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Texe Marrs
Born Texe W. Marrs
Spouse(s) Wanda J. Marrs

Texe W. Marrs is an American author[1] and conspiracy theorist. He lives in Spicewood, Texas.[1] Prior to 1987 he was a prolific author of nonfiction books on career preparation and other subjects. His book Dark Secrets of the New Age was published by Crossway Books[2] in 1987 and became a #1 bestseller in the Christian book market in 1988, on the momentum of growing alarm at the time within evangelical Christianity about the New Age Movement. He followed that up with another book, Mystery Mark of the New Age, also published by Crossway Books. Subsequent books took on a much more outspoken tone as he started writing books alleging a vast world conspiracy involving Freemasonry, the Illuminati and Zionism. His books since 1989 have been self-published.



Texe Marrs was assistant professor of aerospace studies, teaching American Defense Policy, strategic weapons systems, and related subjects at the University of Texas at Austin from 1977 to 1982. He has also taught international affairs, political science, and psychology for two other universities. A graduate Summa Cum Laude from Park College, Kansas City, Missouri, he earned his Master’s degree at North Carolina State University.


The Mattel Toy Co.

In March 1997, Texe Marrs stated:

Even our children are being stealthily indoctrinated into the new faith... The Mattel Toy Co. has introduced its new 'Goddess of the Sun' Barbie doll. Is this the Whore of Babylon spirit, alive and with us today?

New International Version of the Bible

In August 1997, he claimed that the New International Version of the Bible is a feminist book for the New Age.

American government and the FBI

In a Power of Prophecy radio program on Feb 16, 2008 in a show title, The Rise of the Illuminati Psychopaths and The Savage Horror of America’s Coming Gloom, Marrs states that the FBI shoots people's pets, as was the case at Ruby Ridge. He also claimed that the USA lies about terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and further hinted that the American government could be making up bombing incidents in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.[3]

Marrs is quoted as saying from the program, The Rise of the Illuminati Psychopaths and The Savage Horror of America’s Coming Gloom show:

America is a psycopathic nation[3]
A church can become dysfunctional because a psycopath gains control, and it's not always the pastor...soon the whole church goes insane[3]

John Hagee

On the Power of Prophecy radio program show on Feb 23, 2008 titled, “Jesus Is Not Israel's Messiah”—A Profile of John Hagee, Marrs criticized televangelist John Hagee for his claims that Jesus is not the Jewish messiah with these statements:

He may be possessed by Satan[4]
Most of these fakers have diploma mill [degrees][4]
His books are ghost written[4]
John Hagee is a faker[4]

Marrs also claimed on that show that John Hagee is a false prophet, part of the Judaizer movement, an apostate and an Antichrist. He also stated that Hagee attacks the word of God and is in bed with Jews, Lucifer, Satan, and the serpent.

King James Version of the Bible

He is quoted from an article by him stating the King James Version of the Bible to be the “true Word of God”[5].

Controversy and criticism

Marrs has been accused of being anti-Catholic,[6] critical of Freemasonry[6][7], and the New Age movement[6]. His critics, like Edward L. King[7], have accused him of anti-Semitism[7]. Marrs' website offers copies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion for sale, saying:

The Illuminati's March of Death as I call it was revealed in advance in the satanically prophetic textbook of terror called The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Read what the Zionist monsters said they were going to do.[8]

Texe Marrs denies harboring anti-Semitic views. In his video, Thunder Over Zion, he states:

If we hated the Jews, we wouldn't want to see them in Heaven with us, would we? We'd want to see them go to Hell. But it's the Christian who truly loves the Jews, who truly wants the best for them. And that's why we preach to the Jews, as well as to gentiles.

In Power of Prophecy, October 2002, Marrs states:

No Christian can be an anti-Semite. I cry tears for the Jewish men, women, and children about to be unknowingly sacrificed on the altar of Mammon. I plead with my Saviour, Jesus: Forgive them, Lord, they know not what they do.

Along with The Judas Goats,[9] and The New Jerusalem, whose description[10] states:

The Jews rule over us, and nothing will ever be the same.

