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Thamizh Padam
Directed by C. S. Amudhan
Produced by Dhayanidhi Alagiri
Written by C. S. Amudhan
Starring Shiva
Disha Pandey
Music by Kannan
Cinematography Nirav Shah
Editing by T. S. Suresh
Studio Cloud Nine Movies
Distributed by Y NOT Studios
Release date(s) 29 January 2010
Running time 160 min.
Country  India
Language Tamil
Gross revenue $3 million

Thamizh Padam (English: Tamil Film) is a 2010 Indian Tamil parody film written and directed by debutant C. S. Amudhan, which stars Shiva and newcomer Disha Pandey in the lead roles. The film's plot parodies contemporary commercial films in Tamil cinema, mocking the stereotypical scenes.[1][2]. The film was produced by Dhayanidhi Alagiri's Cloud Nine Movies, and it was released on 29 January 2010 and got mostly positive reviews.It was a superhit movie.



The film starts with the spoof of the popular tamil film Karuththamma where Naattaamai (Ponnambalam) orders to kill a new born baby boy because they go to city, become a star and tell themselves that there are the next C.M. If they don't kill the baby , they will make them to watch Silambarasan's movies a 100 times. A person tries to kill the baby but the baby is saved by its grand mother (Paravai Muniyamma) who takes it to Chennai on a goods train. The Baby then emerges as the hero Siva (Shiva) who answers to the miseries faced by people around him, in a typically heroish manner. Siva always spends his time with his friends, Nakul (M.S.Bhaskar), Siddharth (Manobala) and Bharath (Venniraadai Moorthy). First, Siva attacks some rowdies in a market who try to rape a girl and gives his intro by stretching his leg (imitation of chandramukhi). The gang leader Devaraj (Seenu) (an imitation of Mammootty's character in Thalapathi) visits his assistants and discovers that they were attacked by Siva. The next day, Siva visits Devaraj (he dresses and speaks like 'Baasha' Raghuvaran). Siva shows him that he gets scared of his own friend (who is dressed like and imitates Vikram's Kanthasamy). Devaraj runs away. Siva decides to kill Swarna, a foolish lady rowdy (he remembers her by seeing the photo, like Ghajini Surya). She kidnaps a boy (Ayyappan) and tries to rape him. In time, Siva comes to rescue and kills Swarna by making her slip on a banana peel and get killed. Siva's friend Siddharth tries to impress a girl by riding a cycle but falls down (imitation of boys), Siddharth tells his friends that Shiva met a girl at bookshop and they tried to get the same book , 'love and love only' but he realizes that the girl is married (imitation of kadhalukku mariyadhai). Nakul's father scolds him that saying that the cigarette which he smokes, is the blood of his father (imitation of 7G Rainbow colony). Shiva also falls in love with his classmate, Priya (Disha Pandey)and he first saw her at road where she fights a lady(imitation of mozhi) , for siva love starts when the bell rangs and light sparkles , he knows about her through her friend sheela (ammu) and tries first to reciprocate his love by telling 'i love you' in mike but did'nt tell (imitation of mouna raagam)and she accepts his love because he did bharatanatyam to her saying that he had made a picture of her through the sweat and blood flowing on the floor through his body and ultimately creating a picture of a monkey(imitation of kadhalan).They both then sing a song with no proper words. Her father Kodeeswaran (Azhagu (tv actor)) is a politician, as shown in a typical Tamil film. When her father questions him about his status as a person, the hero challenges him (Annamalai) and becomes a millionaire within a 2.50 minute song. -Consequently, the father agrees for their marriage. Siva next tries to kill Sankar (Delhi Ganesh) by doing some circus tricks (an imitation of Kamal's Apoorva Sagodharargal in which he kills Delhi Ganesh). He tries to throw arrows on Sankar many times but doesn't succeed. In the end, Sankar shoots himself with a gun. Siva tries to kill another person (Mahanathi Sankar) with bulls (imitating Anniyan), but the bulls don't obey him. The person laughs so severely and dies of an heart attack as a result. During the marriage ceremony, a person sarcastically hints at the hero is a person who doesn't know his own father. The hero, enraged, then sets on a mission to his native village 'Cinema Patti' to find his parents. Siva and Bharath go there when he sees that a rowdy (imitation of virumaandi)gets arrested. He gets the way of cinemapatti through a railway guard (benjamin). On the ways he meets Shanmugam Shanmugasundaram and knows the details about this village . He finally finds his father Mokkai (Periyardaasan) through a family song which turns out to be the English song (‘Michael Learns To Rock’ number, ‘Someday someway’). As a twist, he is also revealed to be a Police Officer who is on a role in an undercover mission to kill the terrorists in the city. This is a spoof of a popular movie Pokkiri. On the way to Pondicherry, he speaks about his police work to Priya. He seems to have sent a missile which backfired to the Commissioner's Office which destroyed the building. As a result, he got dismissed. He then worked as a security guard, unable to give up his Khaki clothes. The commissioner calls Siva back to do the undercover operation but he rejects. When the C.M. of Tamilnadu and the P.M. of India request him on this, he rejects them similarly. Finally, when US President Obama requests him to do the job, he accepts because "Obama is his family friend". When in Pondichery, he sleeps and gets beaten by D's assistants (imitation of kaakha kaakha). It is revealed that the people who were killed by Siva are the assistants of "D". Siva kills another man with the bad odour of his sock. Priya is kidnapped by D's gang. Siva is admitted to a hospital. When one of the rowdies shoot Priya, Shiva suddenly wakes up and the doctor informs everyone of a "medical miracle!". Then, even as the bullet travels towards Priya, he travels to the place where she is held, and saves her in the end. On the way to kill D, he overcomes challenges - using rubber slippers to escape from an electric shock, using a balloon to suck the air, walking on fire by using the 'karakaatam' technique. he found the identity of D , it is none other than his grandma, she tells that she had done this only to make him famous . Siva sadly arrests her and takes D to court , Sundaram I.P.S (meesai rajendran) tries to shoot her but Siva kills him. Siva is arrested and proceeded to court. Shanmugam comes there , it is revealed that he is a CBI officer he tells that he came to cinemapatti only to follow Siva , but Siva is also the part of this operation , so he left him , Siva killed these people only for the good of nation. Judge (v.s.raghavan) tells that he wanted to finish this case on date 21 , but he has a function in his home due to this he tells the case that Siva is released and he will be a DGP inspector. The film ends with Siva walking happily and a quote narrated by the movie's director C.S.Amudhan - "Even though his path is full of thorns and stones, he still walks, because walking reduces BP and cholestrol." The credits roll.



