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The 39 Clues
The 39 Clues Set.jpg
The 39 Clues Books and Card Packs since February 2010
The Maze of Bones
One False Note
The Sword Thief
Beyond the Grave
The Black Circle
In Too Deep
The Viper's Nest
The Emperor's Code (Future Release)
Author Rick Riordan
Gordon Korman
Peter Lerangis
Jude Watson
Patrick Carman
Linda Sue Park
Margaret Peterson Haddix
Country United States
Language English
Genre Adventure
Children's literature
Publisher Scholastic Corporation
Published 2008–2010
Media type Print

The 39 Clues is a series of adventure books published by Scholastic. The main part of the series consists of ten books about the adventures of siblings Amy and Dan Cahill. They agree to the challenge in their grandmother Grace Cahill's will and search for 39 clues scattered around the world. Rick Riordan wrote the first book and the main story arc, but other authors will write the rest of the books in the series. As of 2010, seven have been written by Rick Riordan, Gordon Korman, Peter Lerangis, Jude Watson, Patrick Carman, Jude Watson (again), and Peter Lerangis (again). The other three books are being written by Gordon Korman (again), Linda Sue Park and Margaret Peterson Haddix.[1] Card packs are being sold also which contain 16 different cards that can be used in searching for clues. Each book contains 6 cards, and the total number of cards is expected to be 434.[2] Also, its official website offers missions that will lead to clues.

The series combines online gaming and card collecting with reading, creating a unique and interactive experience. There are exclusive prizes for children between the age of six and fourteen. It is possible to win prizes by buying the books and playing the online game.

The books are designed to teach history. The main characters are fictional but almost every historical person mentioned in the series belongs to the Cahill family. Because of this, Amy and Dan have to learn about these people to search for the Clues, thereby educating the reader.




The Cahill family is split into four family branches: the Lucian, the Ekaterina, the Janus, and the Tomas. There are also the Madrigals. The four branches are named after the four children who founded them, and all branches fight each other to find lost Clues. Each branch has identified names, crests, and color.

  • The Madrigals, founded by Madeleine Cahill, is made up of mysterious persons who are trying to prevent the four branches from getting clues. Famous Madrigals include Abigail Adams, Paul Robeson, and Amelia Earhart. The leader used to be Grace Cahill. They would do anything to prevent the other branches from getting clues. Although people can be born into the Madrigals, like Amy and Dan, people from other branches can join if they want to. In the Madrigal Maze application downloaded into iPhones, it is revealed that to join the Madrigals, you have to get yourself out of a maze alive inside their stronghold located deep in the jungles of Central America. Prominent Madrigals in the books are William McIntyre and the Man In Black. In the seventh book, Amy, Dan, Hope Cahill, and Arthur Trent are revealed to be Madrigals. The Madrigals symbol is a black M.


The 7 Teams

When Grace Cahill gave her relatives a chance to search for the 39 clues, 7 teams agreed. These are the teams:

