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Characters in The 7th Saga run along a spectrum from predominantly physical to predominantly magical.

Name Class Description Spells
Kamil Dowonna Knight A human knight. The most average, well-rounded character, Kamil has access to a large selection of equipment and can cast both offensive and defensive magic. He wears blue armor and the instruction booklet says that he is best paired with a stronger ally.
  • Fire 1 (3MP, Lvl 3)
  • Heal 1 (4MP, Lvl 6)
  • Purify (8MP, Lvl 8)
  • F Bird (14MP, Lvl 10)
  • Heal 2 (18MP, Lvl 12)
  • Ice 1 (3MP, Lvl 16)
  • Petrify {10MP, Lvl 17)
Wilme Pelin Alien An alien with a fiery, lava-like spiked body. Arrogant and aggressive, he seems to want the runes for power and to prove his superiority. He's strong and has the highest HP of the seven, but suffers from a fixed set of equipment, and a low Magic rating causes his Fire magic to be quite impotent.
Lux Tizer Tetujin A 5000-year old robot created by a long extinct civilization. Lux is polite, logical, and inquisitive. He searches for the runes in the hopes that their power may help him unlock the secrets of the Tetujin's origins. Lux is physically very powerful especially in defense, but has a poor selection of (Laser and Thunder) magic spells and equipment, although he is the only one that can use those spells.
Olvan Jaess Dwarf An extremely old Dwarf warrior, with a pleasant personality. He joins the search for the runes in the hopes that they can restore his youth. Statistically, he is similar to Kamil, but with more HP and Defense, and less MP and speed, and a few differences in equipment/spell selection.
  • Heal (4 MP)
  • Fire (3 MP)
  • Petrify (10 MP) - Encases an enemy in stone
Lejes Rimul Demon A power-hungry demon. Sly, manipulative, and unapologetically evil, Lejes wants the power of the runes in order to rule the world. Lejes equips very strong weapons and eventually learns every single attack spell (except Laser and Thunder spells), but his selection of armors is quite poor, and his attack spells hit with less force than Esuna. Lejes never learns any healing magic.
Valsu Saizer Priest An elderly priest who has dedicated his life to the cause of good, Valsu wishes to use the runes to bring peace and prosperity to the world. He has excellent healing magic and one powerful Ice spell, but lacks skill in physical combat.
  • Elixir (120 MP, Lv 42) - Recovers all HP and MP
Esuna Busy Elf An elf magic user and the game's only female protagonist, Esuna seems to regard the search for the runes as some sort of fun adventure. She begins the game cocky and headstrong, but becomes more uncertain and less confident as the story progresses. She has extremely high Speed and Magic potency, and can use both kinds of magic, but her attack spells are exclusively Ice-elemental and she is physically very weak. Like Lux, Esuna never turns out to be the "traitor" apprentice.


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