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The volcano of Teneguia in 2006.
Elevation 439 metres (1,440 ft)[1]
Location La Palma, Canary Islands
Coordinates 28°28′N 17°51′W / 28.467°N 17.85°W / 28.467; -17.85Coordinates: 28°28′N 17°51′W / 28.467°N 17.85°W / 28.467; -17.85
Type Cinder cone [2]
Last eruption 1971[3]

Teneguía is a cinder cone [4] volcano situated on the island of La Palma, one of the Canary Islands.

1971 Eruption

This volcano is the source of the last volcanic eruption on Spanish soil –from October 26 to November 28, 1971. Earthquakes preceded the eruption. The eruption killed an elderly fisherman who had come too close to the lava and asphyxiated.

The eruption also caused some property damage and destroyed a beach, though a new one was later formed by natural means. Populated zones were not affected.

The volcano has become a spot for tourism and forms part of the Monumento Natural de Los Volcanes de Teneguía.


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