  • Team One: The Kabras: The Kabras, composed of Ian, Natalie, and Isabel Kabra, are the most villainous and richest team in the quest. Ian is fourteen years old while Natalie is eleven. They and their mother Isabel are all from London, UK.[3] Ian and Natalie both have cinammon-complexed skin. They are all Lucians, with Isabel and her husband Vikram being the branch leaders. Their cards are #178, #112, and #177, respectively. Ian is interested in jets while Natalie is a shopaholic. Ian is also known to have feelings for Amy Cahill.[4] Isabel proves to be the most ruthless person in the quest for she killed about three people, including Arthur Trent and Hope Cahill, and is willing to risk her children's life for clues.[5] It is revealed on her card (#177) that her maiden name was Vesper-Hollingsworth. Originally, Ian and Natalie are the only members of Team One, but due to their mother's annoyance to them always failing in finding clues in the sixth book, Isabel joins their team.
  • Team Two: The Holts: The Holts, composed of Eisenhower, Mary-Todd, Hamilton, Madison, and Reagan Holt, are the strongest team in the series. Hamilton Pierre "Hammer" Holt[6] is fourteen years old while Madison and Reagan are eleven year old identical twins. They are all from Milwaukee, USA.[7] They are mostly seen wearing purple jogging suits. The Holts are all members of Tomas. Their cards are #145 (Eisenhower), #90 (Hamilton), #187 (Madison), and #123 (Reagan). Reagan is the most compassionate while Hamilton is the smartest in the family.[8]
  • Team Three: Alistair Oh: Alistair Oh is possibly the smartest person in the quest. He is from Seoul, South Korea.[9] He always holds a diamond-tipped cane while traveling. He is an Ekat and is the nephew of its leader Bae Oh. His card is #34. He is the son of Gordon Oh and one of the cousins of Grace Cahill. He also invented microwavable burritos. Throughout the books, Alistair is seen making alliances with almost all teams to find clues.Also, in book three, Alistair pretended to disappear after he formed an alliance with Dan and Amy.[10]
  • Team Four: The Starling Triplets: The Starling Triplets, composed of Ned, Ted, and Sinead Starling, are the weakest team in the quest. They are from Oak Bluffs, USA.[11] They frequently travel through their own limousines. They are all Ekats. They don't have their own cards. In the first book, while at a museum in Philadelphia, an explosion occurs that severely hurt them. They are hospitalized for months, and therefore, they cannot continue their quest.[12]
  • Team Five: Irina Spasky: Irina Nikolaievna Spasky[13] is the most mysterious person in the quest. She is from St. Petersburg, Russia. She is mostly seen wearing her KGB uniform, and likes to always carry poison with her. Her fingernails hide poisonous needles. She is a Lucian. Her cards are #74 and #107. In the books, she reveals that she has a child named Nikolai (named after her father) who died while she was doing a mission. She dies in the sixth book while trying to save Alistair, Amy, and Dan from a burning house.[14]
  • Team Six: Jonah and Broderick Wizard: Jonah and Broderick Wizard are the most famous team in the quest. Jonah is a famous teenage rapper and actor while his father Broderick Wizard is his personal manager. They are from Beverly Hills, USA.[15] Jonah always wear blings around his neck while Broderick always holds a BlackBerry. Jonah is a Janus and is the son of its leader Cora Wizard, who trains him to be a killer. However, Broderick is not a Cahill, but knows the location of five clues. Their cards are #80 and #153, respectively. Cora's card is #152.[16]
  • Team Seven: Amy and Dan Cahill: Amy and Dan Cahill are the protagonists of The 39 Clues. Amy is fourteen years old and Dan is 11. They are both from Boston, USA.[17] They both have jade eyes. Also, Dan has a scar below his right eye. In the seventh book, it is revealed that they are Madrigals. Their cards are #18 and #2, respectively. They are Arthur Trent and Hope Cahill's children. Also, they are Grace Cahill's only grandchildren. Amy is interested in books and libraries while Dan is interested in ninjas, mathematics, and ciphers. Amy is agoraphobic, claustrophobic, and thermophobic while Dan has asthma. Amy also had-whether she still does is unknown- a crush on Ian Kabra.[18]

