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(fictional) Warner Bros. CEO Thaddeus J. Plotz

Thaddeus J. Plotz (also known as T. P. or Thad) was an animated cartoon character in the 1990s cartoon series Animaniacs, the (fictional) CEO of Warner Bros.

He was very short, and made up for his lack of height by having a very large, impressive chair and a huge desk. He also had a short temper and would be quick to anger. His surname "Plotz" is derived from a Yiddish word meaning "to explode from emotion". He was voiced by Frank Welker.

The episode "The Warners' 65th Anniversary Special" revealed that Plotz had been very prominent in Yakko, Wakko and Dot's career, given that it was he who greenlit their cartoons when they co-starred with Buddy and also eventually decided to drop Buddy in favour of giving the Warners their own series of cartoons. That turned out to be the second-worst mistake of his life (the first being when he let Wakko direct a cartoon). As a result, he ordered the Warners to be locked up in the water tower. (While both Plotz and the Warners' career before 1993 are entirely fictitious, Buddy was an actual cartoon character from that era.)

As revealed in the episode, "Clown and Out", Plotz also has a severe case of coulrophobia, an intense fear of clowns; he also has a case of Schadenfreude, in which he takes pleasure in seeing clowns suffer.

The episode "A Christmas Plotz," a parody of A Christmas Carol with Plotz as the Scrooge figure revealed the most about Plotz. One of the ways he cut costs was to make employees bring their own toilet paper. It also revealed that he hates fruitcake, which everyone gave him for Christmas.

Wakko Warner, as the Ghost Of Christmas Past, showed videos of Plotz declaring he was "mean from the start." At his birth when the doctor gave his mother a bill for his delivery, baby Plotz said he was going to sue him and use the fact the doctor slapped him in his case. The next clip, when he was five and went to see Santa for the first time, he was wearing a similar suit to one he wears as CEO of Warner Bros. He took with him a very long desk and four lawyers who demanded from Santa among other things such as a white horse with a brown tail. Upon watching this Plotz complained that Santa gave him a pony instead of a horse.

The next clip was "the worst"—where Plotz had taken the Warner Bros. company from his own father at Christmas saying he was too old to run it and had to be out of the office by noon. But Plotz didn't consider this cruel himself as he still kept his father's medical benefits going.

He is shown to tolerate the Warners in rare occasions, such as the episodes Hearts of Twilight, Clown and Out, A Very Very Very Very Special Show, though two of them he was working with them for financial reasons.

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