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Thaing is a Burmese term used to classify the indigenous martial systems of ancient Burma (or Myanmar). The word "thaing" loosely translates to "total combat". The forms of thaing include Bando, Lethwei, Banshay and Naban. It was from thaing that the various internal arts and sport offshoots (Min Zin), Burma Yoga (Bando yoga), Monk system (Pongyi thaing) and sporting versions of thaing (Bando kickboxing, Cardio lethwei, Artistic aka) were derived.

Eagle's defense

There were originally nine forms of thaing corresponding to Burma's major ethnic groups. These are the Burmese, Indian, Chinese, Chin, Kachin, Karen, Mon, Talaing and Shan. Although this multitude has been largely eroded today, there are still slight differences in how thaing is practiced in different regions. In Northern Shan areas for example, it is known as Shan thaing. The traditional Burma nantwin (royal) style has been kept secret among the practitioners who choose their students very carefully.

There also is a technique known as thaing byaungbyan (reversed form of thaing) which became well-known among the public. U Maung Lay by his students produced many fine practitioners of this technique.

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