Other Members Of The Cahill Family

Book Characters
  • Grace Cahill: Grace Madeleine Cahill is the grandmother of Amy and Dan Cahill and is the last matriarch of the Cahills. She is from Attleboro, USA.[19] She is the leader of the Madrigals, as revealed in a code in the seventh book. Her cards are either #59, #133, and #197. She is one of the Cahills to get almost all 39 clues. She recently died of cancer, remarking the new beginning of the search.[20]
  • Hope Cahill and Arthur Trent: Hope Cahill and Arthur Josiah Trent are Amy and Dan Cahill's parents. Hope is from Boston, USA. They are confirmed Madrigals in the seventh book. They don't have their own cards. Hope was deeply involved in the search for the 39 clues. They died in their burning house in Beacon Hill that was incinerated by Isabel Kabra while trying to recover a poem Arthur and Hope had found. Hope is also a topographer while Arthur is a mathematics professor. In the seventh book, it is revealed that they have a connection with the Man In Black.[21]
  • William McIntyre: William McIntyre is Grace Cahill's lawyer and advisor. He is a Madrigal. He also doesn't have his own card. He is one of the Man In Black's most trusted ally. In the 200th card, he is seen together with Amy, Dan, and Alistair. This could mean that he is a member of either Team Three or Team Seven.[22]
  • Man in Black: The Man In Black is an old man spying on Amy and Dan Cahill. He always wears black clothes and is a Madrigal. His card is #203.[23] In Book 7 it is hinted that he had a connection with Amy and Dan's parents.
  • Bae Oh: Bae Oh is Alistair Oh's uncle. He is eighty-seven years old. Like his nephew, Bae always carries a cane with him. He is also the boastful and ruthless leader of the Ekaterina branch. His card is #168. Years before the quest begins, he hired someone to kill his twin brother Gordon Oh. He also has a connection with the Man In Black.[24]
  • Beatrice Cahill: Beatrice Cahill is Grace Cahill's sister. She is from Boston, USA.[25] Her branch is a Madrigal, and she doesn't have her own card. She took care of Amy and Dan Cahill before they started searching for the clues, but did not treat them well. After abandoning them when they decided to join the hunt for the clues, she employs an agent to look for Amy and Dan and send them in foster homes. Also, she is a collector of ceramic cats.[26]
  • Vikram Kabra: Vikram Kabra is the billionaire father of Ian and Natalie Kabra, and the husband of Isabel Kabra. He is from London, UK. He is the ruthless leader of the Lucian branch, which he shares with Isabel.
  • Nataliya Ruslanova Radova: Nataliya Ruslanova Radova, also referred as NRR, is Anastasia Romanov's daughter. She is from Volgograd, Russia. She is a Lucian who suffers from hemophilia. She doesn't have her own card. In the fifth book, she helps Amy and Dan Cahill in the hunt for the 39 clues. She also reveals to them the truth about the four branches and their parents.
  • Robert Bardsley: Robert Bardsley is a music professor who lives in Pretoria, South Africa. He was a Tomas, but he decided to become a Madrigal. He helped Amy and Dan Cahill escape from Ian, Natalie, and Isabel Kabra in the seventh book.
Card Characters
  • Victor Wood: Victor Wood is from London, UK. He is an Ekat. His card is #23. He is a scientist researching about a certain clue and works for a scientist named Dr. Lee.
  • Gordon Klose: Gordon L. Klose is from Tbilisi, Georgia. He is a Lucian. His card is #39. He is a government official who works in the Section 7 of the Government of the United States of America. He is spying on the agents of the other branches, including Madrigals. He also has a crush with Alana Flores.[27]
  • Alana Flores: Alana Flores is from Los Angeles, USA. She is a Lucian. Her card is #40. She is a chess grandmaster. She wishes to join Ian and Natalie Kabra in the hunt, but is ignored by the branch due to her obvious ruthlessness.
  • Heinrich Heinrichson: Heinrich Heinrichson is from Berlin, Germany. He is a Tomas. His card is #50. He is an escaped prisoner who is referred as the most dangerous Tomas by other branches.
  • Yasmeen Badawi: Yasmeen Badawi is from Maadi, Egypt. She is an Ekat. Her card is #97. She is a robot inventor who is one of Bae Oh's favorite agents. Also, her skills in robotics will be used by her branch to recover a clue.
Online Characters
  • Anne Cahill: Anne Cahill is from Drumnadrochit, Scotland. She is an Ekat. She doesn't have a card. Her branch sent her to Titanic to hide the clue in Mission 1. However, she survives the sinkage and changes her identity into Nella Chain by going to Experiment, USA. But then she betrayed her branch and handed the clue over to Grace, the leader of the Madrigals. So, in other words, Anne became a Madrigal.[28]
  • George McClain: George McClain is from Experiment, USA. He is a Tomas. His card is #5. His obsession with the clue in Mission 1 led him to Scotland.[29]
  • Paul Addison: Paul Addison is a 12 year old child from Drumnadrochit, Scotland. He is a Tomas. His card is #49. He's obsession with Loch Ness lead him to suspicion of the clue in Mission 1.[30]
  • Charlie Wallace: Charlie Wallace is from Drumnadrochit, Scotland. He is an Ekat. He does not have his own card. He has a souvenir shop near Loch Ness where a secret passage leads to a submarine. He is the new protector of the clue in Mission 1.[31]
