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Tennessee Temple University
TTU Logo.jpg
Motto Distinctively Christian
Established 1946
Type Private
President Dr. Danny Lovett
Students roughly 500
Location Chattanooga, Tennessee
Campus Downtown
Mascot Crusaders

Tennessee Temple University is a four-year private Christian university located in Chattanooga, Tennessee with focus on a liberal arts education.



Lee Roberson led Highland Park Baptist Church in the creation of the Tennessee Temple schools in 1946. Originally a two-year college and Bible school, it soon expanded to a four-year college, Bible school, and seminary. University status was granted in 1979. Tennessee Temple University received full accreditation by the American Association of Bible Colleges in 1984. Since September 2000 it has been accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS)[1], which is recognized by the US Department of Education and the Council on Higher Education Accreditation.

A new administration was implemented in May 2005, with Danny Lovett as the new university president. In March 2008 Lovett announced in the chapel services and at Highland Park Baptist Church that Tennessee Temple University will be providing distance education programs in addition to their residential programs and also have the DE programs available in the countries of Vietnam and Iraq.

Student life

Female students are currently housed in DeMoss Hall, with males being housed in the Wagner-Alumni and Lennon dormitories. The campus cafeteria serves three meals on Sunday, two on Saturday, and is open from 7:15-7:00 p.m on weekdays. There is a post office, bookstore, coffeeshop and computer lab. The Cierpke Memorial Library contains thousands of volumes as well as a quiet study area and a large research department. Spiritual enrichment is an important part of campus life; chapel is held twice a week and all students are required to attend. Prayer groups are held on Monday nights in the dormitories. Campus activities include a Homecoming formal, a yearly Missions conference, the Judgment Day production, and various student-led trips and outings.

Athletics include men and women's basketball, men and women's soccer, men's baseball, and women's volleyball. The Crusaders are a part of NCCAA.

Church attendance is seen as a vital part of a student's growth. All students are required to connect with a local church and attend faithfully. Freshmen are required to attend Highland Park Baptist Church for the first semester.

TTU holds to "the historical Baptist position regarding doctrine and conduct." Students are expected to abide by the Handbook and the guidelines therein. Curfew is at midnight. Male students may be in the lobby of the women's dorm between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. but are not allowed in the living area. Public displays of affection between the opposite gender are limited to hand-holding. Male students must keep their hair neatly trimmed and are not allowed to have ear or body piercing. Female students may wear earrings. Students may not wear shorts in any of the academic buildings before 6 p.m. Shorts and athletic wear are not permitted in class or chapel. Skirts must come to the back of the knee when sitting and standing. Drinking, smoking, and gambling are against the Handbook and students who participate in these activities are subject to disciplinary action. Students may not hold jobs that require them to work during Sunday services or wherein they participate in the serving or production of alcohol. Hairstyles must be modest and natural in color. [2]

Student government

The Student Government Association of TTU is currently undergoing vast restructuring to make it less of a student-activities oriented organization to an actual, functioning SGA.

Educational Departments

Tennessee Temple University has several departments of studies ranging from Bible and Pastoral majors to Math and Computers, as well as a Highly ranked Sign Language/Deaf Studies Department. Below is the list of departments and information on the department:

Bible Department

Headed by Dr David Kemp (Th.G., B.S., B.A., M.Div., Baptist Bible College; D.Min., Temple Baptist Seminary.), this is the largest Department in the University, encompassing approximately half of the students in the school. The majors covered include Missions, Pastoral Ministry, Youth Ministry, and Women's Ministry.

Business Department

This department, headed by Dr Mark Brown, is the next largest department. Many of the athletic program students are involved in this department.

Sign Language Department

Headed by Mrs. Lisa Godfrey (Former president of the Chattanooga Chapter of the Tennessee Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (CCTRID)).


Headed by Dr. DAVID E. DEARDORFF, this department, in addition to standard psychology majors, has majors for Christian Counseling and a psychology major with concentration in Deaf studies.


Though mostly focused on ministry leaders, this department, headed by Dr William Knowles, also has Music Education and performance majors.


Chaired by President Emeritus Dr Roger Stiles, the education department is the largest percentage of faculty members with the largest number of majors available, including both primary and secondary education majors. [3]


Name Known for Relationship to Tennessee Temple University
Dallas Willard Professor at the University of Southern California B.A. in Psychology, 1956
Kevin Malone Former general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers
Jerry Fallwell [4] Senior Pastor at Thomas Road Baptist Church and Founder/Chancellor of Liberty University


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