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Texas Heeler
Country of origin United States

The Texas Heeler is a non pure bred dog found mainly in Texas. They are a cross or mix between the Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collies, and/or the Australian Shepherd. They are bred mainly for their ability to work cattle.[1] Although, they were found mainly on ranches in the past, they are currently being enjoyed in dog sports such as agility, frisbee and Rally Obedience also.


Texas Heelers are medium sized dogs that generally weigh between 25 - 50 pounds (11–23 kg). Their coats can vary in texture and color including black or merle with white and / or tan trim. They usually have smooth or medium length coats (1 to 3 inches). Texas Heelers are generally prick eared, but their ears may also fold over. They usually stand between 17-22 inches (43-61 cm) tall.


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