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Teodoro de Villa Diaz

Background information
Also known as Teddy Diaz
Born April 1, 1963(1963-04-01)
Died August 21, 1988 (aged 25)
Genres Pinoy Rock
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1985-1988
Labels OctoArts International
Associated acts The Dawn
Notable instruments
Gibson Les Paul
Ibanez GRG

Teodoro de Villa Diaz, more popularly known as Teddy Diaz (April 1, 1963 - August 21, 1988), was the founding guitarist of the Filipino rock band The Dawn. At the height of his career and at the peak of The Dawn's popularity in the late 1980s, he was stabbed to death in front of his girlfriend's house by two bystanders allegedly under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

In spite of his early demise, his influence is still felt among many guitarists in the Philippines today and he has become a legend among many Filipino musicians. The Dawn, and the Filipino music industry also consider Diaz to be the band's driving force until today. In memory of Diaz, The Dawn has recorded a song that pays tribute to him: I Stand With You.[1]



Teddy's father was the Filipino actor Vic Diaz of Sampaguita Pictures fame; his grandfather was Pompeyo Diaz, a judge. He was a godchild of the "King of Philippine Movies", the late Fernando Poe, Jr.

Teddy Diaz was born on April Fools' Day, and was often teased because of this. He was the first grandchild on both sides of his family. Diaz had two brothers, Carl and Loren.

Education and talents

"He was almost like a myth to us. There’s this rocker who never smoked, never drank alcohol and was also very in touch with his spiritual side. Teddy heard mass and prayed the novena everyday. He was also friends with the Sisters of The Holy Spirit. These people gave him the book "The Dawning of The Holy Spirit" from where he lifted the name of our band."

Teddy Diaz spent both grade school and high school in his father and grandfather's alma mater, Ateneo de Manila University. After graduating from high school, he enrolled at the University of the Philippines as an architecture student and stayed there for three years. He transferred to the Philippine Women's University after his third year in UP and took up music with guitar as his major.

Aside from being a musician, Diaz was also gifted with a talent in drawing. He would spend time with Fine Arts students in PWU, and would draw comic book characters and different electric guitar designs for relaxation.


After performing live at "Martin After Dark", a show hosted by Martin Nievera, on August 21, 1988, the members of The Dawn went their separate ways and Diaz proceeded to his girlfriend's home in Quezon City. As he was approaching the gate to the dwelling, he was accosted by two drunken men. Diaz gave them his wallet; however, one of the men, who was armed with a knife, began stabbing Diaz. Wounds on Diaz's left arm indicated that he may have tried to parry the blows, but a knife thrust to his throat caused massive bleeding, eventually leading to his death.[2]

Teddy Diaz's murderer was apprehended by police a week later, tried in court, convicted and remanded to the custody of authorities at the New Bilibid Prison. Members of The Dawn state that the convict had since died in incarceration.[2]

Influence on other artists

  • Perfecto de Castro, former guitarist of Rivermaya, was inspired to study the guitar upon seeing Teddy Diaz perform with The Dawn in a concert in 1987.[3]
  • Former Afterimage guitarist and 6Cycle Mind's founding lead guitarist Chuck Isidro is also influenced by Teddy Diaz. He treasures a poster of Teddy Diaz kept in his room, which he got during his pre-teen years.[citation needed]
  • INTRoVOYS was mentored by Teddy Diaz. One of the songs, "Radio", on their 2005 release, A Brighter Day, was originally arranged by Teddy Diaz back in 1987.[citation needed]

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