  • Ophir Dupham: Ophir Dupham is an actor from Agra, India. He is a Janus. His card is #8. His film shoot is a key to him in looking for the clue in Mission 2.
  • Lan Nguyen: Lan Nguyen is from Perth, Australia. She is a Janus. Her card is #21. She is also looking for the clue in Mission 2.
  • Maria Marapao: Maria Marapao is from Manila, Philippines. She is a Janus. Her card is #7. She is an eskrimador looking for the clue in Mission 3.[32]
  • Lilya Chernova: Lilya Chernova is from St. Petersburg, Russia. She is an Ekat. Her card is #24. Her family is hiding a diamond disguised in a necklace which contains the clue in Mission 3.
  • Chrissy Collins: Chrissy Collins is from Frankfort, USA. She is a Lucian. Her card is #113. She is the protector of the clue in Mission 4.
  • Mateo Sanchez: Mateo Sanchez is from Bogota, Colombia. He is a Tomas. His card is #122. He is the protector of the clue in Mission 5.
  • Leslie Mill: Leslie D. Mill is from Hollywood, USA. He is a Janus. His card is #81. He is directing a film about how the clue was the center of a fight between two inventors in Mission 6. He is also a friend of Cora Wizard.
Miscellaneous Characters
  • Cora Wizard: Cora Wizard is Jonah Wizard's mother and Broderick Wizard's wife. She is the meglomaniac leader of the Janus branch, along with Spencer Langendoen and Halima Amadi. Her card is #152. While Jonah hunts for clues, she trains him to become a killer.[33]
  • Olivia Cahill: Olivia Cahill is the mother of the founders of the four branches. She is possibly the mother of Madeleine Cahill, the founder of the Madrigals. She is from Dublin, Ireland. She doesn't have her own card.[34]
  • Gideon Cahill: Gideon Cahill is the father of the founders of the four branches. He is from Dublin, Ireland. He doesn't have his own card. He is also the discoverer of the transformation of lead into gold. He died in their house which was burning at that time. at Various[35]
  • Katherine Cahill: Katherine Cahill is one of Gideon and Olivia Cahill's daughters. She is the second oldest among her siblings. She is from Dublin, Ireland. She is the founder of the Ekaterina branch. Her card is #99. She is known for hating her brother Thomas Cahill and for stealing something from him.[36]
  • Thomas Cahill: Thomas Cahill is one of Gideon and Olivia Cahill's sons. He is the second youngest among his siblings. He is the father of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He is from Dublin, Ireland. He is the founder of the Tomas branch. His card is #124. He is known for hating his sister Katherine Cahill.[37]
  • Luke Cahill: Luke Cahill is one of Gideon and Olivia Cahill's sons. He is the oldest among his siblings. He is from Dublin, Ireland. He is the founder of the Lucian branch. His card is #115. He is one of the suspects in killing Gideon. He is also the most trusted advisor of King Henry VII.[38]
  • Jane Cahill: Jane Cahill is one of Gideon and Olivia Cahill's daughters. She is the youngest among her siblings. She is from Dublin, Ireland. She is the founder of the Janus branch. Her card is #82.[39]
  • Madeleine Cahill: Madeleine Cahill is one of Olivia Cahill's daughters. She is the stepsister of the four founders of the branches. She is the founder of the Madrigals. She doesn't have her own card.
  • Gordon Oh: Gordon Oh is Alistair Oh's father and Bae Oh's twin brother. He is from Seoul, South Korea. He doesn't have any cards. An agent hired by Bae murdered him.[40]
  • Ivan Kleister: Ivan Kleister is a champion skier. He is from Oslo, Norway. He is the leader of the Tomas branch. His card is #188.[41]
  • Halima Amadi: Halima Amadi is a leader of the Janus branch. She doesn't have any card.[42]
  • Spencer Langendoen: Spencer Langendoen is a leader of the Janus branch. He doesn't have any card.[43]
Old Cahill Characters
  • Amelia Earheart: She is a Madrigal that entered a lot of Cahill strongholds. She disappeared when she tried to travel around the world in her plane. Her card, Earhart's notes, is card #108.
  • Robert Henderson: Also known as Bob Troppo, Robert was an Ekateriana. He tried to assassinate Mark Twain, A Janus. He had scars on his face. He was revealed in book six.
  • Benjamin Franklin: Benjamin Franklin was a Lucian. He discovered that lightning and electricity were the same. He hid a Lucian clue, Iron Solute, in Paris, France.
  • Thomas Edison: Thomas Alva Edison was a famous inventor. But nobody knew that he was an Ekaterina. He invented the light bulb.
  • Mozart: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was famous for his skills with music. He is from Austria, Vienna. He was also a Janus.
  • Mark Twain: This Janus was born in Florida, Missouri. He was almost assassinated by Robert Henderson.
  • Abraham Lincoln: Honest Abe wasn't what everyone thinks he was. He was a Ekaterina, and one of the members of the most powerful family in the world. He was a Cahill.
  • Walt Disney: Who was the creator of Cinderella really? Walt Disney is actually a Janus, not some ordinary cartoon creater.
  • Neil Armstrong: The first man to land on the moon was Neil Armstrong. But he was also a descendant of Thomas Cahill, a Tomas.

