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Tenchi wo Kurau
Genre Historical, Fantasy
Author Hiroshi Momomiya
Publisher Shueisha
Demographic Shōnen
Volumes 7
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Tenchi o Kurau (天地を喰らう?, "The Devouring of Heaven and Earth") is the manga authored by Hiroshi Momomiya. The storyline is set at Three Kingdoms period, when Western Shu, Northern Wei and Eastern Wu battled to conquer all China.


Liu Bei is the descendent of Liu Sheng, prince Jing of Zhongshan of the Han Dynasty. Cao Cao is the adopted grandchild of Cao Teng, a eunuch in the palace. Sun Jian is the governor of Jiangdong. The three show their marvelous leading-role to divide China to three states: Shu, Wei and Wu.

Liu Bei meets a beautiful giant heavenly being in heaven, and she gives him the power to conquer the country. He meets and swears to be brothers with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

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