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Branched ("Edasen" 枝銭) Mon coins of the Tenpō period.

Tenpō (天保 ?) was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō, ?, lit. "year name") after Bunsei and before Kōka. The period spanned the years from 1830 through 1844. The reigning emperor was Ninko-tennō (仁孝天皇 ?).


Change of era

  • Tenpō gannen (天保元年 ?); December 10, 1830: In the 13th year of Bunsei, the new era name of Tenpō (meaning "Heavenly Imperial Protection") was created to mark the disasters of a great fire in Edo and an earthquake at Kyoto. The new era name was created from an hortatory aphorism: "Respect and worship the Ways of heaven. Eternally keep the Mandate of Heaven" (欽崇道、永天命).

Events of the Tenpō era

Japanese drawing of the Morrison, anchored in front of Uraga in 1837.
  • Tenpō 14 (April 25, 1843): Earthquake in Yezo, Kushiro, Nemuro (Latitude: 41.800/Longitude: 144.800), 8.4 magnitude on the Richter Scale.[1]
  • Tenpō 15 (1844):
    • Saitō Hajime born in Edo.
    • Tenpō Calendar Revision.
    • Great Tenpō Famine.
    • Tenpō Insurrection in Chōshū.
    • Tenpō Reform.
    • Fire in Edo Castle.


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  • "The Japanese Calendar", National Diet Library—historical overview plus illustrative images from library's collection
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