Featured People and Animals

  • Nellie Gomez: Nellie Gomez is Amy and Dan Cahill's au pair. She is from Boston, USA.[44] She travels around the world with them serving as their guardian and translator. She loves to listen all kinds of music from her iPod. In the sixth book, she is revealed to be a trained pilot and she knows more than 3 languages. She also has a connection to William McIntyre.[45]
  • Saladin: Saladin is Grace Cahill's Egyptian Mau. Saladin is from Boston, USA.[46] Saladin travels with Amy and Dan Cahill in searching for the clues. Saladin likes to eat red snapper and is a skilled climber. Saladin's name is from Salah ad-Din, which was useful in the clue of the fourth book.[47]
  • Arnold: Arnold is The Holt Family's pitbull. Like the Holts, Arnold is from Milwaukee, USA. He is referred as a family member of the Holts and a Tomas. He travels along with the family always, and likes to bully like the Holts.[48]
  • Hilary Vale: Hillary Vale is Grace Cahill's bestfriend. She is also Theo Cotter's grandmother. She is from London, UK. She gives Amy and Dan Cahill useful information in the fourth book, but later tries to rob the 2nd Sakhet from them.
  • Theo Cotter: Theo Cotter is Hillary Vale's grandson. He is from Cairo, Egypt. He is an Egyptologist and a tour guide who helped Amy and Dan Cahill in looking for the clue in the fourth book, but later tried to rob the 2nd Sakhet from them with Hilary. He tries to help them again for forgiveness by giving Irina Spasky the wrong lead to the clue. Nellie Gomez had a crush on him, too.
  • Sami Kamel: Sami Kamel is a seller in a shop. He is from Cairo, Egypt. Grace Cahill knew his father and grandfather who was a famous crook. He is the keeper of the clue in the fourth book.
  • Shepard Trent: Shepard "Shep" Trent is the cousin of Arthur Trent. He is from Sydney, Australia. He is an aviator and a surfer who helped Amy and Dan Cahill find the clue in the sixth book.

Books & Audiobooks

Each book in the 39 Clues series unlocks one clue. Readers can unlock it by entering the codes of the 6 cards that came with the book online on their 39 Clues account. When they do that, they will also be automatically entered to win the Book Prizes, the largest one being $100,000.

Book 1: The Maze of Bones

The Maze Of Bones is the first book in the series written by Rick Riordan.

Book 2: One False Note

One False Note is the second book in the series written by Gordon Korman.

Book 3: The Sword Thief

The Sword Thief is the third book in the series written by Peter Lerangis.

Book 4: Beyond the Grave

Beyond the Grave is the fourth book in the series written by Jude Watson.

Book 5: The Black Circle

The Black Circle is the fifth book in the series written by Patrick Carman.

Book 6: In Too Deep

In Too Deep is the sixth book in the series written by Jude Watson.

Book 7: The Viper's Nest

The Viper's Nest is the seventh book in the series written by Peter Lerangis.[49]

Book 8: The Emperor's Code

The Emperor's Code[50] is to be the eight book, written by Gordon Korman and published on April 6, 2010.[51][1].

Book 9

The ninth book will be written by Linda Sue Park and be published on May 25, 2010.[52]

Book 10

The tenth book will be written by Margeret Peterson Haddix and be published September 1, 2010.[53]

The Cards

The cards are the most essential keys in finding the 39 clues. 434 collectible cards are released in books, card packs, and associated stores. Every book contains six different cards while card packs contain sixteen. Every card contains a code that differs from other cards.

List Of Cards

To view the complete list of cards, go to The 39 Clues Cards.

Bonus Cards

Some retailers are offering free bonus cards as well that will assist people in their hunt for the 39 Clues. Those codes that are released with the cards are sharable. Released bonus cards range from cards #400 - #434. To view the complete list of bonus cards, go to List of Bonus Cards.

Card Packs

Card Packs are packs that contains sixteen assorted cards. Three card packs have been released, while only one card pack is not yet available.

Card Pack 1: Secrets and Sabotage

Secrets and Sabotage contains sixteen cards from cards #1 - #73.

Card Pack 2: Branch Vs. Branch

Branch Vs. Branch contains sixteen cards from cards #74 - #144.