Marrs claims on his website that entire congregations of Baptist, Pentecostal, even Presbyterian and others denominational churches are:

going Jew! And their pastors demand to be called “Rabbi”. Their people are wearing Jewish garments and are into Yiddish songs and dancing in a circle. Meanwhile, some are working on a Christian Talmud, a book of laws and traditions for all Christians to obey.[11]

In December 1999 U.S. News and World Report reported that Texe Marrs and David Icke had alleged that former President and Vice President George H.W. Bush had been involved in a black mass .[12]

Marrs stated in August 2007:

Now let's get this straight. You're a pastor of a church supposedly or a bishop. A guy in your church is a big homosexual faggot, and he's a U.S. senator, but you know people might accuse you of meddling if you told him if that's a sin and that he's going to have to leave the church if he doesn't change.[13]

Constance Cumbey, the author of the first major evangelical book on the New Age Movement, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, has charged Texe Marrs with plagiarism and sensationalizing a serious subject to the detriment of its credibility.[14]

Christian Apologist Dr. James White stated on his website concerning Texe Marrs:

Some people don't seem to mind looking silly. Comics will often employ absurdity as an agent of humor in their routines. But when a person claims to be a minister of the gospel, and yet engages in the most egregiously ridiculous thinking and arguing, something is seriously wrong.[15]


Marrs has produced numerous videos about the emergence of a "New World Order", the "Illuminati", and other Jewish plots allowing his listeners to freely distribute VHS and DVD copies of his films, as well as via the Internet for educational purposes and to oppose the "New World Order".

  • A.D. 2000—Year of Destiny: Astounding Events to Shake the Earth as We Move into the New Millennium February 1, 1999
  • Y2K—Hidden Dangers of Martial Law and a Police State March 1, 1999
  • Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos: The Coming Great Food Shortages in America May 1, 1999
  • Sting of the Iron Beast—The Wicked New World Order Army and the Rise of the Fourth Beast Kingdom June 1, 1999
  • The Secret Brotherhood July 1, 1999
  • The Coming Great Thirst: That Astonishing Day Just Ahead When Water Shall Be No More September 1, 1999
  • Nightstalkers Over America—Urban Warrior Exercises and Our Gestapo Police State October 1, 1999
  • Cauldron of Abaddon - From Jerusalem and Israel Flow a Torrent of Satanic Evil and Mischief Endangering the Whole World
  • Gulag U.S.A. - Concentration Camps in America
  • Illuminati Mystery Babylon - The Hidden Elite of Israel, America, and Russia, and Their Quest for Global Dominion
  • Leviathan In Space - Strange Mysteries, Oddities, and Monstrosities of the U.S space program
  • "The Eagle Has Landed!"—Magic, Alchemy, and the Illuminati Conquest of Outer Space
  • Tower of Infamy—The Illuminati, Secret Societies, Reverend Moon, and the Buying and Selling of Televangelists and Other Famous-Name Christian Leaders
  • Vatican Rising—The Seduction of Christianity and the Triumph of Rome
  • The Bloodstained Hands of Big Brother Government
  • The Freeman Perspective: Codex Magica
  • Project L.U.C.I.D. - The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System
  • The Green Barbarians—The Environmentalist Plot to Destroy the Earth and Launch a New Holocaust
  • Masonic Lodge Over Jerusalem
  • Monuments To the Beast - Occultic Architecture
  • Thunder Over Zion - Illuminati Bloodlines and the Secret Plan For a Jewish Utopia and a New World Messiah
  • Sting of the Iron Beast - The Wicked New World Order Army And the Rise of the Fourth Beast Kingdom
  • Planet X - Dark Red Star On a Collision Course With Earth
  • Is the Pope Catholic? Shocking New Revelations About the World's Most Powerful Religious Leader
  • Satan's New Age Plan For a One World Order
  • The Coming Great Thirst - That Astonishing Day When Water Shall Be No More
  • Lumen 2000 - The Pope's Secret Plan For Global Supremacy in the New Millennium
  • Secret Societies and the Illuminati
  • Big Sister is Rising: Hillary's Hellcats
  • The Blind & The Dead—Greedy Evangelists and Religious Charlatans Leading the World into a Spiritual Wasteland
  • Satan's Fingerprints in the New Bible Versions
  • Unholy Bible Versions of the New Age'


