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Test, TEST or Tester may refer to:

An evaluation of people

In science and technology


  • Jon Tester (born 1956), junior Senator from Montana, a Democrat.
  • Ralph Tester, head of the Testery, a British codebreaking station at Bletchley Park
  • Andrew Martin (1975–2009), professional wrestler who used the ring name "Test"

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  1. (cricket) (sometimes test) a Test match



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Test m. (genitive Tests or Testes, plural Tests)

  1. test


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  • Maybe parent "has family" (subpagename of father/family1-9). Each has properties children, marriage fields, spouses, sources.
Events for Abraham Lincoln (1965)
Event Date End date Locality State/Province Country Coord Sources
Birth 1809-02-12 n/a Georgetown, South Carolina xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy
Death 1 BC n/a xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy
Burial/ Ashes/ Remains Location 1 BC n/a xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy
Baptism /Christening 1 BC n/a xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy
Residence(s) 1 BC xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy
Occupations(s) 1 BC xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy xyzzy
Assertions about this individual
Property Value Source(s)
Spouse(s) xyzzy xyzzy
Marriage(s) (Unions, child producing relationships) Union:Holmes (c1535)-Riggs (1589)
Article name Abraham Lincoln (1965)
Page name (of page with this data) test
Sex / Gender M/F/Q M
Surname (last name) xyzzy
Given (first) name xyzzy
Middle name xyzzy
Title xyzzy
Full name longest version of name
Short name xyzzy
Alternative names Billy Bob
Father Edward Riggs (1589) xyzzy
Mother xyzzy xyzzy
Image xyzzy xyzzy
Image caption xyzzy
Image width xyzzy
Signature xyzzy xyzzy
Citizen of xyzzy
Nationality xyzzy
Religion xyzzy
Honors xyzzy
Public service xyzzy
Education xyzzy xyzzy
Schools xyzzy
Emigration xyzzy
Physical description xyzzy xyzzy
Caste / social class (only if self identified) xyzzy
National ID / SSN (only if deceased) 394-32-5400
Ethnicity / tribal affiliation (list- be as specific as possible- not Bantu, but Template:WP) Pawnee,French,Karapapak
Haplogroup mtdna xyzzy xyzzy
Haplogroup ydna xyzzy xyzzy
Family tree order YSTR 37 12,24,14,11,14,16,12,12,12,13,13,29,19,9,10,11,11,25,15,19,29,15,15,17,17,11,10,19,23,15,15,17,18,37,38,12,12 xyzzy
Family tree order YSTR 67 12,24,14,11,14,16,12,12,12,13,13,29,19,9,10,11,11,25,15,19,29,15,15,17,17,11,10,19,23,15,15,17,18,37,38,12,12, 11\9,15,16,8,10,10,8,11,10,12,21,23,16,10,12,12,15,8,12,23,20,13,12,11,13,11,11,12,12,??
Genetic Father (leave blank if same as father) xyzzy
Genetic Mother (leave blank if same as mother) xyzzy
General Sources
Ancestral File Number (AFN) at familysearch.com xyzzy
Genealogics Person ID xyzzy
Short description (of individual) He was born then died.
Short description (es) xyzzy
Wikipedia lang/article en:Abaraham Lincoln,ru:Линкольн, Авраам
Facts about TestRDF feed
Alternative names Billy Bob  +
Article Abraham Lincoln (1965)  +
Baptism country Xyzzy  +
Baptism locality Xyzzy  +
Baptism sources
Baptism state Xyzzy  +
Birth country Xyzzy  +
Birth date 12 February 1809  +
Birth locality Georgetown, South Carolina  +
Birth sources
Birth state Xyzzy  +
Caste Xyzzy  +
Citizen of xyzzy  +
Death country Xyzzy  +
Death locality Xyzzy  +
Death sources
Death state Xyzzy  +
Description-en He was born then died.
Description-es xyzzy
Education xyzzy  +
Education sources xyzzy  +
Emigration xyzzy  +
Familysearch afn xyzzy  +
Father Edward Riggs (1589)  +
Father sources xyzzy  +
Full name longest version of name  +
Genealogics pid xyzzy  +
Genetic father Xyzzy  +
Genetic mother Xyzzy  +
Given name xyzzy  +
Honors xyzzy
Image Xyzzy  +
Image caption xyzzy  +
Image sources xyzzy  +
Marriage Union:Holmes (c1535)-Riggs (1589)  +
Middle name Xyzzy  +
Mother Xyzzy  +
Mother sources xyzzy  +
Mtdna Xyzzy  +
Mtdna sources xyzzy  +
National id 394-32-5400  +
Nationality xyzzy  +
Obit sources xyzzy  +
Occupation country xyzzy  +
Occupation ended Xyzzy  +
Occupation locality xyzzy  +
Occupation sources xyzzy  +
Occupation state xyzzy  +
Pagename test  +
Physical description xyzzy  +
Physical sources xyzzy  +
Public service xyzzy  +
Religion xyzzy  +
Remains country Xyzzy  +
Remains locality Xyzzy  +
Remains state Xyzzy  +
Residence country xyzzy  +
Residence ended Xyzzy  +
Residence locality xyzzy  +
Residence sources xyzzy  +
Residence state xyzzy  +
Schools xyzzy  +
Sex M  +
Short name xyzzy  +
Signature Xyzzy  +
Signature sources xyzzy  +
Spouse Xyzzy  +
Spouses sources xyzzy  +
Surname xyzzy  +
Title xyzzy  +
Wikipedia en:Abaraham Lincoln,ru:Линкольн, Авраам  +
Ydna Xyzzy  +
Ydna sources xyzzy  +
Ystr ftd-67 12,24,14,11,14,16,12,12,12,13,13,29,19,9,10,11,11,25,15,19,29,15,15,17,17,11,10,19,23,15,15,17,18,37,38,12,12, 11\9,15,16,8,10,10,8,11,10,12,21,23,16,10,12,12,15,8,12,23,20,13,12,11,13,11,11,12,12,??  +
Ystr ftd37 12,24,14,11,14,16,12,12,12,13,13,29,19,9,10,11,11,25,15,19,29,15,15,17,17,11,10,19,23,15,15,17,18,37,38,12,12  +
Ystr sources Xyzzy  +