Card Pack 3: The Rise Of The Madrigals

The Rise Of The Madrigals contains sixteen cards from cards #145 - #207.

Card Pack 4: End Game

This card pack will contain sixteen cards from cards #208 - #399 and will go on sale 25 May 2010 [54].

Virtual Cards

Codes can be also entered online by registered players to reveal clues. Players can click a specific card to view its profile. In the card profile, players can view the clues which some cards reveal. Sometimes, cards have a puzzle included with it that can be solved to view a top secret file. The top secret file contains more information about the hunt, the branches, and the characters. Top secret files can also be viewed in some cards without puzzles.

Card Combinations

It is now possible to create combinations or combos from assorted cards to reveal the 39 clues. There are thirty-nine combos that will be revealed as more cards are introduced.

Types Of Combos

  • The cards from every book are a combo. This combo unlocks the same clue that Amy and Dan find in the book.
  • There are some cards that are related to every mission. These cards form a combo that unlocks the same Clue that the mission unlocks.
  • There are cards that are about things related to a Clue. These cards form combos that unlock the Clue that is related to the cards.
  • Some cards are clues. Even though the card is only one, it presents as a combo. Rare examples are Cards #28, #60, #67, #141 and #206.

Agent Cards

Players can now create their own agent card online and share it with their friends. The card has its own name chosen by the player and its own design. It is designed to show the players' progress throughout the series. These cards come with a unique code that other players can enter in their list of cards.

To view a partial list of agent cards, go to List of Agent Cards.

Official Website

On, fans of the series can make a 39 Clues account. Everyone can do it, but you can only win certain prizes if you are between 6 and 14 years old. When somebody makes an account, they will become a member of one of the Cahill family branches, and will be able to see and do all the things shown here.

My Clues

This is were you can view the clues you have collected with missions and card packs.The background behind the clues is also the newest book cover and change every time another book is released

My Cards

This is the place where people can see the virtual versions of the cards that they have, and enter the codes from cards. Every card has a profile related to it. Players can also create an agent card which allows the players to design his/her own card and update it with his/her earned progresses.


Missions are games that are played by users to reveal clues and interview the characters. Eight of them have already been released and there will be a total of eleven.

  • Agent Training introduces players to the search of the 39 clues. By completing several activities by the four branches, Grace will give the players an Ekaterina clue.The activities are: Stunt pilot training, Lab Rat, Dogfight, Decoder, and Skeet shoot. The search begins in Boston, USA.
  • The Lost Clue is about an Ekaterina clue that was lost in the sea after the sinking of the Titanic.Anne Cahill, an Ekaterina, hid the clue. She then betrayed the Ekats and gave Grace the clue.While Grace was flying back from Scotland, her jet crash landed, sinking the clue. You have to play an activity that is simialar to Stunt pilot training, just with a submarine. The search begins in Drumnadrochit, Scotland.
  • The Emperor's Secret is about a Janus clue that was hidden by Ustad Ahmad Lahauri in one of his monuments. An activity you have to play is Snake Charmer. The search begins in Agra, India.
  • The Lost Diamond is about a Tomas clue that was mistaken to be located in the Tavernier Blue. The search begins in London, UK.
  • The Lucian Fort is about a Lucian clue that was hidden in Fort Knox. The search begins in Bishkek, Kyrgyztan.
  • The General's Clue is about a Tomas Clue hidden by Simon Bolivar. The search starts in Madrid, Spain.
  • The Mad Scientist's Clue is about an Ekaterina clue stolen by Nikola Tesla from Thomas Edison. The search begins in Hollywood, USA.
  • The Frozen Secret is about a Tomas Clue hidden by Sir John Franklin. You run into Alistair in this mission.

Arena 39

Arena 39 is the training arena for all players, containing games from missions and other games created afterwards. Games in Arena 39 are:

  • Lab Rat: Lab Rat tests the player's memory by mixing several chemicals.
  • Decoder: Decoder tests the player's memory by cracking codes.
  • Stunt Pilot Training: Stunt Pilot Training tests the player's agility by driving a plane into hoops.
  • Dogfight: Dogfight tests the player's agility and power by driving a plane while fighting with other planes.
  • Skeet Shoot: Skeet Shoot tests the player's agility by shooting certain targets.
  • NitPix: NitPix tests the player's speed and coordination by finding differences between two pictures.
  • Find It!: Find It! tests the player's speed and coordination by finding items given on a certain list.
  • Gridlock: Gridlock tests the player's speed and memory by exiting a car from a crowded parking lot.
  • Photo Recall: Photo Recall tests the player's memory by memorizing a certain picture and answering a question about it.
  • Follow Me: Follow Me tests the player's memory by memorizing the tune played by different buttons.
  • Bryx: Bryx tests the player's memory by pairing images from different blocks.
  • Snake Charmer: Snake Charmer tests the player's speed by pressing certain keys to help the snake rise from a jar.
  • Safe Cracking: Safe Cracking tests the player's memory by pairing images from different cells.

