siddall (English)

Broadcast history

Tenchi in Tokyo was broadcast on TV Tokyo from 1 April 1997 to 23 September 1997.

The English-dubbed version was picked up by Cartoon Network in 2000 for broadcast on its Toonami block (US and Europe). The Toonami version was edited for content, and featured custom opening and closing credits.

After Cartoon Network's rights to broadcast the show expired, International Channel picked up the rights to air the dubbed version in 2004.

The Spanish dub (co-produced by Cloverway Inc.) was broadcast on Univision.


  • Opening Theme: Yume wa doko e itta? [Where Did the Dream Go?] (performed by Linda Yamamoto)
  • Ending Theme: Yamerarenai, Yamerarenai! [Unstoppable, Unstoppable!] (performed by the Japanese Tenchi Muyo cast)
  • 2nd Ending Theme (episode 24): Kataomoi [Unrequited Love] (performed by Mayumi Iizuka)
  • Background Music: Shunsuke Kikuchi


  • In episode 9, a commercial plays after Ayeka's show was finished, with the caption reading, "Denchi muyo!" (No need for batteries!).
  • In episode 10, Pretty Sammy appears twice: she first appears on one of the photo booths, and on the karaoke monitor (alongside Pixy Misa, wearing the Magical Project S version of her costume).
  • In episode 22, Rio Kinezono and Yuji Naruo (from Burn Up W) have a cameo appearance, appearing as a dating couple witnessing Yugi's descent into Earth. Also, Photon (from the anime series Photon) appears in this episode.

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