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Tere Bina Jiya Nahin Jaye
Directed by Swapna Joshi
Produced by Studio 18
Starring Himesh Reshammiya
Lakshmi Rai
Shruti Agrawal
Music by Himesh Reshammiya
Studio Studio 18
Distributed by T-Series
Release date(s) November 5 2010
Country India India
Language Hindi

Tere Bina Jiya Nahin Jaye (formerly Hhey Gujju) is an upcoming 2010 Bollywood romantic comedy film, directed by Swapna Joshi for Studio 18.[1][2][3][4] After production difficulties, Studio 18 decided in December 2008 to rename the film after the Himesh Reshammiya song Tere Bina Jiya Nahin Jaye.[1]

The film stars Reshammiya in double roles.[5] Shooting began in April 2008, in Mumbai and is expected to be released in 2010.[5][6][7][8]



Originally titled HHey Gujju, Tere Bina Jiya Nahin Jaye is Himesh Reshammiya's next film with Studio 18. Originally Himesh's Karzzzz director Satish Kaushik was to direct, but Studio 18 brough Swapna Joshi in as director in 2008. The film has Himesh Reshammiya playing a double role for the first time and has been designed as a comedy.[5]

Its original title Hhey Gujju was because Reshammiya plays two different Gujarati characters. One named Karsanlal Trikamlal Gandhi, ia a bhai localite from Rajkot (Gujarat) who settled in Delhi's Chandni Chowk region.[5] The other is Akash Patel, a cool Gujarati NRI Casanova who stays abroad.[5] When Trikamlal and Akash come face-to-face, a comedy of errors take place. As is a tradition with Reshammiya's films, there will be introducing of two new leading ladies opposite him.[5] Lakshmi Rai has already shot two song sequences and is waiting for the movie’s release.[9]

The film is set for November 5 2010 release. This will be the fifth movie for Himesh Reshammiya in 2010.




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