The Cahill Web

The Cahill Web is a place where people can read archives, articles, and websites about Cahills, and further information about other people, organizations, and places related to the 39 Clues. Cahill archives can be accessed by everyone. Lucian archives can only be accessed by Lucians while Tomas archives can only be accessed by Tomas. Ekat archives can only be accessed by Ekats while Janus archives can only be accessed by Janus.


The inbox is where people receive top secret e-mails. Some of them are from the leadership of their branch, some are from agents of their branch, and some are from other people. They contain information about what is happening with the branches, what the agents are doing, and other interesting information.

The Clues

According to the series, there are 39 clues scattered around the world that if combined, will lead the person in becoming the most powerful human being the world has ever known. The clues that have been found in books, cards, and online are listed here. These clues are copied from this link.

Seven out of nine Tomas Clues have been reveled, as well as six out of seven Ekat clues, seven out of eight Janus clues, six out of seven Lucian clues and four out of eight Cahill clues. All together 30 out of 39 Clues are Available.

Clue Location Branch How to Obtain Quantity
Honey U.S.A Janus Combo (6, 44, 132)  ?
Hydrogen Switzerland Ekaterina Card 28: CERN  ?
 ?  ? Ekaterina Mission 8 (170, 171, 172, 173, 180)  ?
Pepper Cambodia Cahill Card 206: Angkor  ?
Mercury Croatia Ekaterina Mission 6 (81, 98, 100, 106, 119)  ?
Wormwood U.S.A Tomas Combo (Cards 125, 128, 135)  ?
 ?  ? Cahill  ?  ?
 ?  ? Tomas  ?  ?
Cobra Venom India Janus Mission 2 (8, 12, 17, 21)  ?
Magnesium North Pole Tomas Mission 7 (147, 155, 186, 190, 192, 195)  ?
Uranium Carribean Ekaterina Mission 0 (26, 29, 58)  ?
Water Indonesia Ekaterina Book 6: In Too Deep  ?
Phosphorus United Kingdom Ekaterina Mission 1 (4, 5, 15, 27, 49)  ?
Copper U.S.A Cahill Card 60: X-Ray  ?
 ?  ? Cahill  ?  ?
Gold South Korea Tomas Book 3: The Sword Thief  ?
Iodine U.S.A Janus Combo (13, 85, 184)  ?
Iron Solute France Lucian Book 1: The Maze of Bones One Quantity
 ? Nepal Janus Book 8: The Emperor's Code  ?
Myrrh Egypt Ekaterina Book 4: Beyond the Grave One Half Gram
 ?  ? Cahill  ?  ?
Bone Zimbabwe Tomas Combo (79, 83, 102, 126, 129)  ?
Rosemary U.S.A Cahill Card 67: NY Subway/ Book 6: In Too Deep One Sprig
Aloe South Africa Tomas Book 7: The Viper's Nest  ?
Sulfur Turkey Janus Combo (159, 194, 204)  ?
Calcium Carbonate U.S.A Lucian Combo (88, 116, 134, 136)  ?
Salt England Lucian Combo (158, 160, 181, 185, 196)  ?
Tungsten Italy Janus Book 2: One False Note Two Swords
Lead Venezuela Tomas Mission 5 (89, 92, 121, 122)  ?
 ?  ? Tomas  ?  ?
 ?  ? Cahill  ?  ?
Zinc Russia Tomas Mission 3 (7, 24, 35, 37, 55)  ?
Pearl Germany Janus Combo (84, 87, 103, 104)  ?
Clover U.S.A Lucian Mission 4 (77, 113, 118, 120)  ?
Blood France Lucian Combo (114, 117, 130)  ?
Platinum Mexico Janus Combo (154, 157, 191, 193)  ?
Melted Amber Russia Lucian Book 5: The Black Circle One Gram
 ?  ? Lucian Book 9  ?
Lily Jordan Cahill Card 141: The Sandstone City

