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Type Subsidiary (of Comcast)
Founded Seattle, Washington, USA
Headquarters Seattle, Washington, USA
Key people Ian Blaine (CEO)
Industry Video on demand services
Employees 130
Website thePlatform

thePlatform is a Seattle, WA-based online video publishing company, which was acquired by Comcast in 2006.[1] Founded in 2000 by Ian Blaine, Alan Ramaley, Rahul Sonnad, and Andrew Olson, the company works with digital media companies to manage and publish video and audio.



thePlatform was founded in 2000 by Ian Blaine, Andrew Olson, Alan Ramaley, and Rahul Sonnad. Previously, in 1998, Blaine founded an online personal information management company, Uniplanet, which was acquired by NBCi in 1999.


thePlatform's Media Publishing System (mps) is thePlatform's main product offering. This system is composed of four sub-products, mpsManage, mpsConnect, mpsPresent, and mpsExperts.


mpsManage is thePlatform's suite of products centered around publishing online and mobile video. mpsManage includes:

Ingest Service tools for programmatically (or manually) uploading media into thePlatform's management console

Management Console An interface for managing media. Functions of the Console include application of meta-data, application of business policies, and publishing media.

Transcoding Service thePlatform hosts their own transcoding service, available in either a standard farm, or dedicated boxes.

Remote Media Processor For large tasks, thePlatform can deploy a Remote Media Processor.

mps Software Development Kit thePlatform allows for development against their APIs.

CDN and Storage Services CDN and Storage fees integrated into thePlatform's system.


mpsConnect is thePlatform's name for their syndication and distribution services.


mpsPresent is thePlatform's suite of products centered around video display.

Feeds Service A subscription service for online video syndication.

Player Designer A WYSIWYG broadband video player development console.

Player Development Kit Flash-based broadband video development kit.

Community Toolkit A console for application of community features to broadband video.


thePlatform's professional services and technical support offerings.

Purchase by Comcast

In June 2006, Comcast purchased the Seattle-based software company thePlatform. This represented Comcasts' entry into a new line of business, selling software to allow companies to manage their Internet (and IP-based) media publishing efforts.

Internet TV Partnerships

Customers of thePlatform include Verizon Wireless, BBC Worldwide[2], PBS[3], CNBC, CBS College Sports, AP, NBC Local, and HiT Entertainment. thePlatform also provides media access for Hulu, the joint venture by NBC Universal and News Corporation providing on-demand, ad-supported television programming owned by NBC, Universal Studios, and Fox_Tv.


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