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  • You and the Armed Forces, ARCO, 1983.
  • Careers in Computers: The High-Tech Job Guide, Monarch Press, 1984.
  • How to Prepare for the Armed Forces Test - ASVAB, Barrons, 1984.
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  • High Technology Careers, Dow Jones & Irwin, 1986.
  • Preparation for the Armed Forces Test, MacMillan, 1986.
  • The Woman's Guide to Military Service, Texe Marrs and Karen Read, Liberty Publishing Company, 1987.
  • Rush to Armageddon, Tynsdale, 1987.
  • Dark Secrets of the New Age, Crossway Books, 1987.
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  • Futuristic Careers: Jobs Today in the 21st Century Fields, Scott Foresman & Co, 1988.
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  • America Shattered, 1991.
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  • Big Sister Is Watching You: Hillary Clinton and the White House Feminists Who Now Control America, Living Truth Publishers, 1993.
  • Project L.U.C.I.D.: The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System, Living Truth Publishers, 1996.
  • Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos: The Coming Great Food Shortages in America, Living Truth Publishers, 1999.
  • Millennium: Peace, Promises and the Day They Take Our Money Away, Rivercrest Publishing, 2000.
  • Circle of Intrigue: The Hidden Inner Circle of the Global Illuminati Conspiracy, Rivercrest Publishing, 2000.
  • Codex Magica: Secret Signs, Mysterious Symbols, and Hidden Codes of the Illuminati, Rivercrest Publishing, 2005.
  • The Synagogue of Satan: The Secret History of Jewish World Domination by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, RiverCrest Publishing, March 1, 2007 (Foreword)
  • Mysterious Monuments


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Texe Marrs is an American Texan preacher and conspiracy theorist

Sourcced Quotes

  • "As the above report and photos ... indicate, foreign troops are now permanently stationed in our country... We must steel ourself [sic] for what may soon come. The dark clouds surely are gathering. We may not have much more time." (January 1997)
  • "Even our children are being stealthily indoctrinated into the new faith... The Mattel Toy Co. has introduced its new 'Goddess of the Sun' Barbie doll. Is this the Whore of Babylon spirit, alive and with us today?" (March 1997)
  • "Yes, you and I will continue to pay taxes for the maintenance and upkeep of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. But we no longer own it. Now, the UN has ultimate jurisdiction."

"The UN and its elitist masters don't want you on their property! And in case you do "trespass" and enter forbidden areas of these pristine UN lands, you might just be shot. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agents and park personnel are now taught to love nature's Mother Earth and to despise and loathe human beings. They are being given firearms and instructed to use them. Meanwhile, foreign immigrants from India, China, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Russia and other nations are being recruited for this national park service police duty because, unlike U.S. nationals, non-English speaking foreigners will not hesitate to carry out orders and shoot American citizen "intruders"." (June 1997)

  • "Is the NIV the Feminist Bible for the New Age?" (August 1997)
  • "To the Illuminati, this is a year for which they've long awaited -- the triple witching of the Beast year." (November 1997)
  • "Texe Marrs uncovers insider news the controlled media dare not report: ... Hillary Clinton reveals family secret masquerading as a Christian and Gentile, she's actually Jewish and her grandmother was the Yiddish-speaking Della Rosenberg. Why is the First Lady only now telling the world she's a Jew?" (Secrets (Vol. 39))


  • "Is Ron Paul a Bible-believing Christian that believes in the book of Genesis all the way to Revelation? I seriously doubt that, but compare him to these other clowns. Compare him to these other buffoons. Compare him to these other lying, blaspheming dogs. Am I a bad person for saying things like that? It's just true."

Secrets (Volume 133) 25:10 August 2007

  • "Now let's get this straight. You're a pastor of a church supposedly or a bishop. A guy in your church is a big homosexual faggot, and he's a U.S. senator, but you know people might accuse you of meddling if you told him if that's a sin and that he's going to have to leave the church if he doesn't change."

Secrets (Volume 133) 43:45 August 2007

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