The movie had a wide expectation based on the viral marketing campaign that the producers undertook with popular movie stills being parodied as a part of the promotion strategy. This movie released along with Goa and emerged the box office winner[3]. The movie had a very warm welcome amidst movie freaks and the audience in the 20-30 age group. The movie garnered favorable ratings on the user ratings aggregating site 'Claps and Boos'[4]

Movies Spoofed

  • Karuththamma - The first scene where a person tries to kill a new born baby.
  • Boys - The introduction scene for Siva's friends. Even the names are a take from the actors in that film.
  • Thalapathi
  • Ghajini - When he looks through the photos to remember the lady rowdy to be killed.
  • Kizhakke Pogum Rail - At Cinemapatti railway station, a lady who's sending messages at the back of the compartment.
  • Pokkiri - When he is revealed to be a undercover cop.
  • Baasha - When he meets a so called villain. The dialogues, settings and even the dialogues mock a similar scene in Baasha.
  • Annamalai - When Siva challenges heroin's father on his status in the society.
  • Sivaji - When he meets the minister for repairing the water pipe and The way he signs the paper in the song.
  • Apoorva Sagodharargal
  • Anniyan - When he tries to kill a person with the help of buffaloes (The buffaloes do not obey him though)
  • Nayagan - When people come asking for repairing the water pipe.
  • Dhool - Swarna akka
  • Mouna Ragam - when Karthik proposes his love
  • Natammai - The village head who comes in the first scene.
  • Chinna Thambi
  • Kaaka Kaaka - When he gets drunk at Pondicherry
  • Siva Manasula Sakthi
  • Dasavatharam
  • Virumaandi - At Cinemapatti railway station, during his father finding mission.
  • Run - When the hero runs away from the rowdies in a subway.
  • Vettaiyadu Vilayadu
  • Kandaswamy - This is interwoven with the Baasha scene in the movie. The man working 'under' the hero is said to be Kandaswamy.
  • Mozhi - The hero sees the heroine in a scene where the heroine is beating up a woman. Also, the 'signals' of falling in love as described in Mozhi are also depicted.
  • Kadhalan - When Shiva goes to Priya's house and dances to win her love
  • Kadhalukku Mariyadhai - When Shiva and Priya want the same book "Love and Love Only".
  • Badri - The "Pacha Manja" song has captions which says that the Hero sang this song.
  • Enga Ooru Pattukaran - The Ramarajan statue spoofs the song Senbagame Senbagame. Ramarajan is called Pasunesan.

People Spoofed

  • Kamal Haasan - When a conversation mentions that Virumaandi is a nice guy and all that he does gets misconstrued
  • Vijay - Right at the beginning, there are references to his punch dialogues.
  • A.R.Rahman - The Judge says that the government has to award the Golden Globes to Siva and Paravai Muniamma says Ella Pugazhum Iraivanukke
  • Fatima Babu & Shobana Ravi- The TV reporter says her name is Fathima Ravi - a combination of the 2 famous newsreaders from Doordarshan days

Other Spoofs


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