Film Version

Steven Spielberg acquired film rights to the series in June 2008. DreamWorks CEO Stacey Snider believes the books can amount to three or four films. Spielberg and Scholastic Media president Deborah Forte will produce the series,[55] while Spielberg is interested in directing the first film. It is expected to come out around 2011. Jeff Nathanson was hired to write in September 2008.[56]


Double-Dealing Tour

On March 3, 2009, a series of 5 videos made by Peter Lerangis were released to the website. They were made during his book tour about The Sword Thief. Now, it is only possible to see these videos if you go to the link Each video contained/s a puzzle or the possibility to unlock a new clue:

  • New York City: If you own card 67 (NY Subway), add it to your gallery, unless you've already done that, then click on it to reveal a clue.
  • San Francisco: Peter finds a code. Deciphered, the code says "Bring Back the Green Diamond" (A-B coded)
  • Los Angeles: Peter receives a coded message from Janus HQ. Deciphered, the code says "Ivan Kulik. Chicago" (−3 letters)
  • Chicago: Peter receives an intercepted message from retired Janus agent Ivan Kulik. Deciphered, the code says "Gem report in. Return diamond." (The words are backwards)
  • Philadelphia: Peter discovers that the Dresden Green is not the Diamond holding the clue and tells us that he is going on a mission to England about the diamond. He is referring to Mission 3, which came out the same day.

Find Dan and Amy

On June 2, 2009, the first video of a series of six videos came out. In these videos, fictional news anchor William Michaels had tried to find out where Amy and Dan went after the end of Beyond the Grave. Also, in every video except the first one, a code was given to receive a free virtual version of a bonus card. Information in the five cards, along with the videos, helped readers discover Dan and Amy's whereabouts before The Black Circle was be released. Now, you can only see the videos if you go to the link: [57]

  • Video 1: In the first video, William Michaels interviews the author of Beyond the Grave, Jude Watson. But the interview does not go well.
  • Video 2: In the second video, a video from a security camera is shown. On it, an unidentified male packs a box addressed to Dan and Amy, and put passports in it. Then, Patrick Carman talks with William Michaels via a satellite. In the end, William gives the code for the first card, which is LucianClue.
  • Video 3: In the third video, Patrick Carman again appears via a satellite. He reveals that the picture the mysterious figure sends Amy and Dan (see video 2) is one of the few known surviving photos of Arthur Trent and Hope Cahill, Amy and Dan's parents. It is of them at the American Embassy in Moscow. It also has a combo key, which means it might unlock a clue when other cards are added. At the end, William Michaels reveals the code for it, which is HopeCahill.
  • Video 4: Michaels has another interview with Patrick Carman from an undisclosed location. Carman says that airline tickets were included in the package that was sent to Dan and Amy. He also reveals that there is an extremely high-profile Cahill that goes by the initials "NRR." Carman refuses to say any more, and William Michaels reveals the next code. The code for this interview is TheTickets
  • Video 5: A mysterious book may be the key. The book is revealed to be a guidebook to Amy and Dan's next location. Patrick Carman has revealed that they will be going to a large country with a very complex history. A news reporter has disappeared in Budapest and there was and attempted break in at Fort Knox. (This is a reference to Mission 4, which was released the previous day). The code for this interview is Guidebook1.
  • Video 6: Patrick Carman tells about the truckers delivering the books. The card code is August1109.


The 39 Clues launched on September 9, 2008, with “Book 1: The Maze of Bones” by Rick Riordan, which debuted at #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list. On December 2, 2008, “Book 2: One False Note” by Gordon Korman was released and also debuted at #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list. Since then, the series, including “Book 3: The Sword Thief” by Peter Lerangis (March 3, 2009), “Book 4: Beyond the Grave” by Jude Watson, “Book 5: The Black Circle” by Patrick Carman, and “Book 6: In Too Deep” by Jude Watson, again, have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.[58]

Future releases


  • Book 8: The Emperor's Code – April 6, 2010[51][59]
  • Book 9 –May 25, 2010[60][59]
  • Book 10 – August 31, 2010[59][61]

Card Packs

  • Card Pack 4 – June 8, 2010 (will cover books 9 and 10)[62]


  • Mission 8 – May 2010 (e)
  • Mission 9 – June 2010 (e)
  • Mission 10 – September 2010 (e)

(e) signifies an estimated release date.


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