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Simple English

A test is a way of checking something to see if it is true, or false, or if it is edible or not. If something can be tested, or finishes the tests correctly, it is testable.



Products are usually tested for quality, and so that many customers will get the best products.


People are tested to see what they have learned. This is often called an assess/assessment or examine/examination. In learning, a test item is a question, or set of questions on a test.

People and animals can also be tested for illnesses. For example, a blood test can be used to check for disease.

Rarely, people use "tests" to check people's hearts. For instance, in a famous rap song, in Korea, the lyrics were about a boyfriend, telling his girlfriend, "I'm sorry, but I must tell you we have to break up. I do not love you, I have to tell you. Forgive me, but I have to tell you. It's all a test." - Many people accuse this theory as an "excuse to be offensive" or an "excuse to break up with his girlfriend", so it does not count very logically in the "test" page.


In science, tests are called experiments. These are done to check for a presence of a substance, or to check the quality of the thing being tested.


In software engineering, a test is used to determine a characteristic of a software system. Software is tested before it is released. Alpha testing is where software developers check the software for bugs. Software can also be checked for quality and usability. Beta testing is done by groups of users.


Cars and other vehicles are tested using a crash test. The car is put under severe conditions to see what will make it fail. Other machines can also be crash tested. Crash test dummies stand in for humans. They 'sit' in the car seat to see if a human in the crash would have been injured or killed. Crash tests cost a lot of money.


The River Test is a chalk stream in the south of England. The river is used a lot for trout fishing. The river starts near Overton, in Hampshire and ends at the sea at the head of Southampton Water.

Sometimes, though perhaps not often, police officers use "tests" to find out criminals, by measuring their pulse or heartbeat when asking questions.

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