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Animated image depicting U.S. territorial growth
Census Bureau map depicting territorial acquisitions and dates of statehood, probably created in the 1970s or thereabouts
A government map, probably created in the mid-20th century, that depicts a simplified history of territorial acquisitions within the continental United States
Map of current US states that are direct successor states of the original Thirteen Colonies that declared independence from Great Britain in 1776. Indirect successor states (Maine, West Virginia), the District of Columbia and states that acceded to the union after the American Revolutionary War are not included

This is a simplified list of United States territorial acquisitions, beginning with American independence. Note that this list primarily concerns land acquired from other nation-states; the numerous territorial acquisitions from American Indians are not listed here. This list excludes U.S. protectorates (like Nicaragua from 1912-33) and territories like Liberia from 1822-47.

National Atlas map (circa 2005) depicting territorial acquisitions.

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